Honest review time: The Nugget AIO from Artery

Here’s a look at a new AIO system from Artery. Probably most well known for their Nugget series of devices and later the PAL line of AIOs Artery has been around for quite some time and have often produced items that are just a little bit different from the mainstream. I recently picked up the Artery Nugget AIO from Heavengifts.com one of my favorite online retailers out of China similar to Fasttech but with more of a focus on vape products. Here are my honest thoughts on the Artery Nugget AIO.

Package contents:

Dimensions:84 x 27 x 32mm
Battery capacity:1500mAh
E-liquid capacity2ml
Wattage range:5-40W
Resistance range:0.3-2Ohm
Charge port:USB Type-C
Carging current:5V1/5A max

Listed features and specs:

1 xNuegget AIO mod
1 xNugget AIO tank
1 xExtra coil
1 x0.4ohm Mesh coil base
2 xo-rings
1 xType-C USB cable
1 xUser manual
1 xWarranty card

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a nice white cardboard box with an image of the kit on the front and on the back it lists the contents as well as some very brief company info. In the kit you get the Nugget AIO mod, the Nugget AIO tank, a Type-C USB cable, an extra coil, a user manual, a set of spare o-rings and a warranty card. A modest kit but you get what you’d need to get started.

The Nugget AIO mod:

The Nugget AIO device is fairly compact measuring roughly 84mm tall, 32mm wide and 27mm thick. It’s very pocket friendly and with the shape of the device it’s also very ergonomic and feels great in the hand. It’s mostly made of some sort of metal which I imagine is zinc-alloy so it has a bit of heft to it but at roughly 130g I wouldn’t really call it heavy. At the top of the device it’s got a hole where the accompanying tank sits. It’s held in place with a set of strong magnets and not once has the tank come loose on me without me actually trying to pull it out. On either side it’s got what looks like some colourful swirly resin panels but in reality they are just stickers made to look like like resin. On the same back panel piece as the stickers it’s got the name Nugget AIO stamped in just below a little window which lets you see how much liquid remains in the tank. At first I thought the black back panel was metal but if you tap on the back it has a hollow plasticky feel to it. Also next to the panels are a couple of little slots that help get airflow to the tank.

On the working face of the mod it’s got a coffin shaped fire button that’s got a nice click to it and zero rattle. Just below it is a black and white OLED screen which is nice and bright and so far I haven’t had any issues viewing it. Just below the screen is the up/down adjustment buttons. Much like the fire button they’ve got a nice click to them and no rattle. Just below the adjustment buttons is the USB Type-C port for charging which it can do at a rate of 5V/1.5A, it’s got an internal 1500mAh battery and top ups usually take about an hour. On the very bottom there’s a bit of branding, the usual CE markings and some vent holes in case anything goes awry with the battery. It does of course have the usual safeties built-in like overcharge, overheat, short circuit and an 8 second cutoff so you should be safe no matter what.

Using the device is very straightforward and it really only has one basic mode which is VW or variable wattage. Despite it’s rather large capacity battery the device is limited to just 40W which to be fair is more than enough to support the included coils. Five clicks of the fire button turns it on and off, pressing fire + up locks the keys, pressing fire + down turns the light on and off while holding both adjustment buttons locks the mod. On the screen it shows the current resistance, a basic battery bar, the current wattage and puff count. It’s a super simple device to use and operate and with the usual safety features built-in this thing is a no-brainer.

The Nugget AIO Tank:

The tank that comes with the kit is called the Nugget AIO tank, a simple easy to use tank that pairs nicely with the Nugget AIO device. It’s made of metal and glass and holds just 2ml of liquid. It has a plastic two-in-one drip tip and top fill cap which unscrews to reveal a fairly small fill hole. It’s big enough I don’t have any issues with it and from my time using it I haven’t had any big messes or anything. The kit also comes with two different airflow control bases in order to support the various Artery coils, of which there are quite a few. There’s also a third base which would be available with an RBA but as of yet I haven’t managed to get my hands on one. One thing to note about the included bases is they both have dual cyclops style slots which can be adjusted from full open to nearly all the way closed by turning the outer ring. As with any dual airflow device I find even closing it down to just a pinpoint still lets in too much air for proper mouth to lung on account of the two holes. I’d love to see a dedicated single airflow MTL style base with graduated holes instead of the open slots but that’s just my personal taste. Another thing worth mentioning is because the tank doesn’t include a sleeve or chimney over the coil you pretty much have to drain the tank most of the way before swapping coils or you’ll end up with a mess.

Included in the kit with the two bases are a 0.4ohm mesh coil and a 1.4ohm MTL coil. The 0.4ohm mesh coil is rated from 20-28W while the 1.4ohm mtl coil is rated from 7-11W. The two coils are really quite different with the 0.4ohm mesh coil having a much more open direct lung draw to it and running it at 25W I was getting nice full clouds with plenty of flavour. However at 25W the 2ml capacity of the tank just evaporates so you’ll be topping it up quite often if you’re using it for subohm. The 1.4ohm coil on the other hand almost seems better suited to the tank and will work best with higher nic liquids like 50/50 salts or freebase. With the 1.4ohm coil I get a much tighter draw that’s better suited to MTL but with the limitations of the airflow control base for me it’s still a slightly loose draw. As for coil life it really depends on the liquids used and personal vaping habits but I got well over a week on the mesh coil and I’m just starting my second week with the MTL coil. So coil life should be on par with most others out there.

Although an RBA will be available for the device it wasn’t included in the kit. From marketing pics it looks to be a two post RBA that’s similar to the old school Atlantis RBAs from way back in the day but the airflow base appears to be the same dual airflow as the other two with a recommended resistance of ≥ 0.5ohms.


I really can’t fault this little kit. It feels well built, has good battery life especially with the 1.4ohm MTL coils and overall performs very respectably. It’s been designed to be simple so pretty much any level of user should be able to operate it with ease. I think for my personal tastes if the RBA was included I would’ve been even happier with the kit but as it stands I really don’t have any big complaints with it. This one would be well suited to anyone looking for an easy to use AIO type system that’s well built, pocket friendly and just works well.

How it adds up
Shape and feelEase of useSupport for DL or MTLUSB Type-C 5V/1.5A chargingBattery capacitySupport for multiple coilsRBA available
Small liquid capacityLoose MTL draw with airflow baseRBA not included in boxTank needs to be mostly empty to swap coilsFake resin panels
Build Quality7.5