Honest review time: The DaOneTech Boxy

Here’s a look at another recent release from DaOneTech. This one stands out a bit mostly based on the shape of the device which if you haven’t guessed already is rather boxy. It’s a fairly simple little pod device so this one should be relatively short and sweet. Here are my honest thoughts on the DaOneTech Boxy.

Package contents:

1 xBoxy Mod
1 xBoxy Pod
1 xUSB Type-C Cable
1 xUser manual
1 xWarranty card

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:89 x 17 x 17mm
Battery capacity:550mAh
E-liquid capacity:2ml Side filling(Leakproof)
Resistance range:1.0-3.0 Ohm
Pod material:PCTG

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a small yellow box with an image of the kit on the front and a listing of the contents on the back. There’s also some company info as well as some basic warnings which we’d normally expect. In the kit you get the DaOneTech Boxy mod, a single Boxy pod, a USB Type-C charge cable, a user manual and a warranty card. It’s a very modestly packed kit and I personally would have liked to see at least a second pod come in the kit.

DaOneTech Boxy Mod:

The DaOneTech Boxy mod is surprisingly small. Measuring only 89mm from tip to bottom with a width and length of 17mm it’s hardly bigger than a standard 18650 battery. It’s also lightweight and feels like it’s made mostly out of aluminum but the material of the device isn’t actually specified on their site. There’s a large slot on the top where you insert the pods which are held securely in place with friction. A single round button lives on the face of the device surrounded by a mirror finish screen and aside from a tiny bit of branding, the device is pretty demure. If I’m being picky the button sits pretty flush which makes it a bit of a challenge to locate with your thumb without looking at the device and the mirror screen that surrounds it looks a bit dated.

It’s got an internal 550mAh battery which charges via USB Type-C and a typical top up takes less than 30mins. It’s a bit small on capacity but considering it charges up quickly, uses high resistance coils and supports pass-through charging, it’s not so bad. To indicate remaining battery life there’s a series of four LEDs hidden under the mirror finish ‘screen’ which shut off one by one as the battery drops. As far as I can tell it’s unregulated so as the battery depletes so too can the experience but with such a small capacity and high resistance coils I personally haven’t noticed much of a drop off if any before it cuts out. It uses the usual five clicks to turn it on and off but aside from firing the device it doesn’t have any other features or functions.

DaOneTech Boxy Pod:

The DaOneTech boxy pod that comes with the kit is clear and made of PCTG so it should hold up to most liquids. It was probably made for a TPD region as it holds just 2ml. It has a built-in coil which oddly enough they don’t specify the resistance of. I checked it with an ohmmeter and it came out to around 2.0 ohms. The pod also uses the same easy sliding side fill port as their Hexcomb device but it now sports a silicone membrane over the fill hole. It’s still just as simple to use but now you need to push your tip in just a bit to avoid it pushing back out any juice and making a mess. I imagine it’s to help reduce spillage but with such a small capacity it hardly feels necessary. I love the convenience of the sliding side fill port and so far I haven’t had any issues using it. Also I should mention blunt tips will definitely have issues with this fill port but needle tips and unicorns should be fine.

Usage and Performance:

As mentioned it uses the usual five clicks to turn it on and pressing the fire button obviously fires the device. With no regulation or anything performance is pretty much based solely on the performance of the Pods/Coils. I’ve got to admit that in the time I’ve been using it not once has it leaked a drop so their claim of being leakproof at least so far holds up. Performance wise I’d put it in the same category as many of the Juul like devices that use similarly tiny coils in closed pod systems. It’s got a fairly tight mouth to lung draw which I find pretty much ideal for MTL. Flavour isn’t going to be mind blowing but it’s surprisingly decent and the clouds are about what you’d expect, fairly modest. It pairs best with some high nic liquids like salts but they also advertise you can use it with CBD and standard freebase liquids.

One unusual thing I should mention is the airflow to the coil is provided by a hole located just above the fire button which if you’re not careful you can accidentally cover with your thumb. If you flip the device over they’ve cut some vent holes into the body but they seem to be on the wrong side. Not sure if this was intentional but it almost seems like this issue could have been avoided if they drilled the airflow hole on the other side of the pod.


Though I’m never really a fan of disposable pods I have to admit the performance of this little kit is surprisingly decent. It’s right up there with a lot of other single coil high resistance pod systems and so far in my time with it not once has the pod leaked a drop. It’s easy to use and maintain with the side fill port top ups are a breeze and although it’s fairly small with limited capacity for both liquid and battery it lasts a surprisingly long time. It’s great for quick out and about trips but might need a top up if you’re using it as an all day device. This one would be a good choice for a lot of beginners but also for vapers who just want a discrete little pod device for certain occasions. Again with DaOnetech I’m not sure how readily available pods will be locally but they can be found online.

How it adds up
CompactBoxy shapeEasy slide open side fill portUSB Type-CQuick to chargeOverall decent performance
2ml liquid capacityBattery capacityDisposable podsOnly one pod in the kitButton a bit hard to locate
Build Quality7.5