Honest review time: The Aegis X from Geekvape

Arguably my favorite all time line of rough and tumble devices has to be the Geekvape Aegis line. They’re a line of devices that are built with the Armageddon durability and a solid user experience in mind. With each subsequent release they’ve expanded on the line offering a wide array of devices that should suit nearly every need. Not only do these devices look tough but they can stand up to pretty much anything which is why I’ve almost always got one in the rotation. One of the latest members to join the Aegis family is called the Aegis X and it’s probably the most advanced one to join the line yet. Here’s a close up look at the Aegis X from Geekvape.

Package contents:

1 xAegis X mod
1 xCerberus Tank Atomizer(Pre-installed: Super Mesh X1 coil 0.2/5.5ml Bubble glass)
1 xSuper Mesh X1 Coil 0.2ohm
1 xMicro USB cable
1 xSpare parts pack
1 xStraight glass tube 4ml
1 xUser manual

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:128.9 x 31.5 x 41.2mm
Input voltage:6.2-8.4V
Output voltage:0.1-12V
Resistance range:0.05-3ohm
Charger specification:5V/2A
Output power:5-200W
Temperature control:100-315C/200-600F
Battery specification:Dual 18650

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in black and orange cardboard box with an image of the kit on the front and a listing of the contents, some features and some company info on the back. Geekvapes packaging is always top notch with plenty of information and a nice clean look. In the kit you get the Aegis X mod, the Cerberus tank pre-loaded with a Super Mesh X1 0.2ohm coil and a 5.5ml bubble glass tank, a micro USB cable for charging, a spare straight 4ml glass tube, a spare Super Mesh X1 0.2ohm coil, a bag of spare parts, a user manual, warranty card and promotion card. It also includes a screen protector which doesn’t appear to be mentioned in the listing or on their site. Geekvape always includes plenty of spare parts and little extras which are very much appreciated.

The Aegis X mod:

The Aegis X is the long awaited successor to the original Aegis Legend, a very popular dual 18650 device released back in 2018. It shares roughly the same dimensions as the original but with one major change to it’s design. It now sports a very big and bright 2.4″ full colour TFT screen. It takes up residence on one side of the device and leaves the other side still looking like the classic body of an Aegis with it’s multi-material build that’s both durable and attractive. The Aegis line of devices is well known for their IP67 ratings which means they are both water and dust proof as well as shock resistant. For those that are unaware, that’s military grade durability and there are numerous videos online to prove it, not only past models but the Aegis X has been tested as well.

Starting at the top it’s got a unibody 510 connector that’s integrated into the body of the device for added protection from leaks and whatnot. So far everything threads on nicely and I haven’t had any issues with the 510 which is what I’d expect from an Aegis. Right next to the 510 connector is the micro USB port which is covered by a silicone plug. The USB port is somewhat deeply recessed and much like the original you may have trouble plugging in certain power cords but after a few uses you get used to it. The device charges at 5V/2A so it’s got quick charge but Geekvape also claims it does balanced battery charging. Meaning both batteries are charged evenly so as not to cause any imbalance between them. We still recommend charging externally but if you’re ever caught out having balanced charging at least takes some of the worry out of it.

As mentioned above on one side of the device is the big bright 2.4″ TFT colour screen which has several themes/skins that can be applied in the settings. It’s really bright and easy to read but I do have some minor concerns about durability now that it’s got a big clear plastic screen on the side. So far it’s held up against any scratching since I left on the protective plastic it sports out of the box but it also includes a basic screen protector in the kit for added protection. Without a screen protector in place I imagine you’ll pick up some surface scratches pretty easily.

On the working face of the mod are the fire and adjustment buttons and towards the bottom they’ve added in white the name ‘Aegis’. I think the white lettering looks a bit out of place and considering the name of the device is already stamped into the side it’s kind of unnecessary. The buttons are made of plastic but still have a nice robust feel to them with a nice click and no rattle whatsoever. To access the batteries, on the bottom of the device is a swing open door with a sliding switch to lock it. It’s well marked for positive and negative but as usual the device has all the regular safety features built-in like short circuit, over charge/discharge, over heat, over current and a 10 second cutoff.

The device is powered by Geekvapes AS 2.0 chip which adds a few new features we didn’t see on past releases. It fires up to 200W and uses the usual five clicks to turn it on and off and three clicks will highlight M1-4(Mem slots 1 through 4) which you can customize to your liking. It’s a handy feature which lets you setup and save four different profiles for the various atomizers you might attach. Once the mem slot is highlighted pressing Power will cycle through the other on screen options letting you chose the mode it uses(POWER, TCR, Ti/TCR, NI/TCR, SS/TCR and VPC(custom curves)), how it fires in Power mode(Standard, Powerful, Soft), adjusting the resistance or resetting the puff count. Pressing both adjustment buttons locks the device and pressing all three puts it in stealth mode. When the mode is highlighted pressing both adjustment buttons will take you into the system menu where you can also turn on/off the AUTO detect feature when attaching a new atomizer, change the THEME, change the COLOUR, check the VERSION, turn on/off ABB(Automatic battery balancing) and RESET the device. While in wattage mode it cycles through the power in 0.1 increments but jumps to 1W increments after holding it down for a moment. All in all a solid update to an already solid chip!

The Cerberus tank:

I’ve already reviewed the Cerberus tank a couple of times as it comes included in a few different kits from Geekvape so I won’t be covering it in full again. I find it’s a pretty standard subohm tank with plenty of convenient features like an easy access top fill, good capacity(5.5ml), flavourful mesh coils and bottom adjustable airflow.

The Super Mesh X1 coils it ships with might not be the latest and greatest but from my experience with them I’ve always been quite satisfied with both flavour and vapour production. They’re an all around solid coil with moderate mid-level power requirements and the performance to match which for me is pretty much ideal for all day subohm vaping. It means my batteries are going to last longer and I’m not ripping through juice like my tank has a hole in it.


Just like I’ve come to expect from all of the Aegis devices the Aegis X is well built, works a treat and is likely to last well into the Apocalypse. The big plastic screen may make it slightly less durable than it’s elder counterparts but I’d still say it’s a worthy addition to the Aegis family of devices. With hardly anything to complain about with this one it’s quickly become one of my favorite new dual battery mods. If you’re a little rough and tumble with your devices and you’re in the market for a new dual battery mod the Aegis X easily gets my vote. I’d say this one would be well suited to both new and seasoned vapers alike looking for a feature packed well-built device that should suit nearly anyone’s needs.

How it adds up
Build qualityDurability featuresAestheticsBig bright beautiful 2.4" TFT colour screenEase of use2A quick chargeLots of modes/functionsCustomizable mem slotsAutomatic battery balancingThemesFirmware updatesPaired with a solid tankPerformance of Super Mesh X1 coils
Big screen more prone to scratching
Build Quality9