Honest review time: The Exceed NC with NotchCore from Joyetech

Joyetech just released a new kit that includes the NotchCore tank that I recently reviewed with the Joyetech Silk. I’m a huge fan of the NotchCore tank already with it’s newly revised and lower powered NotchCoilsTM so I was looking forward to this kit. It’s a pretty simple one but it offers nearly the same performance as the the Silk kit but in a much smaller footprint. Here are my honest thoughts on the Exceed NC with NotchCore from Joyetech.

Package contents:

NotchCore atomizer1
NotchCoilTM head2
USB cable1
Warranty card1
Warning card1
Spare parts1

Listed features and specs:

  • Size: φ22.0*127.5mm
  • Weight: 122.0g
  • Colors: black, white
  • E-liquid capacity: 2.5ml
  • Atomizer heads: NotchCoilTM head
  • Modes: direct output/constant voltage output
  • Battery capacity: 2300mAh

The Packaging:

The kit comes packed in a nice little cardboard box with an image of the device on the front and a list of the contents on the back. It also has a bit of company information on the back as well as a scratch and check authenticity sticker. In the box you get the mod, the tank, a couple manuals and a box of extras. In the box of extras you get a micro USB cable for charging, a delrin 510 drip tip, a spare glass, some extra orings and a spare NotchCoilTM. It’s super simple kit that includes everything you’d need to get started along with the spare parts we always like to see. The spare coil that came in my kit was crushed just a little bit from rolling around in the box but aside from that everything arrived safe and sound.

The Mod:

The Exceed NC mod is a 22mm diameter 127.5mm long tube style device. At 122g it’s lightweight, compact and easy to carry. It’s an extremely simple device with a built-in 2300mAh battery that only really does one thing and that’s output power to the atomizer. It does include the ability to switch between direct output and a constant voltage mode by shutting the device off and holding the fire button until it flashes. A white light indicates it’s in direct output mode as in whatever the battery is outputting is what is sent to the atomizer while in constant output voltage mode it ouputs a constant voltage or what might be considered the equivalent of a regulated mode. Unfortunately they don’t list what the constant voltage output value is but I’d guess it would be something like 20-25w considering that’s the ideal range for the 0.5ohm NotchCoilsTM included in the kit. In either mode however the NotchCore Atomizer performs well so it will really depend on personal preference.

At the top of the device is a stainless steel 510 connection with a gold plated spring loaded 510 pin, it works great with the included tank but should also fit most other 22mm atomizers just fine. Just below the top it’s got a micro USB port for charging the device. Unfortunately the don’t list any kind of fast charging so it might take a little while to top up the battery. Just below the USB port is an LED indicator to show when it’s charging and when it’s done charging. On the opposite side is the fire button and probably my only real concern with the device. For some reason they opted to use a slightly rubberized texture on the button which feels great on the thumb but has the unfortunate side effect of sticking when pressed in at an angle. Whether you press upwards or downwards it’s pretty much going to stick, pressing it straight on worked fine though. It does present a bit of a safety issue as it could potentially mean burning out your coils/wicks however like almost all mods these days it’s got built-in dual circuit protections like over-charging, over-current and over-discharging so it should remain safe despite the potential auto-fire issue but it likely won’t bode well for your coils. I’ve been using the device over the course of two weeks and as I was aware of the button sticking it never became a problem but it’s still a pretty critical issue that needs to be called out. As long as I shut if off when carrying it in my pocket and kept an eye on it while in use it was fine but it will require a bit more attention.

The tank:

The NotchCore tank included in the kit is the same one that was released with the Silk kit so I won’t go over all of it again. It’s a fantastic little 22mm diameter tank that holds 2.5ml of liquid. It’s got top fill and bottom adjustable airflow and is specifically designed to work with the NotchCoilsTM that come with it.

The Coils:

The coils too are the same as the ones that came with the Silk kit and are essentially a new version of notch coils that are smaller and less power hungry. They typically come in at 0.5ohm and only require about 20-25w to power them. I found the sweet spot for me to be about 23w on a regulated device but they pair wonderfully with the Exceed NC kit providing fantastic flavour and a very satisfying amount of vapour. Swapping coils is a breeze, just unscrew the base from the tank and with some tweezers or your fingernail you can just sort of flick it out of it’s little trough. To install a new one just line it up and push it in, it sort of clicks in to place but actually uses outward pressure to secure it, basically like a spring pushing outwards.

Usage and Performance:

Using the Exceed NC device couldn’t get much simpler. Once you’ve got everything put together and juiced up it’s just a matter of clicking the fire button five times to turn it on and then pressing the fire button and taking a pull. I already mentioned how you can change between modes so you can play around with both direct output and constant voltage to see which one suits you best. I prefer to keep it in constant voltage mode for a more consistent overall experience. The battery lasts a good long while, usually about two days for me but the coils are a bit thirsty for the little 2.5ml tank so top ups are frequent. Still it’s an overall great experience and quite convenient too since it’s a pretty compact little device.


  • Compact size
  • Battery life
  • Looks
  • Performance with notch coils
  • Flavour and vapour
  • Direct output and constant voltage


  • Fire button sticks
  • Tank capacity a bit small


I was already a huge fan of the NotchCore and new NotchCoilsTM it came with so I was quite happy to get another one with this Exceed NC kit. I only really have one major complaint about the mod itself which is a pretty big concern but as long as you’re aware of it the device can still be used safely. Aside from the sticky button however I really didn’t have anything else to complain about, Exceed NC is a simple kit that comes paired with a reliable tank that works really well for what it is. Exceed NC would be suited for someone just starting out or any seasoned vaper looking to try out notch coils in a good performing and compact little kit. Just make sure to shut it off before putting it in your pocket!