Hardcore Review Time: A month with 6 bottles of The Vaporist

Hello folks,

This review was originally posted on Reddit – but I’ve since moved it onto greener pastures 🙂

I spent 23 days so far vaping ONLY The Vaporist juice so that I could get a real taste for whether I would love their juices. I will continue vaping these juices until I finish off the bottles I loved – but by now, I have a very good understanding of which juices I enjoyed, and those I didn’t.


(I will include this background in all my reviews) I think it’s important that we get context on the type of reviewer I am. I was a half a pack smoker for over 20 years. A couple of years ago, I switched to vape and have not turned back. While I was a smoker, I was a light menthol smoker (i.e. Vogue Menthols / Matinee Slim Menthol Lights).

I’m generally not a fan of cream/pastry flavors, and until recently, I ALWAYS mixed menthol into any vape flavors. I’m also a huge fan of fruity flavors, but not flavors that would over power my taste buds.

A close friend of mine owns one of Toronto’s premium vape stores (he was the one who helped me quit smoking), so I have my fair exposure to all of the ultra-high-end mod gear and premium juices. That said, I find myself vaping with 6 Crown I / III devices on a variety of mods.

Hopefully this background helps you have an idea of my flavor palate as well as preferences – which will bias my review.


The reason I chose to do these immersive and lengthy reviews is because I’m guilty of going into a store, trying a juice and thinking I LOVED it… only to return home to realize I didn’t really enjoy the flavor and got sick of it after the first day. This pretty much happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME and which has led to my massive shelf of nearly full bottles.

So, what I have decided going forward is that I will vape the juices regardless if I like them on first try, and will try to do so extensively and let the juices that I truly love grow on me. And let me tell you, it’s worked tremendously well.

For this review, I used 6 separate devices for the 6 bottles (either Crown I or III) on Sigelei 213 or similar mods.

For the past 23 days (and for the next few) I have solely vaped The Vaporist juices. Aside from looking at the names on the labels of the bottles, I did not do any research on what was in the flavors – I figured I’d just let my tastebuds get to work (kinda like a blind taste test).

So, as I’m typing up this review, it will be the first time I know what’s really in the juice flavors (this should be exciting for me, lol)


I really enjoyed most of the Vaporist flavors. The new line of juice from them share a likeness – and they are AWESOME. I’ve never vaped an entire 60ml bottle of juice so quickly before and it was INCREDIBLE.

The TL:DR – I will be ordering bottles of the following juices

  • Tree of Life: Apricot (do they have 1 liter bottles?)
  • Tree of Life: Pomegranate
  • Hidden Dragon


Flavor: Tree of Life: Apricot

Link: http://thevaporist.org/The-Collection-Liquids/Tree-Of-Life-Apricot

Description: A deliciously sophisticated blend of summer ripe stone fruits and orchard-fresh apricots

Review: I hate apricots. Like, really. Of all the fruits in the world, apricots are pretty near the bottom of the list for me. I’d rather not eat than eat apricots.

However, this flavor was the FASTEST EVER I ever finished a bottle of 60ml juice. It took me only 6 DAYS to finish 95% of the bottle! Even while I was trying to vape 5 other flavors equally, I just found myself going back to this flavor over and over again. It’s just so good. And to be frank, part of the reason I’m writing this review 23 days in and not waiting until the 30th day is because I NEED MORE OF THIS JUICE. I need at least 500ml of this stuff – it’s just that good.

I’ve saved half of tank of this juice so I could taste it one more time while I’m writing this review: this juice tastes like juicy apricots with a slice of Heaven.

And this is a great example of why I need to do hardcore reviews – because I definitely wouldn’t give this juice the time of day in a store or online. I just wouldn’t order it. But now that I’ve tried it, this flavor has certainly cemented a spot in my rotation of ADVs.

My rating: 9.5/10 This is the highest score I’ve ever given out – this is to me, one of the best juices I’ve ever vaped.

Go buy it now before I buy it all.

Flavor: Tree of Life: Pomegranate

Link: http://thevaporist.org/The-Collection-Liquids/Tree-Of-Life-Pomegranate

Description: Sweet, tart and bursting with flavour just like the succulent seeds of the pomegranate

Review: I went into this flavor KNOWING I’d love it. I love pomegranate juices – always have. And have been looking for a new pom flavor to try. I honestly thought this would be the best flavor out of the bunch – and it’s certainly amazing (just wish I tried it before I tried the Apricot, lol).

The tartness is definitely there, and it’s enjoyable. The flavor is powerful without being overbearing. I truly, really enjoy this flavor and will be on my next order.

My rating: 9/10 Really good flavor and will be an addition on my regular rotation.

Flavor: Hidden Dragon

Link: http://thevaporist.org/The-Collection-Liquids/Hidden-Dragon

Description: Take a walk on the wild side with a light but complex fruit medley with an exotic dragon fruit base

Review: I didn’t know what to expect tasting this juice. As I didn’t want to read the descriptions prior to tasting (and thus bias my opinion), I half expected some Asian influence in this flavor. And that I got.

This flavor is really enjoyable. It’s definitely fruity with honeydew but not too sweet, and kinda reminds me of a nice twist on the classic L’Anse D’amour.

It’s an easy vape that goes down well and you can vape all day refill after refill.

Not much to say aside from YUMMY.

My rating: 9/10 Really good flavor and will be an addition on my regular rotation.

Flavor: Decadence: Pistachio Marzipan

Link: http://thevaporist.org/The-Collection-Liquids/Decadence-Pistachio-marzipan

Description: The most delectable of Marzipan treats. Gently toasted pistachio nut crumble wrapped in a decadent pate d’amande. A delightfully sweet classic unlike any other.

Review: Now this is a flavor that was bound to not resonate with me. I knew from the get go that I don’t enjoy pistachios and certainly wouldn’t enjoy this flavor.

But of course, I gave it a try. And after vaping it for half a day, it really just wasn’t doing it for me. I even went so far as to put in a second new coil (just in case the first one I had was bad), but still I did not enjoy this flavor. Twice I went out with this flavor and only this flavor so I’d be forced to vape it, but I just can’t vape pistachio.

It’s certainly VERY nutty and it’s like inhaling a mouthful of Pistachios. And thus, if you like them nuts, this is perfect for you. But regrettably, just not for me.

My rating: 5/10 It’s just not my kind of flavor. But if you like Pistachios you’re gonna love this one.

Flavor: The Grape Escape

Link: http://thevaporist.org/The-Collection-Liquids/The-Grape-Escape

Description: Escape from the mundane with a smooth delicious blend of grapes, cream and candy

Review: It feels like almost every brand has a “pun on grape” flavor, and, being someone who has always loved Grape Crush (the drink), I’ve also been a sucker for grape juices but have never had a grape flavor really impress me.

The great thing about this flavor is the cream twist they put in, which really adds some complexity to the standard grape flavors we’ve seen.

I enjoyed this flavor and it will thankfully be a grape flavor that I’ll actually vape and not get buried in my drawer of discard vapes.

My rating: 7.5/10 Very nice twist on the traditional grape flavor. Recommended for anyone wanting a nice exhale of cream with their grapes.

Flavor: Double Trouble

Link: http://thevaporist.org/The-Collection-Liquids/double-trouble

Description: A Canadian 2-2 coffee flavor. Creamy and sweet, with a backnote of coffee. A true Canadian treat!

Review: Oh, Coffee. I knew this flavor was gonna be polarizing. I don’t drink coffee, and don’t enjoy coffee products. I don’t do tiramisu, don’t wake up to a cup of Joe, and don’t line up for Timmies nor Starbucks.

Thus, this flavor was the one I least looked forward to.

And man was I pleasantly surprised.

For all you coffee lovers out there, this is going to be a bold statement for me to make, but this flavor is BETTER THAN COFFEE.

It’s really tasty without being powerful. Really tastes like having a really good cup of java and highly recommended.

In fact, this vape has actually gotten me back to drinking either tea or coffee in the morning (let’s hope I don’t get addicted).

For coffee drinkers, I’d say this flavor is a must have. And for me, even as a non-coffee drinker, this flavor will likely be something I vape once every so often.

My rating: 8/10 Surprisingly amazing coffee flavor. Must try for coffee drinkers.


I was truly amazed by the quality of juice from The Vaporist. To have found three flavors that blew my mind, and one that I literally want a liter of is kind of amazing.

If anyone can get an IV with Tree of Life: Apricot – please hook me up 😉

Also, I’d like to say that The Vaporist is truly a pleasure and professional to deal with.

I will be a long-term customer of their flavors.


Next month, I will be doing a hardcore review of SZ Vapor Lookout as I take a deep dive into 10 bottles of juice from them!