Honest review time: Artery PAL SE(New version)

You guys have seen the PAL from Artery, it’s a somewhat borrowed design all in one boxy looking kit that has seen several iterations and updates over the course of it’s evolution. Well more recently Artery released a new addition to their PAL line of devices but one that takes a significant change in overall design and now comes in a much more slimmed down, pocket friendly format. It’s called the PAL SE or if you look at how it’s branded the PALSE. Artery actually released a minor update to the PAL SE so this review will focus on the latest or ‘New Version’ as it’s been branded. I got mine from Heavengifts.com one of my go to online retailers where they still list the older version but also have the new version available which is what I got. Here are my honest thoughts on the new version of the PAL SE from Artery.

Package contents:

1 xArtery PAL SE Kit (with 1.2ohm Cartridge)
1 xArtery PAL SE Cartridge (1.2ohm)
1 xLanyard
1 xType-C USB Cable
1 xRubber Ring
1 xUser Manual
1 xWarranty Card

Listed features and specs:

Size:105 x 23 x 13mm
Material:Zinc alloy/PCTG
Battery Capacity:700mAh
Wattage:Max 12W
Juice Capacity:2ml
Charging Current:5V/1A
Features:-Best for MTL vape
-Draw activation/Button activation
-Sea grass fiber cotton for amazing flavor
-Improved 1.2ohm MTL KA1 coil
-Bottom refill with 2ml capacity
-Built-in 700mAh battery
-Type-C charging port system

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes very simply packed with just a few items in the box. You get the Artery PAL SE, a USB type-C charging cable, a spare pod, a lanyard, a rubber ring, a manual and a warranty card. The lanyard is a nice extra I suppose if you like to hang your vape from your neck but it’s not something I’ll ever use.

The PAL SE mod:

The mod as mentioned is super compact and is shaped somewhat like a pack of gum, long and thin. It easily slides into the pocket and feels really comfortable in the hand. It’s primarily made from zinc-alloy and weighs just 58g with an internal 700mAh battery. It’s not the biggest battery but the device uses high ohm coils so it tends to last quite a while. It also has a USB Type-C port on the side for charging which it does at a rate of 5V/1A so it has basic fast charge. It’s also coated with a nice thick layer of paint and can have either some faux leather stickers on each side or some carbon fiber depending on the version you get. I think it looks and feels slick in the hand and so far has been a pleasure to use.

It has a round button on one face which can be used to turn the device on and off but it can also be used to fire the device. A small LED light just below it indicates remaining battery life, when it’s firing, charging or any status messages. Users have the option to fire by button or use the built-in draw to fire where just taking a pull will fire the device. Located on one of the sides is a small air hole to provide air to the coil, on the original it sported two holes now with just one it provides a much tighter MTL hit. Aside from the button it really doesn’t have any other notable features and unfortunately it doesn’t appear that the output is regulated so as the battery declines so too can the experience. It’s paired with high ohm coils so it’s hardly noticeable but I know it’s a feature a lot of people, myself included appreciate. Of course it’s got the usual safety functions built-in which should keep things nice and safe no matter the situation.

The PAL SE Pods:

Now it’s the pods that come with the PAL SE that saw the biggest update. They used to have a top fill cap but now need to be removed from the device to be bottom filled like most other pod devices. I imagine the top fill caps might have been an issue with this design so I’m happy to settle with a standard bottom fill setup. On the bottom it’s got two ports you can open, one to fill and one to release air and so far I haven’t had any issues or any mess. I also haven’t noticed any leaking or hardly any condensation build up in the weeks I’ve been using it.

Another change to the pod or rather the coils they contain is the kit now comes with just one standard resistance for both coils where before you would have received one 1ohm coil and one 1.4ohm coil you now get two 1.2ohm coils and I have to say I appreciate that and actually prefer it when a company includes two of the same coil rather than two completely different coils which doesn’t necessarily suit most people. Now the performance I get from the 1.2ohm coils is actually quite good. Flavour is well defined and I get a decent amount of vapour out of it especially on a fresh charge. It’s also somewhat of a juicy vape, like it feels almost wet. I know quite a few people enjoy a saturated vape so they very well may appreciate this. Longevity of course depends on what you’re vaping and how much but I imagine you should be able to get some decent life out of them considering I’ve been using the same coil for nearly two weeks with no change in flavour.


Although I’m not generally a fan of non-regulated devices like this the performance I get from it is hard to deny. The PAL SE gives a nice saturated flavourful vape and paired with some of my favorite 20mg salts it’s been an absolute treat. No leaks so far, great flavour, good airflow and decent battery life make it a pretty solid choice if you’re looking for a compact pod system for either salts or freebase liquids. Not much to complain about for me on this one!!

How it adds up
CompactEasy to useSolid build qualityImproved coils/podsGood MTL airflowGood flavour1A fast charge
Build Quality8.5