Honest review time: The eGo AIO Mansion from Joyetech

Here’s a look at a new AIO or all in one kit sent over from Joyetech. It’s the latest addition to their eGo line of products and compared to previous incarnations the eGo Mansion as it’s called has undergone a significant overhaul in both appearance and design. However it still offers the same convenience of an all in one system and uses the same BF coils that the original eGo AIO and more recent anniversary edition eGo AIO included. Here are my honest thoughts on the eGo AIO Mansion from Joyetech.

Package contents:

eGo AIO Mansion1
BF SS316 0.6ohm head2
USB cable1
Warranty card1
Warning card1
Spare parts1

Listed features and specs:

  • Size: 17.5*33.0*103.0mm
  • Weight: 83.0g
  • Colors: Orange, Black, White, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
  • Battery capacity: 1300mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml
  • Atomizer head: BF SS316 0.6ohm head
  • Airflow: control-able top airflow
  • Vape way: direct inhale/hold button to inhale
  • Mode: direct output

Packaging and Contents:

The kit comes packed in a nice cardboard box with an image of the device on the front and a list of the contents and some basic info on the back. It’s pretty standard for Joyetech packaging and does a good job of displaying the product and keeping it safe during shipping. Inside the Mansion is secured in a cardboard lined sponge insert which also hides all of the included extras. In the kit you get the eGo AIO Mansion, two BF SS316 0.6ohm coil heads, a micro USB cable, a manual, a warranty card and a warning card as well as a bag of spares parts. In the spares bag you get two extra replacement fill plugs for the tank and three replacement silicone orings which are for the AFC cap which we’ll get to later. The kit includes everything you need to get started along with some handy extras like the additional fill plugs so should you lose any you’ll be all set with a couple spares.

The Mod:

The eGo AIO Mansion takes on a completely different look from the past AIO devices Joyetech has released however it has some pretty familiar features that I’m sure I’ve seen in other devices. The Mansion is slim and compact and easily slips into the pocket. It measures 17.5mm thick, 33mm wide and 103mm tall it easily fits the hand and is more than pocket friendly. It’s mostly made of plastic with the outer shell having a rigged or corrugated texture. It’s really smooth too so it can feel a bit slippery in the hands but I haven’t had any incidents with it yet. It holds 2ml of liquid and has a 1300mAh internal battery. It’s an unregulated direct output device so as the battery depletes so too can the experience vaping on it. It’s also a draw activated device meaning you just take a pull and it fires but they’ve also included a little button on the side of the device that lets you manually fire it should you find the draw activation inconsistent. The button also lets you turn the device on and off with five clicks and when it’s turned on you can also change the colour of the light that shines within the tank by clicking it three times. There are little viewing windows on the sides of the device to let you see the remaining liquid level. Having that button is handy so you can briefly fire the device and see exactly how much liquid remains in the 2ml internal tank. On the side opposite the button is the micro USB port for charging the device.  It doesn’t list quick charge on their site so top ups tend to take a little while but it does appear to support pass-through which is helpful. As with most regulated devices these days it includes the usual built-in protections like 10 second cutoff, over-charging, over-current and over-discharging to help keep things safe.

At the top of the device it comes with a removable cap which will help keep dust and dirt out of the mouthpiece however I found it way too loose for it to stay on securely so I’ve just been leaving it at home. Under the protective cap is the removable mouthpiece. It’s a sort of duck bill shape that’s wide and flat. It’s comfortable on the lips but doesn’t exactly seem suited to a tight MTL draw, luckily just below the mouthpiece is the adjustable top airflow which will let you tune in the airflow to your liking. When you remove the mouthpiece it exposes the top fill and the adjustable airflow/coil cap. The top fill is secured using a silicone plug that’s got a sort of handle on it which makes it really easy to pull it out. It’s also tethered to the device by a little loop so you’re much less likely to lose it. The fill port itself is oblong and wide enough to fit pretty much any tip and sits off to one side of the top of the device. On the other side is the adjustable airflow and combination coil cap. You can unscrew the whole cap to remove/replace the coil or  you can turn the outer sleeve to adjust the airflow on the device. To unscrew the cap it has a flat slot cut in to it and on the underside of the mouthpiece there is a flat metal piece that juts out to act like a screwdriver to easily and conveniently help you remove the cap and coil. In between the fill port and coil cap is a rounded metal piece with a hole in it which I believe is the trigger for the draw activated fire. It’s like a peg that stands up almost as tall as the fill plug which I imagine is to help keep liquid from entering it. It’s this AIO configuration with the top airflow bottom feed coil, a combination airflow and coil cap with a removable mouthpiece that also acts like a screwdriver that reminds me so much of the Eleaf iCare. I found it a handy little device and the Mansion is pretty much a bigger version of it with beefier coils and a button.

The Coils:

The BF SS316 0.6ohm coils the kit comes with as I mentioned are the same that shipped with the original eGo AIO as well as the more recent anniversary edition eGo AIO. They’re a proven coil at this point however when I was testing the device I initially filled it with some 50/50 salt based liquid and found it would flood the coil if I left it sitting for nearly any amount of time. I later topped it up with some 80vg subohm salt liquid which pretty much curtailed the flooding but I still felt the draw was a little bit wet and if I left it long enough it would flood a bit as well. In any case when it does flood covering the mouthpiece with a piece of tissue and shaking the device facing downwards will clear it out and it’ll be back to working. If you’re outside you can skip the tissue. This is something I’m used to with older style coils it was a regular thing to have to shake out a bit of extra liquid buildup from the coil before vaping but to be honest it’s been a while since I’ve had to do it with almost any coils I’ve covered lately. It could just be my luck that I’ve got a leaky coil but after swapping coils I still encountered the same issue and that was still with the 80vg liquid. Performance wise, when it’s cleared out and working it actually provides a very satisfying hit. Flavour is nice and saturated and it’s a decent amount of vapour I’m able to get out of it even mainly being geared to mouth to lung. Even with the adjustable airflow the draw through the coils is fairly tight so even at full open it’s still a pretty tight draw and not really made for direct lung vaping. Don’t get me wrong you can direct lung from it at full open it’s just a bit tight. Swapping coils is a bit messy since the coil lives submerged in the tank and when removing it you’ll need to wipe it off or get some juice on your fingers making the exchange. Coil life will ultimately depend on juices used, personal vaping habits and QC on the coils but I easily got a week out of the first coil using a pretty sweet juice before swapping to the second one which isn’t too bad by my standards. However because of the constant flooding it was a bit of a challenge actually getting through the week.


  • All in one
  • Looks nice
  • Build quality
  • Compact size
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Pass-through charging
  • Ease of use
  • Good flavour and decent vapour


  • Loose fitting protective cap
  • Leaky flooding coils


My biggest complaint with this kit is the leaky coils. I pretty much have to shake it out every time I go to use it which after a while becomes a bit of a pain. If it weren’t for the coils I’d otherwise have very little bad to report about this one. A bit of a shame as when it is working it performs quite well. I’m really hoping I just got some bum coils as I don’t recall having as much flooding with the original eGo AIO kit which technically speaking uses the same coils. Hopefully it’s something that can be worked out by Joyetech as I could see this being a handy kit for most beginners or anyone looking for an easy to use AIO.