Honest review time: Bad Drip from Bad Drips Labs c/o Cloud Shack

Recently a fellow Redditor reached out about a new company he was starting up. It’s an online vape shop with plans to open a physical shop in the future and he wanted to set me up with some things to review as a way of introducing his new business. Being that I was familiar with this particular Redditor and he’s been around for quite some time I was more then happy to pitch in and help out where I could. He very kindly sent over a box of things to check out including a couple of juice lines and even a bit of hardware. I decided to start with one of the juice lines which I’m actually a tiny bit familiar with as I’ve seen them around in some other shops for some time now. They’re from an American company and produced in Rochester NY but are definitely available north of the border and can be picked up in Tysons new shop Cloud Shack. Here are my honest thoughts on Bad Drip from Bad Drip Labs care of the Cloud Shack.


The juices come in clear 60ml glass bottles with dropper tops. The labels have a wild paint spattered sort of chaotic graffiti look to them with each having a slightly different colour scheme and background images. They kind of line up with the wacky names each of the flavours has. As they are now available in Canada they look to have undergone an update for regulations sake as I recall the original lineup used to come in something that resembled medicine bottles. I’m guessing a lot of that stuff won’t fly up here so they’ve tamed things down a bit for their venture up north. The juices all come in a 70vg blend and the set I got was all in 3mg. Here’s a shot of the rebellious looking bottles I was sent:

Bad Drip


Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Here’s a shot of a fresh build:

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the titles for links to the products!!

Bad Drip Farley’s Gnarly Sauce

Site description: Based oFF tHe reciPe oLder than BoB RosS’s painTbrush, we piLE-drived Tangy KiWi (The fruiT, noT the birD) into the heaRT of psychedeLic STRAWBERRIES dipPed in a Light bubBLegum necTar.

My thoughts: I’m going to start off with my least favorite of the line but that’s not to say it isn’t good this one just isn’t really to my taste. It’s mostly a mix of tart green kiwi and a lightly sweet strawberry with a tiny bit of bubblegum underneath. Unfortunately this one comes off a touch too artificial for my liking and at times I get a slight chemical taste from it. When I’m not picking up that slight chemical taste it comes off as a fairly bright and juicy blend that’s a bit sweet and just a bit tart, basically it strikes a balance between tart green and sweet red. For me personally I feel it lacks a bit of body and comes off a bit too thin for me to really enjoy it. It feels light on sweetener which is a good thing but I almost feel it could use just a touch more sweetness to round it out. Like I kind of wish the bubblegum was a more prominent note in the mix as I barely get any sense of it as it is. The kiwi and strawberry lean more towards fresh then candy which I appreciate but it’s not quite enough to save this flavour for me. Fans of strawberry kiwi flavours however would probably appreciate this blend!

Bad Drip Bad Blood

Site description: From the RV, to BAD DRiP LaBS…We coOked up tHis crysTaL BLUEBERRY persuasiON, spaTTered with the bLOod of a POMEGRANATE, hiT oFF with a TRace VANiLLA dusTing.

My thoughts: From Bad Blood I get a really nice mix of light blueberry, tart pomegranate and a very light hint of vanilla. The whole thing comes off clear and clean without any oddball tastes like I got from Gnarley. The blueberry is probably the more forward flavour in the mix and it comes through with a very slight floral note as blueberry often does. It’s not strong enough to be offensive and kind of adds to the realness of the blueberry. I also pick up just a hint of a cotton candy sort of taste so maybe it’s got a bit of EM in it or I could be picking it up from something else. The pomegranate comes through as a mid note in the mix really filling out the berry flavour and somehow giving it a slightly darker red berry sort of taste. I realize pomegranate isn’t a berry but the way it works with the blueberry in this it might as well be. The vanilla comes off light but adds a nice finish to it and for some odd reason the combination kind of reminds me of Freezies and vanilla pudding. It might sound like a bit of an unusual combination but those two flavours definitely remind me of my childhood and they go good together in Bad Blood. It’s a little bit sweet but not cloying in any way and for a berry blend I found it to be really pleasant.

Bad Drip Cereal Trip

Site description: CoNceiveD frOm the TEar dROps of crying CLoWNs is your Daddy’s faVOriTE FRUiT CEREAL, sLaThered on tOp of a gOoey fRosted DONUT, drowning iN a suGar-riCh MiLK baTH.

My thoughts: This is the flavour that I’ve seen around before in quite a few shops especially back in the day when cereal vapes were a big thing so it’s a bit of an OG at this point. Nowadays cereals seem to have lost a bit of their luster but they’re still a very popular option among many vapers. I’ve personally tried a literal ton of cereal flavours most of them centering around the most iconic of fruity looped breakfast cereals and I can confidently say that not all cereal flavours are created equally. With Cereal Trip I definitely get that classic fruit loops flavour but it’s nicely balanced compared to so many others out there. I don’t get an overpowering citrus note which is usually what kills a cereal for me. At least with Cereal Trip there’s a bit more to it than just cereal. A little touch of donut really helps to give the cereal a bit more depth almost filling out the actual taste of ‘cereal’ a bit more but without turning it in to a donut flavour if that makes sense. The whole thing has a really nice milky finish, not creamy and not too sweet despite the description. While I’ve personally run the course with cereal flavours I’ve got to say this is one of the better ones that’s come my way and I recall it being held in high regard a couple years back before the cereal rage had calmed down. I think any fans of cereal flavours would do well to check this out one!!

Bad Drip Ugly Butter

Site description: They doN’T caLL iT ugLy for noThing… Uncle FreDDy’s famOus, fancy FRiED DOUGH, sHOwered wiTh carnivaL cuLTivaTed CiNNAMON-SUGAR, sereNADed with a cosBy-quaLity BANANA puddiNg.

My thoughts: Ugly Butter is easily my favorite from the line, it’s a classic cinnamon sugar flavour with a touch more to it. I get a nice sweet mix of cinnamon and sugar with a sort of thick underlying banana pudding. The cinnamon is nice and light without being dry or biting and I don’t get any of that dry potpourri cinnamon stick taste that I find too strong in others. It’s nice and sweet but not cloying and it has a really rich quality to it but still comes off gentle and light. The banana pudding is fairly subtle and I mostly pick up the thick taste of banana on the tail end or the after taste. It’s definitely more of a banana pudding as opposed to fresh bananas but it’s nice and always seems to go nice with a bit of cinnamon like it does in Ugly Butter. For me it’s what really kicks this blend up a notch giving it considerably more body and depth. As much as it’s warm and comforting it’s not overbearing so it makes it really easy to keep vaping it. This one is easily an ADV for me and I’d imagine it will be for fans of cinnamon sugar flavours especially those who enjoy a bit of banana from time to time.

Bad Drip Don’t Care Bear

Site description: GreaT GOoey gLObs OF GLUEY, gloppY, GUMMY GUTS, mutilatED meloN Meat, pulverizeD, pUked, PEAR and PEACH…

My thoughts: With Don’t Care Bear I get a bright, almost tangy blend of peach, pear, melon and a bit of a gummy candy taste throughout. The peach comes across like those Fuzzy Peach candies, not exactly a fresh juicy peach but more of a sour gummy candy peach. It’s paired up with a melon flavour but I’m not really getting a green melon more like a cantaloupe or maybe it’s a bit of watermelon in there, it’s kind of hard to tell with the peach and the pear sort of mixing things up and keeping my taste buds guessing. The pear I find gives it a slightly thicker taste, like pear juice tends to come off as thick so does the pear in this. It’s a somewhat unusual mix of fruity flavours but it kind of works in an unusual way. The gummy flavour as far as I can tell mostly comes from the peach in the mix but it doesn’t really make me think gummy bears more like fruity gummy candies like fuzzy peaches or watermelon slices all mashed up. It’s the real fruit flavours like the melon and pear that kind of take it away from being just a generic gummy bear flavour which I actually appreciate as it gives the flavour a bit more complexity instead of an obscure sweet gummy candy taste. It’s definitely more fruity then gummy and I’d think any fans of gummy fruit flavours will dig this somewhat unusual concoction!!


One thing I should mention is the prices on these bad drips line are a bit on the high side. I get that they are imports so whether or not they deserve that premium price point will be entirely up to you. I’ve always said as much as taste is subjective price is relative so keep that in mind when checking them out. The whole line is light on sweeteners and in my time with them I noticed they were very mild on the wicks which I know a lot of people will appreciate. I’d say overall it’s a pretty interesting line with a nice variety of flavours so pretty much anyone could find something among them they’d enjoy. I know I found a couple among them that worked well for me. So huge thanks to Tyson for setting me up with these and all the best with your new store launch!!! Even if these don’t sound appealing to you I’d say go check out his shop and help support a fellow Redditor with his new venture!!

Almost forgot to mention he graciously setup a discount code for us it’s ‘Reddit10’ for 10% off!! Here’s another code ‘2for50’ you can use to get two bottles for $50 but please note it’s not stackable with the ‘Reddit10’ code!!