Honest review time: The Aegis Boost Pro from Geekvape

So a really nice surprise arrived in the mail recently. A large box from Geekvape that when opened revealed a hard shell protective case. Like a small briefcase you’d use for a camera or something equally valuable. In it was a new kit, an update to one of their most popular series of devices, the Aegis Boost line. The new kit is called the Aegis Boost Pro and it looks to be the culmination of numerous iterations of Boost devices. I’m already a fan of the series but this may be the best one yet. Here are my honest thoughts on the Aegis Boost Pro from Geekvape.

Package contents:

1 xAegis Boost Pro Kit
2 xGeekvape P Series Coil ( Pre-installed: 0.2Ω 60-70W , Spare Coil: 0.4Ω 50-60W )
1 xCoil Tool
1 xUSB Cable ( Type-C )
1 xSpare Parts Pack

Listed features and specs:

Output Power5 - 100W
Input Voltage3.2 - 4.25V
Output Voltage0.1 - 6.5V( Max7.0V )
Resistance Range0.1Ω - 3.0Ω
Longest Output/Vaping time10s
Battery Specification:18650 ( Single Battery )
Charger VoltageType-c 5V/2A
Display Screen0.96 Inch ( TFT Color Screen )
Pod Capacity:6.0ml
Shell Material:Plastic + Silicone + Leather + Zine Alloy

Packaging and contents:

It should be noted that the kit I received was obviously a press/marketing kit and the kit most users will receive will be quite different. From their site the standard kit will come with the Aegis Boost Pro along with the Aegis Boost Pro tank, two Geekvape P Series Coils with a 0.2ohm coil pre-installed and a spare 0.4ohm coil in the box, a coil removal tool, a USB Type-C cable and a spare parts pack. I’m sure it will also include a user manual and warranty card but I’m going by what’s listed on their site. What’s not included will be the additional accessories and tanks which include the 510 adapter, the Boost Plus pod and the RDTA.

The mod:

The Aegis Boost Pro is the evolutionary result of several iterations of Aegis Boost devices. It’s also my favorite of the Boost series to date. Geekvape have been working hard to perfect the series and have obviously been listening to the masses. While overall the Aegis Boost Pro still retains it’s familiar look and style and essentially still functions in the same way it’s undertaken some subtle but significant updates. Perhaps the most significant is it now sports USB Type-C 5V/2A charging, something I’ve been wanting for quite some time. The other significant update is the interface, it now sports a newer cleaner looking display screen with five colour themes to choose from. It’s still super simple and easy to navigate, just a little more modern looking.

The rest of the device is pretty much the same as the Boost Plus with a slot in the top to insert your pod that still locks with a clip and a user inserted 18650 to power it. It’s also still built with the same IP67 durability rating and is made with the same materials we’re familiar with including the leather backing, metal frame and rubberized outer body. And yes it’s also still a dust magnet but if you’re a fan of the series you’re going to appreciate the subtle refinements the Boost Pro has received.

The device also reintroduces some of the features and functions it’s stripped out along the way. It now fires up to 100W and with three clicks you can highlight the options on the screen, subsequent presses cycle through the options for mode, locking resistance and resetting the puff count. Highlighting mode lets you cycle through Power, TC-SS, TCR, VPC and Bypass. No TC for Ni or TT but TCR will cover that and VPC or variable power curves lets you set a basic power curve for the first five seconds. To change the highlight colour on the screen you press and hold the two adjustment buttons and pressing fire and either up or down will adjust the screen brightness. Nothing we haven’t seen before but it’s nice to see some of the options back and somewhat streamlined.

The pods, 510 adapter and RDTA:

The actual kit will ship with just the new Aegis Boost Pro pod, a slightly updated version of the original which is closer in appearance to the Aegis Boost Plus pod. It holds a very comfortable 6ml of liquid and the only real differences it has from the Plus pod is the slightly smaller hole for the P series coils and the airflow control dial has a narrower slot reducing the airflow from a wide open direct lung to a more restricted draw. It also swaps out the 810 drip tip for a 510. The 510 drip tip is now user replaceable and comes with an alternate tip if you don’t like the flat duck bill shaped one it comes equipped with. I will say though because it sits on a raised rim most tips won’t quite match up. The top fill hole I should mention is also slightly smaller but no less accessible but with that slight reduction may cause burps and overflow if you’re not careful.

Geekvape also refers to this new system as a High compatible Quadra Vaping System meaning you can also swap out the pod for a number of other compatible options. These options include the following:

510 adapter: This adapter lets you attach any of your traditional 510 connected atomizers including subohm tanks, rebuildable tanks and dripping atomizers. It fits snuggly onto the device and so far I’ve had no issues using it.

Aegis Boost Plus Pod: The original pod that shipped with the Aegis Boost Plus is backwards compatible with the new Aegis Boost Pro. It’s compatible with GVs larger B series of coils. This pod and it’s coils are ideal for cloud chasers and direct lung vapers. It’s essentially top airflow and is virtually leak free.

Aegis Boost RDTA: A new and improved RDTA to accompany the new Aegis Boost Pro. Unlike the RDTA that was available for the original Aegis Boost the top cap now comes off like a regular RDTA and is not threaded on. Under the cap you’ll find an offset dual post build deck with fairly large wick holes. A couple of flat head screws let you quickly lock down your coils and dual adjustable airflow that can be closed down to a single set of holes lets you adjust the airflow to your liking. Super easy to build on and in my opinion it performs better than it’s predecessor. Another good option for direct lung vapers but also for those who like to build their own.

The Coils:

The coils that come with the press kit are quite numerous and varied but the actual kit will ship with their new P series coils so I’m just going to cover those. They looks like a cross between their B series and their G series and so far are only compatible with the new kit. They will however be compatible with future releases according to their site. They’re a bit slimmer than the B series but a bit bigger than the Gs and for me are darn near perfect. One is a 0.2ohm KA1 mesh coil rated from 60-70W while the other is a 0.4ohm KA1 mesh coil rated from 50-60W. Being mesh of course the flavour and performance I got from either of them was fantastic. I will say however I barely noticed a difference between the two and was running both of them around the 60W mark. I tend to prefer lower power so would likely re-up on the 0.4ohm coils before the 0.2ohm but that’s just personal preference. Coil life as usual is pretty much on par with others in their class and I got a full week of heavy use out of the first one(0.2ohm) and I’m over a week on the second one.


The new Aegis Boost Pro addresses the couple remaining issues I had with the series which was the lack of USB Type-C and the somewhat annoying proprietary drip tips. They’d already fixed the leaking issue with the original and have only improved upon the design since. While I appreciate the return of some of the functions, I’ll likely stick to power mode only myself but I’m sure others will enjoy TC on their Aegis Boost devices. The user replaceable 18650 is also nice to have and after spending a couple weeks with it I really have no serious complaints at all. I will say it is still kind of geared more towards direct lung vapers but I think think a wider audience will definitely appreciate this one. Absolutely solid kit!!

How it adds up
Durable contstructionAestheticsEase of useEasy to manage interfaceUses external 18650USB Type-C 5V/2A chargingTop fillVariety and selection of mesh PnP CoilsRDTA availableCompatible with Boost Plus pods510 Adapter available6ml capacity
Fill hole a bit smallRaised rim around drip tip
Build Quality9.5