Honest review time: The Coilart Bron

Here’s a look at the latest from Coilart. Like my last review this one focuses on a new style of pod device which I’ve lovingly dubbed boxpods. Think Lostvape Orion Q or Geekvape Frenzy and you’ll get the idea. With every company and their mom releasing a new boxpod device Coilart wanted to do their own take on this new style of pod system which they’ve named The Bron. At a glance it shares a similar shape and design but takes a much leaner approach when it comes to size, weight and features. Here are my honest thoughts on The Bron from Coilart.

Package contents:

1 xBron device
1 xDrip Tip
1 xBron cartridge
1 xUSB cable
1 xUser manual

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:62 x 36 x 13mm
Battery capacity:950mAh
Max Wattage output:25w
Voltage output:3 levels
Liquid Capacity:2ml refillable cart
Colours:Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Orange
Coil resistance:0.5ohm SS or 1.0ohm SS

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a thin cardboard box with an outline of the kit on the front while on the back there’s a check box to indicate the type of kit as well as a plethora of warnings. Popping open the box there’s a slide out plastic tray which houses the mod, the pod and a micro USB cable. Also included in the box is a user manual and QC card. It’s one of the lightest kits I’ve ever received and though it does include everything you need to get started I wouldn’t have minded some basic extras like a spare pod at the very least.

The device:

The device much like the contents of the kit is extremely light. I believe the body of the mod is made of aluminum which has a really nice colourful finish on it as well as a filigrees sort of pattern with just the name ‘Bron’ near the bottom. It’s available in a variety of colours including Silver, Black, Red, Blue and Orange. I got the blue version and it looks really nice. It looks to have an anodized sort of finish and so far it’s held up great even when tossed in a pocket with keys a few times. It’s got a 950mAh internal battery and weighs only around 120g but still feels solid and well-built.

At the top it’s got an open slot to fit the accompanying pod. The pods are friction fit and don’t use any sort of magnet to hold them in place. So far it’s holding up really well with the pods fitting nice and tight but with a fresh pod it can be almost too tight. Inside the top like most others there are two gold plated contacts which make contact with the pod to supply power to the coil. Down the working face of the mod is the fire button, LED indicators and adjustment button. Both buttons are metal and round with a solid click and no rattle. In between the two buttons are four holes that let the LEDs shine through to indicate remaining battery life and when it’s charging with an additional hole to indicate the power setting as well as when it’s firing. On the very bottom of the device is the micro USB port for charging which it does at a rate of 5V/1A. There’s also a bit of text indicating who designed it and where it was assembled. While it does share a similar style to other boxpods I’m pretty sure it’s one of the smaller and lighter ones out there.

Using the device couldn’t get much simpler with the usual five clicks to turn it on and off and a single press of the fire button to activate it. The device includes three power levels which you can cycle through using the adjustment button and that’s about it. Though they don’t mention the actual power levels considering it has a 25w max output I’m guessing they’re something like 15, 20 and 25w. The LED will shine one of three colours to indicate a high, medium or low setting(red, white, blue). Coilart claims it’s the hardest hitting pod system on the market and to be fair it would be hard to disagree with that statement the way this thing kicks. Not only does it hit hard but it has a super fast fire time with Coilart claiming 0.225 seconds. I’ve got no way to test that but it definitely fires fast and hard.

The pod:

The single pod that comes with the kit holds 2ml of liquid and has a built-in stainless steel coil which is rated at 0.5ohm. I wouldn’t mind a bit more capacity but when paired with some salts it tends to last me all day. Also I usually prefer replaceable coils over pods as when the coil goes you have to pitch the whole pod and not just a little coil. It comes with a removable drip tip but unfortunately it’s not a 510 so you’ll pretty much be stuck with it unless they release replacements. Like many others the airflow control is built in to the lower part of the drip tip, a sliding collar lets you open or close two cyclops style slots. It’s a fairly tight collar so it shouldn’t slide around and it lets you close it down to a fairly tight mouth to lung draw all the way up to a lightly restricted direct lung.

The pods are made of a smoked plastic like most pods are these days which lets you see how much liquid remains in the pod but can present a challenge in low light conditions. A small silicone tab on the side of the pod allows you to fill it up but I found compared to other boxpods it’s not the most convenient as you have to remove the pod from the device, and hold it at an angle to be able to see the pod fill up. It’s not a deal breaker by any means and is a commonly accepted fill method on many pocket-able pod devices so most people will be comfortable with it.

Coilart wasn’t lying when they called it the hardest hitting pod on the market and while I can’t exactly quantify that I wouldn’t really argue it either. Flavour is well defined and vapour production is pretty fierce for such a demure little device. I actually had to tone down my nic while using the 0.5ohm pod as the 20mg I had loaded up was almost too strong. They also have some 1ohm pods available which I found are a bit less rowdy but still manage to kick out some solid flavour and vapour. It’s probably the one to use if you prefer mouth to lung and despite being double the resistance of the other coil it still performs like a champ. Longevity will always depend on juice used and personal vaping habits but I’ve been flipping between two pods for over a week now and they’re both still going strong.


If I’m not mistaken the coilart from Bron might be the most affordable of the boxpods to hit the market yet and considering it’s beastly performance I’d say it’ll quickly become one of the top choices. It might not feel quite as premium as say the Lostvape Orion Q but it definitely keeps up with if not out performs nearly every pod device I’ve tried to date. Really it should have been called the Brawn. If you’re looking for an affordable rowdy little vape that works well I can’t recommend the Bron enough!!

How it adds up
Looks sharpLightweightEasy to useGood battery lifeRegulated outputThree power levelsHits hard!!Great flavour and vapour
Only one pod includedProprietary drip tipBuilt-in coilsFill method2 ml capacity
8.8Rowdy lil thing!!
Build Quality9