CVE Toronto 2018

CVE Toronto 2018 was this past weekend, thought I would share some pics. Had a great time, met some amazing people and picked up some fantastic stuff. Hope you enjoy them!!

Dashvapes always makes the show!

Dave from Dashvapes is the coolest!!

Prime Liquids Inc. looking good!!

Love this man right here!! VaporJunkie teamed up with Cloud Cartel.

New one for me Shisha N Vape..

JUUL was there but without any JUULs, lolz.

Got to meet Josh from 705 and Adam from Mojo Vapes

This guy from Shenzen had some interesting pod devices.

Classic E-juice always has an amazing presence.

J2labz were a friendly bunch!!

Was nice to see Nick from Cloud Haven!

A new one for me but didn’t take the time to stop.

Dash was spread out all over!

SMOK was even there.

More Dashvapes.

Love these gentlemen right here. Picked up a Ghostship with Unholy v2 at a crazy price and they were kind enough to set me up with some amazing juice!!!

Gilla was all around as well.

I believe they were here with The Wolf of Vape Street.

Wolf of Vape Street!!

Here are more of the Wolf pack…

Mr Reaper Coils TJ hard at work!

These guys are from out east and unbelievably friendly!!

180 still with the best deals on batteries!! Great seeing you guys!!

Always a pleasure to see these punks…

More from the Valor distro group.

And some more….

Gilla as I mentioned were all over.

Vape Local brought the Nut Ejuice, yum!!!

Daddy’s brought a pile of stuff.

LVS was there with some amazing people!!! Thanks for everything guys!!!

This guy had the best name, the best business card and was super friendly, I swear we’re like brothers… but there can be only one Chris!!!!

SVRF had a big bright setup!!

Liquid Ejuice I don’t exist in their world….

Rock Vapor has been steadily taking my money at every show…. thanks for the amazing deals on hardware guys!

Fat Panda was there but were short one Fat Panda Phil. 🙁

Flavour Crafters are still kicking it!!

Infinite Vaper were a friendly group, also I think they got new labels!?

Premium Labs always have a big presence.

Canada Liquid Labs brought the Ultimate 100 and a bunch of other stuff!!

Is that Valor again… with the famous Adonia Haze!!

Sublime had a nice booth!

This guys is trouble!! Eddie of Northern Nectar fame!!

Juice Brothers were there, or at least one brother.

Keep it 100!!!

Proost EJuice was there with Rock Vapor.

The worst and I mean the worst smoked meat I’ve ever had…. and it was more expensive then the shwarma which kicked it’s ass!!

Propaganda with Vape Pink stood on guard at the far end.

The wonderful folks from SaltNix were there. Love these guys!!!

My Vapour Guy were a friendly bunch.

Love this guy and the juice he distributes!!

This was cool to see…

Vapours Canada was there as always!!

This guy was cool as sh*t and his juice was amazing!!

Vapemall brough Wet and OG.

I hung out with these guys for an amazing weekend!!!

We had one of the best views on the floor. Staring at this magnificent bastard!!

Always a pleasure to see Paul Lefroy, he’s like my spirit animal.

All smiles from these guys, three Daves deep in here.

This guy is like straight fire!!!

Can’t have a meet without Vapemeet!!

Pacific Smoke International or PSI is huge and have a massive presence. Too big to acknowledge me.

stil PSI.

More PSI with Twelve Monkeys

still PSI with Allday Vapor and Illusions.

yup more PSI…

PGVG labs has an incredible collective of companies, some of my favorites in the industry.

Indulgence were there indulging.

These guys are out of QC and teamed up with PGVG.

The Great British Vape Co,,, but where’s Nate!?

Two of my absolute favorite dudes at any show Saadiq and Khizer of Vango Vapes awesomeness!!

Ecig Flavourium is one of the OG sponsors, wouldn’t be a show without you!!

Or to be more precise without this lady Maria, she’s just amazing!! And check out her new company Girl Boss Vapes!!

416 vapes was there.

Look Busy always looking busy. These guys are my hometown shop and one of the best shops out there!!!!

I think someone had a rough night. Yo Alex D. Caza late night!?!? One of my first stops was to see Ohmboyz Drip City

These guys were new to me from QC but was extremely impressed with what I’ve tried, amazing crew. Thanks guys!!

Drip Direct had a ton of stuff there.

Maddog in tha house as usual!!!

Peer was there doing their thing.

These guys were another new one for me but two really great guys. Best of luck in your ventures ohmies!!

416 vapes was there.

Another Prime shot…

Flavorific had a bunch of stuff there. I just had to pick some of it up.

more Flavorific.

Dragon Mod had be going back and forth but in the end Purge took my monies.

More of the Vango booth.

QP Design was there with Dotmod. They had some really nice gear.

Join the club, the Canadian Vape Club!!

Here’s’ Mr. Quenneville of QP Design.

These guys know how to find the flavour….

Riffy were some friendly folks.

These guys, keeping it Fresh AF!!!

Danny Luther and Mr. Clouds holding down the fort.

Farouk was there with the Theory labs crew, always a pleasure!!!!

Marco…. Polo!

Joel and the DVine labs crew were there. Such nice people.

Got to meet will and try his nic sticks. Very cool concept!!

These guys are from my home town of Hamilton and used to run one of the shops!!

Airvape, Purgemods, took all my money…. but I ain’t complaining.

Flamingo Vape was teamed up with some others at this booth.

The Picky Vaper brought Mr Salt-E to the show.

This guy was awesome!!

ECTA was there as always.

As was the CVA!!

Best Glycol was there with big bottles of glycol.

Not sure what these guys do.

Hazetown with the Nata!!

VGOD had a big booth.

Got to see the Layman vaper and Adonia Haze but missed a photo op with Adonia.

Love these guys and love the STLTH!!

Brent Stafford was there from Regulator Watch.

DSS with their massive juice wall!!

And my identical twin Josh!!

DSS’ giant juice wall!

More from Gilla.

Even more from Gilla.

Vape Mall from the other side.

Always a pleasure to see Theravape at the show!

Sub Ohm Invasion were representin!

Mark from DefinitiveCoils was there with lots of coils.

A meeting of the minds with Ryan Hjelm and Simon Stokes.

Aspire was there with PSI.

Dash had a few booths dotted around.

This man just celebrated a birthday but still looks like a fresh faced teenager.

Stinky Canuck were there with the Bearded lady again.

Classic E-juice was busy!!!

Another Shot of CloudHaven teamed up with MVNT.

MEO was there with some new new.

These guys from the US were cool but no Canadian Distro yet.

Their setup was killer though.

Got to meet the famous Vape lady Toronto. What a nice lady!!!

The media crew from Vapedeals were killin it!!!!

Shhhh, I spoiled myself a little bit.

Here’s the combined haul from CVE Edmonton and Toronto. Going to take a while to get through this lot.