Honest review time: The Eleaf Tance Max

Here’s a look at a new release from Eleaf. They actually released a pair of devices under the same name but with slightly different specs. There’s a standard Tance and a Tance Max which is the one I got. It’s basically a beefier version of the same device. It’s a fairly simple pod device which seems to have at least one particular feature in mind, capacity. Here are my honest thoughts on the Tance Max from Eleaf.

Package contents:

1 x Tance Max battery
1 x Tance Max Cartridge
1 x GS Air M 0.6ohm head
1 x GS Air S 1.6ohm head
1 x Type-C USB cable
1 x User manual

Listed features and specs:

Size:31.2 x 20.5 x 101mm
Liquid capacity:4ml & 2ml
Battery capacity:1100mAh
Output wattage:15w max
Resistance range:0.3-3Ohm
Colours: White, SeaBlue, Black, Geometry, SeaShell and Trick

Packaging and contents:

As usual with Eleaf products the kit come packed in a nice cardboard box with an image of the device on the front and a listing of the contents along with some warnings on the back. Eleaf always does a great job presenting their products and the Tance Max is no exception. In the kit you get the Tance Max and one empty pod, a USB type C cable, a spare coil, a set of small replacement o-rings and a user manual. The pod comes with a pre-installed GS Air M 0.6ohm mesh coil and the spare they include is a GS Air S 1.6ohm coil. It’s a modestly packed kit but you get everything you need to get started.

The mod:

The Tance Max is a pretty slick looking device. It’s kind of shaped like a lighter but with nice smooth edges and plenty of clean lines. It’s mainly made of some kind of metal which I’m guessing is a zinc-alloy but on both sides it sports some very colourful plastic panels. No word on what they are made of or how the graphics are applied but so far everything is holding up even traveling in my pocket with keys. It’s available in a number of colours and styles with Eleaf listing white, seablue, black, geometry, seashell and trick as the options. With each option the colour of the body and the style of the plastic panels seems to vary. I got the Geometry version and I think it looks sharp.

The device measures 101mm tall, 31mm wide and 20.5mm thick. It feels solid and weighs a comfortable 87.5g. It’s got an internal 1100mAh battery with a max output of 15w but as far as I can tell this thing isn’t regulated so as your battery declines so too can your experience. At the top end it’s open to accept the included pod. It uses magnets and three contacts to make sure it has a good connection. It holds firm and can even be a bit hard to pull out if you got slippery fingers so no worries of it accidentally popping out. Down the working face of the mod it has a single rectangular shaped button which has a line in the middle of it to let the LED indicator shine through. It’s used to indicate when it’s firing, charging as well as indicate remaining battery with green showing 60-100%, blue 59-20% and red indicating it’s less than 19% battery remaining. To charge the device there’s a USB type C connection on the bottom but even though it’s type C it appears to charge at a rate of 5v/1A.

Using it is dead simple with five clicks of the fire button to turn it on and off and a single press to activate it. It doesn’t have any other modes or power levels just whatever it puts out. It will of course have all the usual safety features built in like short circuit protection, low voltage, a 15 second cutoff and a resistance detection where if it’s below 0.3 ohms or over 3ohms it will flash the light and won’t fire.

The pod:

The pod that comes with the kit also doubles as the mouth piece and like most pods out there is made of a smoked plastic. It’s fairly clear so you can see how much liquid is remaining but like many others might pose a challenge in low light conditions. The pod holds 4ml of liquid(2ml for TPD) and has one of the most convenient fill methods I’ve come across yet. After popping the pod out which is held in place with magnets there’s a little plastic door that swings open. A little nub on the door helps with grip and you just slide it open and fill up. It doesn’t have any kind of venting but the hole is big enough it should let air out while filling. However should a bit of juice build up and block the hole it can get a bit messy.

Much like the iTap from eLeaf the Tance Max uses replaceable coils which are held in the pod via a threaded collar. It also doubles as the airflow control which has five little holes that you can open and close to your liking. however even at full open it’s a pretty tight draw. You can get a rather restricted direct lung hit from it but I think it’s almost better suited to mouth to lung considering the amount of airflow.

The coils:

The two coils that come with the kit are quite different. We’ve actually seen GS Air coils before from Eleaf and the 1.6ohm GS Air S coil is the same that shipped with the iTap. It was able to be used with the iTaps anti dry burn feature but there’s nothing like that in the Tance. It still produces a pretty decent experience with good flavour and an appropriate amount of vapour. It works well with thinner liquids and higher nicotine like most nic salts. My one complaint with it was it seemed a bit short lived and would perform well when fresh but would get a bit gurgly not long after. I only had the one with the kit to test so results may vary.

The other coil to join the kit is a 0.6ohm GS Air M coil with the M standing for mesh. This was a much warmer more flavourful experience and it also produced considerably more vapour being that it is a mesh coil. It also has a slightly looser draw which may work better for folks trying to get a direct lung hit from this thing. I personally enjoyed the experience with the M coil over the S coil but that’ll come down to personal preference. Longevity of the coils seems average but will vary depending on liquids used and vaping habits but I got a little over a week with the M coil and just shy of a week with the S.


The Eleaf Tance Max is mainly about capacity. It holds a good amount of juice and the battery should last most people all day and then some but that will obviously depend on how much one vapes. Sure it’s an unregulated device meaning the experience does tend to decline as the battery drops but paired with the GS Air coils it does a pretty respectable job. It comes in a compact and slick looking little package and would probably do well for people who enjoy the convenience of a pod device but maybe want a bit more battery power.

Honest review time: The Eleaf Tance Max
Looks sharpSolid build qualityEase of useBattery capacityJuice capacityPerformance from coils
Direct output(unregulated)GS Air S coil short lived
7.7Overall Score
Build Quality8