Honest review time: The Bident Pod from Geekvape

Here’s a look at a pod system that was released by Geekvape about midway through last year. I haven’t seen too much talk about it so I figured some folks might appreciate a review. It’s called the Bident pod and it’s one of the few if not only pod devices that I’ve seen to use dual coils. It’s a pretty simple device so this will be short and sweet. Here are my honest thoughts on the Bident pod from Geekvape.

Package contents:

1 xBident Kit (Pre-installed: Bident pod-B1 N80 0.8Ohm, 14-18W, 3.5ml capacity)
1 xUSB cable
1 xBident Pod-B2(N80 1.2om, 9-12W, 3.5ml capacity)
1 xPromotion card/warranty card
1 xUser manual

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:17.5 x 32 x 88.5mm
Support resistance range: 0.5-3Ohm
Charging specification:5V/1A
Low voltage warning:3.3V±0.1V
PCBA temperature alarm:80C
Vape time:10Sec
Working temperatures:-10-45C
Stand-by current:Less than 10uA

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a black and orange cardboard box typical of Geekvapes packaging. An image of the device is on the front while on the back it lists the contents, features and some basic company info on the back. In the kit you get the the Bident pod device with a pod already attached, a spare pod, a USB type-c cable for charging, a user manual and a warranty package. Pretty standard stuff for a kit like this.

The Bident mod:

The mod is super compact and comes in a little wider than say a Bic lighter with a shiny chrome finish and colourful IML inlays on either side. There’s an open slot on the top of the device where you insert the pod and on one side it’s got a shiny rectangular button. It’s surrounded by plastic which lights up to indicate when it’s firing, turning on or off, changing modes, displaying an error or charging. The plastic trim keeps the button flush so it shouldn’t accidentally go on in your pocket but like most devices you can turn it on and off with five clicks. It’s got a built-in 950mAh battery which doesn’t seem all that much but it also includes a USB type-c charging port on the bottom and tops up rather quickly.

One of it’s bigger selling features are it’s three regulated modes which you can switch between by pressing the fire button three times. The light around the button will change between white, blue and green to indicate the three output values of 3.4, 3.6 and 3.8V respectively. Not too many of these compact pod devices include a regulated output so it’s one of the more appreciated features. Aside from the three modes it really doesn’t have any other features or functions but it does include the usual safety features like a 10 second cutoff, over charge and over discharge so like most others should remain safe in most conditions.

The Bident Pods:

The Bident pods have built-in dual N80 coils and are made to be disposable. They’re made of plastic and hold 2ml of liquid each. They’ve got little orange silicone plugs on the bottom for refilling which you can pop out and tip out of the way. Like many other pod systems it can be a tiny bit messy with any liquid remaining on the plug but no more than most others that use a similar system. Both pods are clearly marked indicating the rating of the coil it contains.

I assume one pod is meant for mouth to lung while the other would be more of a direct lung pod but neither one has any form of airflow control and to be honest the draw from both are pretty similar. The 1.2ohm is the tiniest bit tighter but both pretty much give a very loose mouth to lung or a slightly restricted direct lung. Personally being they’re on the loose side I don’t think either one is well suited to mtl but it can be done. One of the included pods is rated 0.8ohm and works well with standard liquids with a wattage range of 14-18w while the other is more for high nic liquids like salts and is rated 1.2ohm with a range of 8-12w. Oddly enough the device has set voltage levels as opposed to wattage so matching them up to the appropriate setting will require a bit of guess work.

Now unfortunately with the Bident despite using dual coils in the pods somehow lacks a bit of flavour. I get a decent amount of vapour out of them but the flavour feels flat and a bit muted for some reason. Don’t get me wrong it’s not without flavour but what I do get feels soft and not very well defined. Loaded with one of my favorite tobacco flavours it really seemed to miss the mark but did seem a bit better with a bright fruity flavour so results may vary depending on the juice. Longevity wise the same applies and how long the pods will last will depend a lot on what you are vaping on, how much and your personal vaping habits. I’ve been flipping between the two pods for nearly two weeks and so far they seem to be holding up but full disclosure I really haven’t put a lot of miles on either one mostly on account of the lacking flavour.


The Bident is a nice looking device with some great features like three levels of regulated output and USB Type-C charging but even despite having dual coils, for me this one doesn’t quite hit the mark in the flavour department. It might work for folks who aren’t too big on flavour or the people who like to vape flavourless(yes they do exist) but for me I need just a tiny bit more from my pods. It’s unlikely they’ll release updated pods for the device but if they did it I think it would make the Bident a much more serious contender.

How it adds up
Sharp looking deviceBuild qualityEase of useUSB Type-C chargingThree regulated modesCompactSupport for regular or salts
Muted flavourNo airflow controlLoose MTL, Restricted DL
Build Quality8.5