Honest review time: The Aspire Minican

Aspire has been busy lately and I’ve got quite a few things coming from them to check out. One of the latest is a handy little pod device called the Aspire Minican. It’s a fairly simple device so I don’t want to give away too much in the intro so here’s a closer look at the Aspire Minican.

Package contents:

1 xBattery Unit (350 mAh)
1 xPod (2.0 ml)
1 xMicro USB Cable
1 xUser Manual

Listed features and specs:

Net weight:23g
Coil parameter:Non-replaceable 1.2ohm mesh coil
Built-in battery capacity:350mAh
Coil material:Kanthal
Fill method:Bottom fill pod
Output:Bypass output
Fire method:Auto draw

Packaging and contents:

There are two versions of the kit one is 3ml and one is 2ml which I imagine is for the TPD market. I happened to get the 2ml version which is functionally the same as the slightly larger 3ml version but comes with a different pod. In the kit you get the Aspire Minican with a 1.2ohm mesh coil pod attached, a micro USB cable for charging and a user manual. A very lightly packed kit but it’s reflected in the very affordable price. I personally would have liked to see at least two pods in the kit but for the price it’s going for it’s hard to complain.

The Minican mod:

The Minican is a draw activated mouth to lung pod system that uses disposable pods loaded with mesh coils. It’s got a built-in 350mAh battery and uses a bypass output meaning as the battery depletes so too will the power the coils receive. The body of the minican is small and compact and is coated with a super grippy rubbery paint that gives the devices a really satisfying hand feel. It’s small enough it would make an ideal stealth vape as it’s easily palmed in the hand and is smaller than most cigarette lighters but maybe just a touch thicker.

It doesn’t have any fancy features or functions, no regulation on the output and aside from the autodraw feature all it really has are the usual built-in safety features like a 10 second cutoff, short circuit, low voltage, over heat, overcharge and over discharge protections. I imagine it’s how they manage to keep the device so cheap but remember cheap doesn’t mean it can’t perform.

The Minican Pod:

Now one notable thing about the Minican is it supports two type of pods and depending on the kit you get it will come with one or the other. I got the 2ml TPD pod which has a slightly offset mouthpiece built in. The other pod available is slightly taller and more standard looking and holds 3ml of liquid. They both use mesh coils but the 3ml has a 1ohm coil while the 2ml has a 1.2ohm coil. For battery savings I think it would almost make more sense to have them the other way around but regardless with the 2ml pod so far I have to say the experience has been fantastic. The kanthal mesh coil puts out a very respectable amount of vapour and of course with that comes flavour.

The pods are bottom filled and use little silicone plugs to seal the fill holes. Just pop them off the mod, open the plug and fill them up. The hole is fairly small at least on the 2ml version, and with no real pressure relief you’ll want to use needle tips or unicorn tips and push them most of the way in as blunts tips will probably get a bit messy if anyone still uses them. As for airflow, the draw is fairly tight and should make most mouth to lung fans fairly happy. Coil life will obviously depend on what you’re vaping on, how much and how often but I’ve already refilled it several times over and it’s still going strong so it should last as long as most others in it’s range with the right care.


There really isn’t a whole lot to be said about the Minican. It’s most notable features are it’s compact size, it’s performance and it’s price. One of the features they laud on their site are the leak free pods and though I’ve only had one to test with I can say not once did it leak a single drop and after checking inside the device after several refills it’s still completely dry. The vape I get from the mesh coil pods is fantastic, rich and full and the battery life even though it’s only 350mAh lasts a surprisingly long time. It might not last you all day if it’s your only device but it’d definitely be a great little device for on the go! Super easy to pick up, affordable and it works a treat, what’s not to like!?

How it adds up
Super compactBuild qualityEase of useDraw activatedHand feelMesh coil performanceBattery lifeVery affordable
Unregulated outputOnly one pod in the kitFill hole a bit small
Build Quality8