Easy Side Stealth Box Mod Review – The New Collaboration by Sunbox & R.S.S Mods

Easy Side Stealth Specifications

  • Size: 48mm*24mm*81mm
  • Screen: 0.91 OLED Screen
  • Input Voltage: 3.2v – 8v
  • Input Current: 0.5A – 30A
  • Output Power: 1W – 60W
  • Output Voltage: 0.5V – 8V
  • Atomiser Resistance: 0.1Ω – 3Ω
  • Coil Material Supported: NI,SS,TI
  • Temperature Limit: 200°F(100°C) – 600°F(315°C)
  • Battery: 18650 (Battery not included)

Disclaimer: None, item was purchased for review.

Side-by-side mods are gaining favor again – mainly because of the reduced overall height when using any tank atomizer on top. The “Easy Side Stealth Box” fills the bill, although it does have it’s own issue. Let’s take a closer look:

Packaging: Simple. Black embossed cardboard box with a foam insert. No extras are included.

Easy Side Stealth Presentation

Fit and Finish: Just to be clear, the mod was designed by Sunbox / R.S.S. and is made by Ambition Mods, a Shenzhen company.

The body itself is solid and has a POM body and metal tube. Looks department scores high – maybe not as nice as the original Stealth, but appears nicer than the Lyra collab.

The Easy Stealth mod is just 81mm in height and uses a single 18650 battery. The distance between the 510 base and the top of the mod is 29mm so any tank you use will need to be at least that high. This pretty much means tanks only as RDA’s will definitely be too short to comfortably use.

RTA/RDTA tanks with a maximum diameter of 24mm will fit on top. I’ve seen a few setups that use 24mm tanks that have a slightly wider diameter due to shaping or AFC rings and they appear to push out with a slight lean. I’d advise against using any atty that is wider than 24mm that will cause it to lean, and possibly damage the mod or 510 connector.

The 18650 battery compartment is top-load with a screw-on “open” cap. The cap design is “open” and allows for venting – so there aren’t any vent holes on the tube or mod body. Threads for the cap are smooth and it’s easy to tighten or remove. 

Use: The Easy Mod Stealth I have has its own proprietary chip that runs to 60 watts. It does wattage mode as well as temp mode with an OLED screen on the base. The display resembles the display of a DNA chip with the same basic info. There is supposed to be a DNA version coming. The unit I have has no USB for charging or chip update. This is the same chip they used in earlier collabs. Standard 5 clicks to “Standby” and basic chip features like wattage/temp locking and a couple of “presets” for convenience.

The Up/Down and Fire Buttons are on the 510 side of the mod and are simple enough to use. The Up/Down positioning is fine for occasional adjustments. Really, you have to tilt the mod to view the bottom screen anyways so positioning isn’t as important. The Fire Button sits awkwardly low on the 510 side and does take some getting used to.

As mentioned above, the info screen is on the bottom so you’ll have to tip it to view. Chip functions as it should and gave roughly the same info as an authentic DNA chip did for resistance. I don’t generally vape temp control, but you’ll be happy to note the Easy does have resistance lock – the instruction manual does lay out the details fairly well. The mod fires without noticeable delay and the chip operates well without issue.

The Known Issue: 

The mod has been reported to autofire when using an atomizer with a long protruding 510 pin. As Albert from e-cigarettes.ca pointed out to me, it’s not a hard short, and the chip has a 10-second auto cutoff. The 510 on the mod doesn’t have a spring-loaded connector and when enough pressure is applied from an atomizer, it will push the circuit board out towards the fire switch causing an autofire. I will also note here the Ambition Mods Purity Plus ( their own atty ) doesn’t screw in flush and the gap is quite evident.

The fix: Nothing noted as a fix from the manufacturer at “time of writing”. Either screw atomizer just hand-tight onto the mod or use a spacer to prevent pressure on 510 pin. You will know the 510 pin on your atomizer is too long if you install firmly and the fire button doesn’t click, or mod auto fires. I’ve read a few hobbyists have re-soldered contact wires on the 510, but this is not a fix everyone will be able to do.

Ambition Mods Easy Side with the Ambition Mods Purity Plus. Even their own atty didn’t sit flush on mine.

Verdict: Personally, I’m not using an atty with a long 510 so I haven’t experienced the “autofire issue”. It’s a decent mod, however, I will not be offering any recommendation on this until this 510 issue has been addressed. I’ve seen a statement issued saying they are aware of the issue and will not be fixing it so just be careful with your atty choice. Unless a spring-loaded or adjustable 510 is used – this is a “Caveat Emptor” purchase.

Box Includes

  • Easy Side Box Mod
  • Instruction Manual

Ambition Mods link: HERE

*Remember battery safety and use a high drain 18650 if vaping at higher wattages. Chipped regulated devices can’t read battery amp limits so be safe!