Honest review time: The Aspire BP60

As I mentioned in my last post, Aspire has been quite busy and just released a new pod system that aims to surpass all prior pod systems. It’s called the Aspire BP60 which I believe stands for Beyond Previous limits which of itself is quite the claim so lets see exactly how the BP60 from Aspire stacks up against the competition.

Package contents:

1 xBP60 Device (1400 mAh)
1 xBP60 Pod (5 ml)
1 xBP coil 0.6Ω
1 xBP coil 0.3Ω
1 xType-C Cable
1 xUser Manual
1 xCord String

Listed features and specs:

Pod capacity:5ml(2ml tpd)
Pod material:PCTG
Coil material:Kanthal
Battery capacity:1400mAh
Output Wattage:1-60W
Screen:0.96" colour screen
Fire mode:Auto draw or button
Charging:USB Type C 5V/2A
Frame material:Aluminum

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a bright white and orange box with an image of the kit on the front and plenty of helpful information on the back. In the kit you get the BP60 mod with a 5ml pod already attached. You also get a USB type-C cable for charging, two different coils, a user manual and a piece of string which I believe is supposed to be used as a lanyard. I’d call the lanyard an extra but it is literally just a piece of string. In all everything you’d need to get started and with what’s included it should help keep the price down.

The Aspire BP60 mod:

The mod uses a sort of candy bar shape and feels a bit like a small brick in the hands. My one complaint ergonomically is the edges are fairly sharp, not cut your skin sharp but they aren’t exactly rounded either. At the top it’s got a slot for the pod to go in where a series of strong magnets will hold it in place. One of the neat features of the BP60 are the dual independent airflow switches which essentially are raised metal posts with holes in them that provide airflow to the pod regardless of how you connect it. These posts will also ensure condensation build-up or leaks don’t affect it’s ability to perform. Airflow to the pod comes via the side where you’ll find a rotating knob that’ll let you go from a wide open direct lung draw to a fairly tight mouth to lung all with a simple slide of your thumb. I should also mention the device comes with a dust cap but without anywhere to put it when removed like many others it will be quick to get lost.

Down the face of the mod it’s got a round metal fire button, a 0.96″ full colour screen and +/- adjustment buttons. The fire and adjustment buttons are nice and clicky with no rattle or anything to them. The colour screen sits behind a tinted plastic screen so it’s not the brightest but is easy enough to read and navigate. On the screen it shows the remaining battery, the mode, the current wattage, a puff count and puff time as well as the voltage it will fire at and the resistance of the attached coil. The device features only three modes so it’s super easy to use and you can switch between them by pressing fire and -. You’ve got the options of A for auto draw, B for button or AB for auto draw and button giving you the best of both worlds.

Super easy to use and operate the BP60 is powered by Aspires ASP chip which can deliver up to 60W of power and even though the coils it comes with don’t support that much power the device will also work with an RBA that Aspire will eventually release. I didn’t get to test it myself but it’s just another value add to the device. It’s a smart device so any coil you attach the device will automatically attempt to set the best power level for it. With an internal 1400mAh battery this thing will last all day and then some but if you happen to get caught out, with the 5V/2A quick charging you can top up in hardly anytime at all. Of course the device also has the usual safety features built-in like a 10second cutoff, short circuit, overheat, low voltage, overcharge and max power protections.

The BP60 Pod:

The pod that comes with the kit has a built-in duckbill sort of mouthpiece and is made of PCTG plastic so it should hold up to most liquids and some considerable abuse. It holds a very comfortable 5ml of liquid and uses a convenient top-side fill port to fill it. Just pull the pod out and it exposes a silicone plug on the side that you can use to top it up. The fill hole is a decent size and by tipping the pod I can fill it right up to the very top. On the bottom side of the pod is where you stick the plug and play coils, just slide in the coil of your choice and when it comes time to change it you just pop the old out out and the new one in. A short chimney in the tank means you don’t need to empty it all the way but you’ll probably want it about half empty or more.

Now the two coils that come with the kit are quite different. One is a 0.3ohm mesh coil meant for direct lung while the other is a 0.6ohm standard coil which is probably better suited to mouth to lung. I started with the 0.6ohm coil and tested it with some 20mg salts and it was a treat to use. Right around 20w it gave a nice warm full flavoured vape. With the 0.3ohm coil I got a solid direct lung vape from it around 35W with rich flavour and a good amount of clouds. Aspire are kind of known for the quality of their coils so no real surprise here and the fact that these are plug and play makes them all the more convenient to use.


I’ve got to say the BP60 checks a lot of boxes for me. It’s regulated, smart and adjustable, has decent airflow control, uses Aspire quality plug and play coils, comes with 5V/2A charging and has support for an RBA. It’s pretty much got it all in a compact little package. No I’m not crazy about the boxy brick like hand feel of the device but it’s still pocket friendly and comfortable enough to use and hold and honestly doesn’t look too bad doing it. One thing I would really like to see from all companies is to include the RBA in the kit like the old days instead of making it a separate purchase, but that’s hardly a complaint. If you’re looking for a solid working out and about pod device with all the latest features, I’d say the BP60 from Aspire is a pretty solid choice!!

How it adds up
CompactBuild qualityEase of useRegulated outputGood battery lifeUSB Type-C 5V/2A chargingRBA availableTank capacityAirflow adjustmentSupports both MTL and DLGreat overall performance
A bit boxy in the handDust cap easily lost
Build Quality8.5