Honest review time: The FORZ TX80 from Vaporesso

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery and well, just one look at this new kit from Vaporesso and I think most people will recognize where it takes it’s design queues from. Generally known for their slightly more high end gear it’s their first real entry into the world of ultra durable mods but Vaporesso takes it a step further by also creating a tank to go along with it that is also considered ultra durable. I’ve been putting it through it’s paces and wanted to share my thoughts on it so here is a close look at the FORZ TX80 from Vaporesso. There’s quite a bit to go over so this one might be a bit of a long read.

Package contents:

1 xFORZ TANK 25 (4.5ml)
1 xGTR 0.15Ω MESH Coil (pre-installed)
1 xGTR 0.4Ω MESH Coil (in box)
1 xScrewdriver
1 xUSB Silicone Plug
1 xSilicone Drip Tip Cover
1 xFORZ Badge
4 xO-ring
1 xGlass Tube
1 xType-C USB Cable
1 xUser Manual
1 xWarranty Card

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:133.1(Including tank 85mm without) x 30.1 x 41.7mm
Display:0.69" OLED
Output power:5-80W
Chipset:AXON Chip 2.0
Tank Capacity:4.5ml(2ml TPD)
Charge current:5V/2A USB Type-C
Coil:GTR 0.4Ohm Mesh(40-60W)
GTR 0.15Ohm Mesh (60-80W)
Battery:1 x 18650(not included)

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a black cardboard box with a sleeve over it. On the front it shows the kit while on the back it lists the contents, specs and some company info. According to the contents list, in the kit you get the FORZ TX80 Mod, the FORZ tank, a GTR 0.15ohm Mesh coil pre-installed, a GTR 0.4ohm Mesh coil(in the box), a USB Type-C cable, a drip tip cover, a spare glass tube, a screwdriver, a set of spare o-rings, a spare silicone USB plug, a FORZ badge, a user manual and a warranty card. Unfortunately in my kit the screwdriver, spare silicone plug and the badge seemed to be missing but it did include a tank unlocking tool which wasn’t listed. A fairly well stocked kit if it were to come with everything listed in the contents.

The FORZ TX80 mod:

I won’t deny it, the FORZ TX80 mod at a glance looks very similar to one of Geekvapes Aegis mods. While there are considerable differences the similarities are pretty hard to ignore. I don’t want to turn this into a tit for tat comparison so I’ll try and leave it at that. Nearly the entire body of the device is covered in a durable rubber which gives the device some nice grip but also helps to protect it. A bit of a dust magnet but all of these rubber coated mods are. While they don’t actually specify an IP67 standard of protection they do suggest it’s waterproof, dust proof and shockproof on their site. On the back rather than leather it’s wrapped with a sort of squishy carbon fiber looking material but a little on the nose it is also threaded with some bright orange thread for reasons, obviously. The faux leather/faux carbon fiber material has the name FORZ stamped into it which is subtle but a nice distinction from others. The device even has some zinc alloy frames that hold the carbon fiber in place and the entire thing is put together using reinforced Torx screws.

At the top it’s got a stainless steel 510 connection with what looks like a gold plated spring loaded 510 center pin. The device is able to support atomizers up to 25mm without overhang and so far the tanks I’ve tried on it have all sat flush. Pretty much unavoidable on these combination material devices there’s a bit of a seam running around the top so hopefully if anything leaks the device holds up to it’s waterproof rating. On the bottom there’s a threaded battery cap that can be removed to insert a single 18650 and on one side of the device there is a USB Type-C charge port protected by a silicone plug that allows the device to charge at a rate of 5V/2A, a nice upgrade from Geekvapes offerings. The battery cap and device are labelled for +/- and on the cap it says “Do not use batteries with broken skin”. I’m pretty sure they mean torn wraps but if your skin is broken maybe play it safe!

Down the working face of the device it’s got a brushed metal frame protecting the screen, fire button, adjustment buttons and a mode/menu button. Some of the buttons have a slight rattle if you run your finger over them but aside from that they all have a nice click and don’t seem to rattle when shaken. In between the fire button and adjustment buttons is the 0.69″ black and white OLED screen. It’s a bit small but well laid out and easy enough to read and features the standard info like current resistance, wattage, temperature, mode, a battery bar and a puff timer. The device is fairly simple to operate and it uses the usual five clicks to turn it on and off, three clicks will lock the device, pressing the menu button three times will bring up the main menu which lets you select between a new mode called (F)t or some familiar modes such as Pulse, Power Eco, Smart TC, DIY Mode and of course System Settings and Exit. In system settings you can turn Smart VW on or off, Auto Eco on or off, you can adjust screen brightness, flip the screen, factory reset the device, check the version or go back to the main menu.

Vaporesso have always been known for cramming nearly every option under the sun into their devices and the FORZ TX80 is no exception. There’s far too much to delve into every mode and function in great detail but at a high level here are what the modes are about:
– The new F(t) mode is the default mode and after attaching a new atomizer the device will switch to this mode, it adjusts the temp, ramp up and duration automatically to try and deliver a perfect balance. From what I gather a smart mode for non-TC coils but with some control for the user.
Pulse mode if I’m not mistaken uses a pwm(pulse width modulation) type power delivery but they don’t specify in the manual so it’s kind of hard to confirm. Pretty much feels like VW to me.
-When the battery reaches 40% it will prompt to enter Power Eco mode which attempts to save the remaining battery by automatically adjusting power.
Smart TC is basically temp control on autopilot, it detects the attached atomizer and attempts to set the best settings for it. If you select this and attach a non-TC coil it will flip to F(t).
DIY mode which is the one I tend to use the most also has a number of sub-options allowing you to choose VW(variable wattage) but with a High, Normal or Soft setting, VV(variable voltage), VT(temp control but manual settings), BP(Bypass) and SP(Super player mode) which is the recommended mode for coils from 0.03-0.05ohm which they suggest is for RDA/RBAs and apparently there’s even a FORZ RDA available though I didn’t get one in the box.

While all of the modes and features tested seemed to work I almost feel there are too many options without a huge distinction between some and at least for a new user this many options could be overwhelming. Also despite my knowledge of vaping and devices I didn’t really get the point of a few of the modes and without more detailed information available I mainly used the new F(t) and the classic DIY modes. Luckily the device is super smart taking a lot of the thinking out of it and also has all the usual safety protections built-in so even if you don’t know what you’re doing with it, it should remain safe. For seasoned vapers however the countless options give you a lot to play around with and if you know what you like you can really dial it in whether it’s temp control, smart control, curves, pulse power or just basic wattage mode, the FORZ powered by the AXON 2.0 Chip is a FORZ to be reckoned with, get it!? It is limited to 80w but being a single 18650 powered device that’s more than enough and I really wouldn’t recommend running it that high anyway unless you like charging often or carrying lots of batteries.

The FORZ 25 tank:

The FORZ 25 tank that comes with the kit is actually pretty standard stuff except for the fact that it’s also built to last with it’s durable fiberglass enforced plastic body, impact resistant rubber coating, it’s recessed glass and the silicone drip tip cover it comes with. I’m pretty sure without that cover it wouldn’t get the same water resistance rating and I’d imagine only if the airflow was closed all the way would it actually be protected. In regards to the usual specs it holds 4.5ml of liquid, comes with a chunky 810 drip tip, has an easy off top fill, bottom adjustable triple airflow, uses plug and play coils and measures roughly 53mm tall and 25mm in diameter. With the triple slot airflow this thing won’t be for mouth to lung but the coils aren’t exactly meant for it either. The top fill cap is threaded but only takes about a quarter turn to remove it and the fill holes are pretty ample so no real complaints with the tank, though I will say it’s not the most attractive tank I’ve reviewed. I did try unlocking it with the included key thing but I actually couldn’t get the tank itself apart and didn’t want to risk breaking it so I’ll wait until the glass actually breaks to try again.

The coils that come with the kit are a new type in their GT series called GTR coils and in the kit you get one GTR 0.15ohm Mesh coil and one GTR 0.4ohm Mesh coil. They tout the same sort of anti-bacterial organic cotton, but with a larger airway and an updated leak-proof structure. The 0.15ohm coil is rated from 60-80W while the 0.4ohm is rated from 40-60. I never like to run my coils too high especially on a single battery device and found both of them worked fairly well around the 45-50w mark with the 0.15ohm coil maybe needing a bit more ramp up. With either coil I had zero break in time and the flavour was fantastic right out of the gate, with appropriate priming of course. Over the course of testing not once did I experience a leak of any sort and as far as I could tell these things should last just as long as any other comparable mesh coils. I always find the performance of coils a hard thing to quantify but I will say these are easily among some of the best flavour wise I’ve tried this past year.


As a guy who’s been wanting USB Type-C on an Aegis for quite some time, I have to say the FORZ TX80 was the one to deliver. It feels to be made with the same quality and durability but is also powered by a rather formidable chip. I might even stretch to say it feels slightly more premium than an Aegis but that will ultimately come down to personal taste. I will say the tank for me leaves a bit to be desired in regards to looks but performance wise it’s no slouch. The new GTR coils produce nice full flavour with plenty of clouds and can handle a decent range of power with so far,, knock on wood, no leaking. Combine that with the in depth features and control the Axon 2.0 chip affords and the FORZ as I mentioned above is a FORZ to be reckoned with. My one and only real complaint is it might be a bit too much for some beginners but any seasoned vaper should appreciate what Vaporesso just brought to the table with this kick ass kit!

How it adds up
Build qualityDurability featuresAesthetics and designMultiple modes and smart featuresCompact and good hand feelUSB Type-C 2A quick chargeMultiple protectionsPlug and Play mesh coilsPerformance and flavour from GTR coilsTank durability featuresEasy off top fillBottom adjustable airflowNo leaking so far
Menu and modes a bit complexMissing badge and silicone plug from boxNot ideal for MTL
Build Quality9.5