Honest review time: Bold and Gold from Kloudheadz

The boys of Kloudheadz are always on my list to visit at any expo which is exactly what I did at CVE Toronto where I was happy to see they’d launched a new and eye catching line. David one of the founders always with a welcoming smile was more then happy to introduce me to their latest creations, a new salt based line called Bold and Gold. And bold and gold they were! Being a huge fan of salt based liquids I was thrilled to be setup with a set to review and after trying them out at the show I couldn’t wait to get in to them. They’re quite possibly the best thing I’ve tried from Kloudheadz yet and they already make some incredible stuff. Here are my honest thoughts on Bold and Gold from Kloudheadz.


The bottles these juices come in might be the most spectacular bottles I’ve seen yet. They come in 30ml chubby gorilla style bottles with shiny gold caps bearing gorgeous blue and gold labels. They come in a 50vg blend like most salts tend to be and the ones I got were in 40mg but they’re also available in 10, 20 and 30mg. Both the bottles and labels really standout much like the flavours they contain. With fancy tops and labels like these have I’d expect the juice to be just as fancy and spoiler alert, I wasn’t disappointed in the least. Here’s a shot of the sexy af bottles I received:

bold and gold


Testing was done mostly in fresh Justfog Minifit pods, in a Digiflavor UPEN with 1.2ohm coil, as well as in the Exceed Edge with fresh 1.2ohm Ex coils. They’re currently in a few other devices as well but those were what they were initially tested in.

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the titles for links to the products!!

Bold and Gold Honcho

Site description: To lead requires one to be Bold in ethic and gold in morality. Our complex grapefruit peach soda pays tribute to the characteristics of the true leader; the Head Honcho.

My thoughts: This one has to be be my favorite of the bunch but really I’d be hard pressed to chose among the three. Honcho is a very bright punch of tangy peach with just a slight citrus finish from the grapefruit. It packs some serious punch and compared to so many other salt based flavours out there this one truly pops. Despite the grapefruit in it, it doesn’t really get tart or sour, it just adds to the freshness of the flavour and brightens the whole thing up a bit. It finishes with just the lightest touch of menthol, not so much mint as a touch of coolness which is what really gives it that freshness that I enjoy so much. I don’t really get a soda from it but like I said above it really pops. An absolutely beautiful mix that menthol lovers will dig and even those who don’t like menthol would do well to check this one out. It’s lightly sweet and kind of hits you in the corners of the mouth. This one has been getting refilled again and again and will likely be the first of the three I run out of. Definitely the head honcho in my books and my personal fav from the set.

Bold and Gold Cappo

Site description: El Capitan of the Tropics, a pineapple lime soda to reinvigorate the soulful fire of leadership. A Bold Pineapple that no one has vaped before. Lime to complete a well rounded flavor.

My thoughts: This one is much softer, smoother, almost creamy compared to the other two and for some reason it comes off as the more tropical of the bunch. It’s an interesting mix of lime and pineapple that has an almost Pina Colada-esque sort of vibe to it but it isn’t exactly like the classic tropical drink. Often with lime I get an odd waxy taste but with this one it’s just a nice smooth almost creamy taste with a hint of pineapple on the back end. For me the lime seems the more dominant of the two main flavours barely letting the pineapple come forward but I’m pretty content with the way it works for me. Also unlike the other two this one doesn’t have any menthol or koolada, just the two tropical flavours mingled in a smooth refreshing blend that’s really quite soothing. The lime doesn’t have any bite to it or anything like that, just a nice smooth every so slightly tangy citrus flavour that goes really well with the pineapple. I suppose it does have a bit of that green Freshie kind of taste but whatever it is I quite like it!!

Bold and Gold Alpha

Site description: The Alpha, the becoming is depicted by an abundance of our grape berry soda medley. A diverse saturation of fruits sets the scene for the one who sticks out among the rest.

My thoughts: It was really a tough call between Alpha and Honcho as to which my favorite is. I’m not usually even a fan of grape flavours but this one definitely stood out and doesn’t come off as your typical medicine flavoured grape vape. Instead it’s a really punchy mix of grape and some sort of berries. It’s one of those mixes where it’s nearly impossible to pick out the individual berry flavours but it does have a distinct berry taste. If I’m not mistaken there’s also a little touch of lychee in there to really help that grape flavour pop. I find lychee really gives the grape a much more natural taste as opposed to an artificial purple grape flavour a combination which I’ve actually tasted before in another juice. It works well together. It does have a slight grape candy note to it but it’s not the major vibe I get from it. To finish this one off it also has just a touch of that cooling sensation, not quite menthol just a touch of cooling. Much like Honcho it really adds to the pop of the flavour and takes it from a fairly commonplace fruity grape mix to a refreshing and satisfying exotic grape blend.


The name Bold and Gold couldn’t be more fitting. Each of the three is packed with flavour and are extremely well formulated. Although all three are fruity flavours there’s a decent variety among them that pretty much anyone should find one that they enjoy. I for one enjoyed all three and have barely set them down since I got them. As I mentioned above these might be some of the best things I’ve tried from Kloudheadz and I hate to say it but they might just be the best salt based line I’ve tried yet. So if you’re into salt based liquids and enjoy really bright and flavourful fruit mixes then I can’t recommend these enough, seriously they are that good!!! So huge thanks to the boys at Kloudheadz for setting me up, you boys are killing the game!!!