Michael Uyede

Marco Polo Vape Co – 1271 & 1274 Salts

1271 made an especially big splash at CVE Toronto 2017 - it really should have taken Best of Show that year (IMO). MPVC worked hard on reformulating 1271 and 1274 for nic salts before releasing them to the public. 50/50 ratio nic salt versions were carefully adjusted to stay true to the traditional nic versions. Salt versions are great for today's plethora of pod devices....

Dotmod dotMTL

To be honest, MTL vaping isn't what I think of when I think of Dotmod. The atty is well built and the vape quality is nice enough that I'd recommend it over low priced options. May not have the cachet of Svoemesto, but the dotMTL is a capable mid-priced option....

BMI – Beast Mode Industries – Touch Review

The engraving is extremely well done (the quality is even more apparent in some of the graphic designed boxes) and they are rugged, durable and well constructed. Aesthetically speaking, you won’t find a nicer box mod without delving into stab woods. Show piece, wow-factor - yet functional…. I got a second one....

Michael Uyede

An almost 40 year smoker - now a vape hobbyist.