The New Evolv Reflex “solves the cigarette” for vapers.

$150 CND over a $3000+/year cigarette habit – the Evolv Reflex Pod System Review 

Evolv is well known for its DNA chipsets. The DNA has been an industry standard for wattage and for temperature control chipsets and has been used for high-end mods as well as mass-produced ones.

The Reflex is Evolv’s first new product in a couple of years, but this project is the result of thousands of hours of research. The Reflex is also a PMTA product, meaning that it has been submitted to the FDA for market approval. This includes scientific data and complete details on the manufacturing methods and controls.

Vapes By Enushi is the Canadian distributor for the Evolv Reflex.

Who is the Evolv Reflex for?

The Reflex is aimed at the new vaper. The Evolv Reflex is draw-activated and only has one simple user control – the power/select/indicator button. The science behind the Reflex was based on modeling the output of traditional cigarettes. The chipset monitors both temperature and airflow to determine the output. When I say output, I’m referring to the nicotine delivery, airflow, and heat characteristics. Let’s look at how they achieved that:

Evolv Reflex Airflow Sensor: So what’s different about the Reflex is the use of an airflow sensor that works very differently than most e-cigarettes. 

Draw hard – Instead of getting more air and a cooler vape, the sensor/chipset give you more wattage therefore a hotter, more intense vape. 

Draw soft – Instead of over-heating the coil with low airflow, the sensor/chipset delivers less power.

That’s completely the opposite of how most e-cigarettes work. Because the Reflex responds like an actual cigarette, it’s less likely to make you cough like a lot of people first trying to vape do.  The Evolv Reflex has a very familiar tightness mimicking the draw of a cigarette – that is to say MTL although you can pull off a very restricted DL with a hard draw.

What else is under the hood of the Evolv Reflex?

The Reflex was designed for simple operation. It has temperature control to prevent burnt pods. Being an Evolv product, the settings are user-adjustable through Escribe via micro USB, though a new vaper would never have to touch that. 

Evolv Escribe Reflex Live View

There is one power/setting/indicator that makes it easy to use. Three power settings are named after cigarette strengths – Ultralight, Light, and Full Flavor. And the Reflex has another interesting feature which is you can blow a short breath into the device to turn it on or off. Normal airflow sensors would do all sorts of bad things if you did this, but Evolv manages to find a convenient, fiddle-free way to power on/off.

The fit and finish of the device itself are top-notch. The Reflex does feel like a quality product in the hand and I’ll take anodized aluminum over plastic any day.

Evolv Reflex Body

Pods are 2mL and with the 750mAh battery, and should last most vapers most of the day. Of course YMMV depending on your own usage but I’ve found the Evolv Reflex just sips e-liquid and a full pod does go a long way. The pods are made from Ultem and are BPA free. Even the chimney inside is Ultem and is supposed to be “tank-cracker” resistant.

Every pod has its own scannable QR code. You can scan the code and access the pod’s individual test data and more. Each pod is individually tested for wicking, leaking, and coil resistance. This is supposed to ensure vaping consistency from pod to pod. 

Evolv Reflex Pod
Evolv Reflex QR Code reading
Evolv Reflex Pod Base

So why so many mixed opinions around on the Evolv Reflex?

Here’s the interesting part. There seems to be a wide variety of conflicting opinions on the Reflex. I’ve now had just over a month with 2 units and I love them. I have had no issues with the devices or pods. Pods last me around a week+ with frequent use (not the only device I carry). Between the two, the vape is consistent, and because the Reflex vapes more like a cigarette, the vape is almost nostalgic…like smoking.  

My experience was that a couple of habits need to be tweaked. 

1: You need to use a higher PG ratio liquid that carries flavor better. 50/50 has been working like a charm for me. 

2. You may need to tweak Escribe settings for Ultra Light and Light if you’re more advanced. Just a little more power to start was better for my experience.

3: You need to select flavors suited to the coil. In my experience, fruit flavors faired poorly – BUT tobacco flavors did really well. Strong menthol did as well. I’m not a huge fan of SS coils to begin with, but these do OK. 

Evolv Reflex With Five Pawns 50/50 PG/VG

That being said, the nic hit is great. The Evolv reflex seems to deliver nicotine in a very efficient manner and I’m not left longing for another hit. The throat hit/nic hit is very satisfying.

Let’s address those other concerns.

The flavor is muted. True. Fruits and sweet flavors did come across as being muted. That’s a function of the coil/heat/airflow. This setup does well with bottom-heavy tobacco/earthy type flavors. But this is the SAME as any other vape device – different setups for different flavors. A lot of people blasting flavor are probably the ones that say the Dwarv is shit because it can’t handle their “parallel triple hydraxial twisted fused clapton coil” they use in their Goon… but I digress.

Evolv Reflex Presentation Case
Evolv Reflex Presentation Case

It doesn’t come with pod/coil options? Don’t expect any unless this really takes off. The cost of new PMTA applications will probably not justify any changes. The reflex vapes perfectly fine out of the box. The variable heat via draw strength works. There isn’t a need to create a new pod/resistance.

It’s not cheap like the Caliburn. True, but when I started, pre-Ego pen – the shittiest kits were all more than the Evolv Reflex costs, plus – devices like the Caliburn may disappear from Evolv’s home US market once the Deeming regs go into effect.

It’s leaky. Evolv goes out of its way to say the unit will need wiping every time you re-fill. Every other device except maybe a couple of top-fill atomizers also requires wiping and maintenance of condensation. Every one. The condensation in the Reflex occurs outside the chamber, so you are never vaping recondensed e-liquid.

It doesn’t come with a charge cable. Really? You don’t have a dozen micro USB in your desk already? Inside the presentation case, you will only find the Reflex device with a Reflex pod attached and an instruction manual.

Evolv Reflex Pod System

This is not a “One-size fits all” device. The unique way this vapes means the experienced vaper has to rethink how to vape. It’s aimed squarely at the smoker – and the pricing and discount for those 40 years+ clearly indicate that. 

And there’s the catch…this tech and QC has a big price tag by today’s standards. A lot of time, effort, and I’m sure dollars went into the Evolv Reflex. Justification for the price? I dare say yes. Cheaper, more flavorful devices are out there for a lot less but aren’t necessarily right for a person trying to quit smoking. The Reflex is an easy transitional device for new vapers and has enough interesting tech for vape veterans. It’s not for everyone, but the Evolv reflex has a future of converting smokers to vapers. 

Evolv Reflex view on Escribe

Like I said at the top, $150 CND is better than a $3000+/year cigarette habit. Yes, this 9 year+ vaper recommends it.

Links: For pricing, please see links below.

Vapes By Enushi

Evolv Vaper

Evolv Reflex specs:

Dims with pod installed:  84mm x 30mm x 11mm

Weight: 37 grams

Body material:  Anodized aluminum

Pod capacity: 2mL

Pod material:  Ultem

Coil: 316 SS / Wicking material appears to be cotton.

Output range:  3-25 watts

Battery capacity:  750 mAh

Charge current: 1A via Micro USB ( cable not included )

Evolv Reflex

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