Honest review time: The Berserker V2 from VandyVape

Here’s a look at an update to a fairly popular MTL RDA from VandyVape. It’s called the Berserker V2 or BSKR V2 for short and it’s the predecessor to the exact same MTL RDA that I’ve been using for testing salts for the past while. Considering I still use the original this was one I was definitely looking forward to. I got mine from Sourcemore, one of my go to vape retailers out of China. Here are my honest thoughts on the Berserker V2 MTL RDA from VandyVape.

Package contents:

1 xAccessory bag
1 xUser manual
2 x510 Drip tip
2 xSuperfine MTL Fused Clapton coil 0.7ohm
4 xAirflow tube

Listed features and specs:


Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a fairly big for it’s size box with a clear window on the front and plenty of good info on the sides and back. In the kit you get the Berserker V2 RDA, a selection of two extra 510 drip tips, a user manual, a warranty card and several little accessory bags. In the little bags you get one containing four different airflow tubes(we’ll get to these later), a bag containing two superfine mtl clapton coils (2x30g/38g Ni80 8 wraps 2.5mm 0.78ohm) and a bag containing a screwdriver, an Allen key, two spare screws, a gold plated non-squonk pink, a set of spare o-rings and yet another replacement threaded tip for one of the three included drip tips. All in all one hell of a little kit with plenty of handy extras included.


The new Berserker V2 has changed considerably from it’s V1 counterpart. Everything from the style of the deck to the way you control the airflow has received a little update and for the most part I’m quite content with the improvements it’s received. Starting at the top it now comes with three different 510 drip tips, four if you include the black threaded tip that can be swapped on the default tip. All three are narrow bore and geared towards mouth to lung vaping. The tip that comes installed looks just like the original with a series of heat dissipating fins towards the base and a threaded tip up top that can be swapped out. I really liked the look of the original so I was pretty content they kept it but with two other options in the kit I think most people should be happy.

Working our way down, the top cap has also received a pretty considerable update. The original Berserker had a series of graduated holes on the side for a secondary airflow adjustment but the newer Berserker V2 only has a single hole. Not only that but the barrel is now double walled or what VV calls a dual-shell chamber design meaning the air goes in a small hole on the outside but then travels all the way around inside the cap to come out a hole inside but opposite the side of the exterior intake hole. I’m not entirely sure why they built it this way as it seems a bit convoluted. Also I don’t believe you can take the cap apart to clean inside so eventually it could get a bit gunked up in there. The inside of the cap is compact and domed to help concentrate flavour and there’s also a little notch on the inside to lock it into place when attached to the deck.

The other half of the airflow system is based on the same concept as the original. A series of four different airflow tubes can be inserted into the side of the base to adjust the amount of airflow that gets to the deck. On the original the tubes just kind of slid into the side and if you weren’t careful they would slide out when you took the cap off. The new tubes snap into place with a rather satisfying click so there’s no more worry about losing them simply by taking off the cap. The kit includes a 1mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm and a 2.0mm tube to help fine tune the airflow. I believe if you leave it out it defaults to about a 3mm hole. I personally know that I enjoy a 1mm airflow so it was the first one I popped in when I opened the box.

On the very bottom of the RDA it comes equipped with a gold plated squonk pin already installed but as mentioned the kit includes an adjustable gold plated regular 510 pin so if you’re not into squonking you can still use this thing. Not only that but the juice well holds a very decent amount of cotton and liquid so you can juice it up and go quite a while before needing to drip again. Aside from the usual CE markings it also includes the name of the RDA, some basic branding and a serial number.

Sliding off the cap we see the updates continued on the deck with a new offset two post deck which replaces the centered deck of the original. Two square posts with raised lips help secure your leads using big chunky flat head screws. A centered hole which I believe is about 3mm in diameter provides all the airflow which again is mitigated by those airflow tubes you insert in the side. On either side of the central airflow slot are two very deep wells for wicks and juice. Like I said you can squeeze in quite a bit of juice before needing a top up. It’s a solid, well built deck and so far I’ve really got no complaints with it.

Build, wick and Performance:

Building on this thing is pretty simple and with the included fused claptons that already have their leads bent the right way it’s even easier. Just loosen off the two screws, slide your leads under them and tighten them down. There’s a nice little space behind the posts to provide room to trim your leads and also help avoid any shorts when the cap is put on. The only real adjustment you might need is to lift the coil up a bit. Once you’ve fired it up and worked out any hot spots wicking it is equally straightforward. I slide in quite a bit of cotton, enough to fill the coil fairly tight and then trim my wicks to points and drop them in the wells. I try and keep them a bit long so they pretty much touch the deck but only just.

Performance wise, I think this thing has now replaced the original Berserker V2 RDA as my mtl salt testing setup. Flavour is nice and defined, the airflow for me is ideal using the 1mm tube and it’s just a breeze to work on and wick. I don’t notice any significant impact from the dual-shell cap although it does seem to stretch out the airflow just a bit but I still feel it’s better implemented than on the original.


With hardly anything to complain about on this little RDA, it easily gets my vote. The new Berserker V2 is a solid working and easy to use MTL RDA that produces some really great flavour. It’s easy enough to work with that I’d say it would be well suited to both new and seasoned vapers alike. With all of the airflow options it includes this one should work for just about any mouth to lung vaper out there.

How it adds up
Solid constructionEase of useMultiple drip tip optionsFour airflow tubes to chose fromSimple build deckGreat flavour
Dual shell cap can't be taken apart
Build Quality9