Honest review time: 20700 Battery case from Canadian Vape Design

Here’s a quick look at something I picked up at CVE Edmonton from the folks at the TDaawg booth. It actually came from Sergei of SOAK Eliquids fame but was made by a friend of his Nick Cressman. Nick’s company is called Canadian Vape Design and they hail from Beaumont Alberta. From their site they are “a Canadian owned and operated designer of vape related tools, accessories, and custom projects as contracted”. From what I can gather he’s a designer who helps design and build custom vape projects which to me is really cool. On their site they already have a couple of products that they’ve created, today I’m taking a look at their 20700 battery case. There isn’t really much to discuss so this one will be short and sweet.

Package contents:

1 x 20700 battery case

Listed features and specs:

  • ABS plastic
  • Strong magnets
  • Holds 4 x 20700 batteries
  • Curved flask shape

The battery case is made of durable ABS plastic and is shaped somewhat like a flask with an almost kidney bean shaped curve to it so when you slide it in your pocket it should rest comfortably against your leg. It measures roughly 75mm x 98mm x 25mm so it should fit in most pockets fairly well. The shape of the case does add a tiny bit of extra bulk compared to a regular rectangular case but wouldn’t offer the same comfort if you were to carry it in your pocket. The exterior is very well machined and smooth to the touch and the whole thing splits open in the middle to reveal four neatly bored holes in the top and bottom halves that will hold your batteries. The two parts of the case are held together via four strong magnets as well as two pegs that line up with two holes so when closed the top and bottom won’t shift or slide around. With the industry’s recent interest in 2×700 batteries it’s great to see more options like this on the market. The case comfortably fits four 20700 batteries but will also hold regular 18650, 18500 and 18350 batteries if you chose. I had asked if it will support 21700 batteries but sadly at this time they don’t fit. I’m hoping to see a revised version that will support both 20700 and 21700 since most companies seem to have adopted the 21700 series of batteries.


  • Size and shape
  • Build quality
  • Strong magnets


  • Doesn’t fit 21700s


The case is very well made, well thought out and looks great to boot. Being made of durable ABS it should hold up to wear and tear really well. My only complaint was that it doesn’t support 21700s but I’ve got plenty of 20700s that needed a good case as well so it was a welcome addition. So if you’re looking for an interesting battery case design to hold your 20700 batteries this flask style case might just be what you are looking for!