Atmizoo – Tripod RTA Review – in search of the perfect RTA.
Atmizoo Tripod RTA Review
Pros:Quality PrecisionVersatile
Cons:2mL TPD complaint stock tank
9.4Overall Score
Vape Experience9.6
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It’s been called “one of the BEST RTAs” around. The Atmizoo Tripod is certainly a versatile tank. 22m in diameter and made of 316SS, this 2mL tank has caught the attention of many in search of the perfect RTA. I’ve had my first release edition for a few weeks now and had the chance to try it with a few different builds. Let’s take a look:

Atmizoo Tripod RTA Specifications: (courtesy of Vapes By Enushi)   

  • Air flow tuning via 4 pin options with diameters 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm pinned inside a 4.0mm diameter nest, or via an AFCS (Air Flow Control System) Ring adjusting from zero to 4.0mm diameter.
  • M2.5mm pan head Phillips post screws.
  • Two-part screw-in custom Drip Tip with an inner diameter of 4.0mm. Can also use 510 drip tip.
  • 10.0mm post-to-post space.
  • 6.6mm post-to-post net space.
  • 5.8mm coil space.
  • Tank Capacity: 2mL
  • Maximum Net Coiling Height (C&C Reducer Removed): ~9.0mm
  • Maximum Net Coiling Height (C&C Reducer Installed): ~5.3mm
  • Chimney Top Inner Diameter (C&C Reducer Removed): ~5.2mm
  • Chimney Top Inner Diameter (C&C Reducer Installed): ~3.0mm
  • Height (510 connector excluded) (Drip Tip Removed): 39mm
  • Height (510 connector excluded) (Drip Tip Attached): 47mm
  • Weight: 56 grams
  • Material: SS316 food-grade metal parts, PEEK thermoplastic insulators, POM (Acetal) drip tip, steel nickel-plated post screws, Borosilicate glass tank

Atmizoo Presentation: The Atmizoo Tripod comes packaged in the Atmizone “sardine” tin. Everything is packed securely within and held in place by a foam insert. The atty comes complete with spare glass, spare rings, Authenticity Card , Atmizoo Sticker and of course, the 4 ariflow pins. It’s classy and comes as premium product should.

Atmizoo tripod kit
Atmizoo Presentation Box

Construction: Because the Tripod is 22mm, it has a much sleeker look than many of the 24/25mm out there now. The Tripod is made from 316SS and everything fits perfectly. I’ve made comments about the precision machining being especially important, as the Tripod is threadless design for the top cap and the tank to base connection. Tolerances are excellent and the machining is as well. O-rings are of good quality and I have zero complaints about the overall quality of materials used. The Tripod comes in a SS Matte which is a brushed finish and SS Matte Ice which is a media blasted finish.

Ease of Use: There will be a very small learning curve getting to know how the Tripod works. Do yourself a favor and at least look at the booklet provided, then go watch a couple of Youtube vids.  A couple of tries taking apart, and you’ll have the basics down. Again, the major workings are threadless, so there will be no stuck/hard to turn pieces – or fear of unscrewing the base when you’re only trying to fill with juice. Airflow adjustment is a 4mm slot on a ring at the base of the atty. That adjustment is firm, so really no worry about accidentally changing the setting.

Building is easy and the posts are amply sized to allow the use of Claptons or twisted builds, and perfectly capable of trapping simple small gauge round-wire builds – just remember to trim tight to avoid protruding wires shorting with the chamber. The Tripod is designed for single-coil use. Before you install your coil, you should choose which airflow pin you want ( or none if you want to vape direct lung ). The post screws should be loosened off to install a pin.

Juice filling is done by simply aligning the triangle on the cap with a dot on the body to reveal the amply sized fill holes. Holes easily fit any needle-tip unicorn bottle and you could fill with glass dropper bottles as well.

By aligning the triangle in the juice control with the corresponding triangle on the base, you can remove the glass portion of the tank and reveal the deck to service your coil or cotton. Remember you cannot change the airflow insert without removing your coil.

Speaking of juice – with the proper wicking, I had no wicking issues or leakage using 50/50 or higher VG ratio e-liquids. Your taste experience is will only be enhanced by the design of the Tripod.  

Vape Quality: We’ll break this down into two small sections:

DL/RDL: Tested with 6 wrap 30/38 Ni Clapton on a 3mm bit – no airflow pin/chamber dome removed. With the dome installed, it might be a bit too tight for hotter builds. The vape quality is excellent. I closed down the airflow only for restricted lung and the flavor rendition was excellent. Warm, with decent vapor production. The provided drip tip handles DL/RDL well. The only issue you will have is the small capacity of the TPD compliant stock tank.

MTL: I tried a couple of different builds but settled on a 7/8 wrap 26 gauge K1 on a 2.5mm bit. I wouldn’t go much below 2.5 to maintain the amount of cotton I felt was needed. The loose MTL build gives decent heat and flavor, and also maintained a more conservative juice usage. With the various pins, you can get it right down to a really tight MTL draw. Remember to maximize your MTL experience/flavor by using flavorful 50/50 ratio juice. You may also wish to change to a smaller bore drip tip for MTL.

Final Thoughts: The Atmizoo Tripod was definitely an atomizer I looked forward to getting. The user feedback from the Atmizone Facebook page has been amazing and that had me waiting with great anticipation. The Tripod does not disappoint – whether you vape Direct/Restricted Direct or Mouth to Lung – you’ll enjoy the versatility – and the excellent vape quality. My personal preference is for a loose MTL. The Tripod, with all its combinations of airflow pins, really shines in MTL mode and that makes the stock 2mL TPD compliant tank bearable.

The 2mL capacity is the only knock against the Tripod and that has been addressed with a 3.4mL tank extension. There are now some additional reducers for 1.0 up to 3.0mm that are now being offered as an accessory. That would give you a multitude of airflow settings without ever having to touch the airflow ring.

The Atmizoo Tripod is a limited production piece, however, Atmizoo seems to have a commitment to getting this product in as many hands as possible. The Second Release is set for Wednesday, Aug 7th with future releases to come.

This tank looks good on everything I’ve seen it on. Good looks with great flavor – and at a price point that’s very reasonable for the quality you’ll receive.

Don’t sleep, the Tripod is worthy of having in your collection.

Currently sold when available in Canada through: 

Package Contents:

– 1 x Tripod RTA (1 x Chamber & Chimney Reducer pre-installed)

– 1 x Set of spares (2 x Post Screws, 1 x O-ring Kit, 1 x Tank Body, 1 x AF Pins Kit)

– 1 x User Guide

– 1 x Warranty Card