Honest review time: The DaOneTech Blade Kit

Here’s a look at another one from DaOneTech. It’s one of their more recent releases and is a combination of a compact mod and tank. It’s a simple device but it’s got at least a few handy features included that make it worth a look. It’s called The DaOneTech Blade and this is what I think of it.

Package contents:

1 xBlade 30W Mod
1 xBlade TPD Tank
2 xBlade Coil(Compatible with Barrel coil)
1 xMicro USB chrager
1 xUser manual
1 xWarranty card

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:114.5 x 20.7 x 27.5mm
Liquid capacity:2ml
Battery capacity:1500mAh
Resistance range:0.5-3ohm

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in small black cardboard box with an image of the kit on the front and a listing of the contents, some company info and some warnings on the back. In the kit you get the Blade mod, the Blade tank, two different Blade coils which are also compatible with their Barrel kit, a micro USB cable for charging, a user manual and a warranty card. It’s a basic kit with no real extras but you get what you need to get started.

The DaOneTech Blade mod:

The mod is compact and very comfortable to hold in the hand. It stands about 68mm tall with an oblong shape that’s roughly 27.5mm wide and 20.7mm thick. It’s fairly lightweight too at just 95g so it’s likely made out of some sort of aluminum or alloy mix. Available in a number of colours including blue, white, pink, red and black it’s finished with a glossy paint that so far has held up against keys and pocket change as I’ve carried it around. One handy feature the Blade comes equipped with is a magnetic attaching dust cap. It sticks onto the tank using magnets but in a rather handy twist they’ve also include some magnets in the base of the device which gives you a place to store the magnetic cap. Unlike so many other devices that come with caps this one is the least likely to lose it, it’s also extremely addictive to play with. Clicky, clicky…

Starting at the top it’s got a nice set of stainless steel 510 threads with a gold plated 510 spring loaded center pin. The 510 plate has a diameter of 18mm and though I’ve only got a couple of tanks that will fit the device, so far the few I have tried all sat flush. Down the working face of the device you’ve got a nice clicky fire button, a very simple tinted screen, a mode button and a micro USB port for charging the internal 1500mAh battery. Unfortunately it doesn’t include any sort of quick charge and an average top up from empty takes roughly 90 mins. A small dot at the top of the screen indicates remaining battery with white indicating the battery is between 75-100%, blue between 50-75%, green indicates it’s between 25-50% while red indicates it’s below 25%. Should anything go amiss with the battery there’s some small vent holes on the bottom of the device and it’s also got the usual protections in place like low voltage, a 10s cutoff, over-discharge, short circuit and overheat protection.

The DaOneTech Blade is semi-regulated and by pressing the mode button you can cycle through three different output levels, (L)ow, (M)edium and (H)igh. They don’t indicate the output of each level but the device has a 30W max output so I imagine the high would be 30, mid would likely be 20 and low 10W but I didn’t actually test this theory out with a voltmeter. The device is incredibly simple to use and operate and aside from the usual five clicks to turn it on and off all the other adjustments are made using the mode button.

The DaOneTech Blade tank:

The DaOneTech Blade tank that comes with the kit is called the Blade tank. It’s a diminutive little tank that only holds a max of 2ml of e-liquid for TPD compliance. It doesn’t come equipped with a standard 510 drip tip and instead comes with a slip on sleeve like we’ve seen on other small kits. A minor annoyance especially for those who are particular on their tips. Just below the drip tip is the childproof top fill cap. The cap requires you push down before unscrewing it which makes it child resistant but still easy enough to access. Once the childproof cap is off you can see two rather small rubber lined holes for filling it. Just push your tip into one and the other will allow the air to escape. It’s super easy to use and so far no mess for me. I will say blunt tips will likely have an issue but needle tips and unicorns should be just fine.

Airflow to the tank comes via the base and it’s got two fairly narrow cyclops style slots that can be adjusted by turning the afc base. It’s a fairly restrictive hit even at full open and I’m pretty sure the kit will be better suited to the mouth to lung crowd but you can still get a fairly tight direct lung hit from it. To access the coils you simply unscrew the base, unscrew the old coil and screw a new one in. Without much of a chimney in the tank you’ll have to drain it most of the way before swapping coils. On the glass of the tank of which you only get one is an arrow with the word ‘SAFE’ to indicate the suggested max capacity of the tank. However in an odd twist on the opposite side they decided to print the standard CE markings directly on the tank which looks a bit odd if you ask me.

The DaOneTech Blade kit come with two different coils, one is rated 1.6ohm and is the default choice for salts and high nic liquids whereas the 0.6ohm coil is a mesh coil and would be better suited to higher vg liquids and lower nic. The 1.6ohm coil is rated from 8-18W while the mesh coil is rated from 18-30W which kind of plays into my theory, but because they don’t specify the power levels of the device you’ll be left guessing which to use with which coil. I pretty much narrowed it down to low or med for the 1.6ohm coil and high for the 0.6ohm mesh coil. With both coils flavour and vapour production were surprisingly good and the performance I got from them reminds me of some other popular coils available on the market. Hopefully they’ll be readily available online as DaOneTech isn’t usually one of the brands I tend to see in stores around here. Another thing worth mentioning is their claim at a leak proof design on the cover actually stands up as I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and not once has it leaked a drop.


This one really couldn’t get much simpler and I think a kit like this would be ideal for nearly any novice vaper or for some of the older crowd who just need a simple device that’s easy to use and maintain. I’ve mainly been using mine with the 1.6ohm coil paired with some 24mg nic salts and the experience has pretty much been pleasant all around. With the slightly tighter airflow this one leans a bit more towards MTL vaping but using the mesh coils and airflow wide open it’s still a decent DL experience as well.

Honest review time: The DaOneTech Blade Kit
CompactErgonomicEase of useSimple interfaceRegulated with 3 power levelsChild proof capFun magnetic dust capFlavour and vapour from coilsLeak proof(so far)Good battery life(1500mAh)
Small capacity tank 2mlPower levels not specifiedNo spare glassUses sleeve instead of 510 drip tip
7.3Overall Score
Build Quality7.5
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