FreeMax Twister 80W Starter Kit
FreeMax Twister 80W Starter Kit
Pros:Vapes WellFireluke 2 Vapes WellTwist Unit Displays The Setting
Cons:Seam Between Atty and Battery Limited By 2300 mAh BatterySome Colorways May Be A Bit Too Bold
8.3Surprisingly good!
Fit and Finish7.6
Vape Quality9.3
Reader Rating 1 Vote

Freemax hits the Twist style market with an 80w unit that also includes the Fireluke 2. I don’t generally go for these type of kits, but I can understand their popularity. Don’t scoff! The Twister 80w kit was better than I expected!

Disclosure: None – purchased for review.



Size: 24.7mm(D)*101.6mm(L)
Built-in Battery Power: 2300mAh
Output Wattage Range: 5Watts – 80Watts
Output Voltage Range: 0.5Volts – 9Volts
Output Current Range: 1.0A – 30A
Resistance Range: 0.1ohm – 3.0ohm
Power Efficiency: 95%
Wattage Adjustment Method: Twist the base to adjust 5W to 80W


Size: 24mm(D)*47.8mm(L)
Capacity: 5ml
Material: Steel/Pyrex
Working Wattage: X1(0.15ohm 40-90W); X2(0.2ohm 40-80W);
NX2(0.5ohm 20-50W); X3(0.15ohm 50-90W); X4(0.15ohm 40-80W)
Driptip: 810


The Twister comes in a colorful wrap that has two separate boxes – one for the battery unit and one for the Fireluke 2. Nothing fancy, but the tank comes with extra glass and an extra coil.

Fit and Finish:

The kit comes in 6 “graffiti” colorways – all are truly on the eye-catching side. I have a thing for orange so I chose that one. Regardless of color choice – the Fireluke 2 finish matches the body although the graphics on the airflow ring turn so it doesn’t really match up. The unit feels solid with a nice weight and feel. I can’t find any sticker seam, even though there is a break in the pattern – it appears the graphics are printed onto the metal body, but I’m still pretty sure it’s just a good quality sticker. I tried scratching the top edge and also used a knife to scratch the body – it’s still really hard to tell – plus, the uniform tube shape would make it pretty easy to wrap with carbon fiber.

The only niggle with the “looks” is that there is a SS portion on the atty that sits next to a black portion on the battery and the top portion of the atty doesn’t match the color of the bottom – taking away from the general aesthetics. Regardless of that, everything fits snug with no rattles.


It’s a “twist” kit. There’s nothing fancy or complicated. The button is located 3/4’s up and has a nice “clicky” feel. 5 clicks will turn it on and off. The button is surrounded by the LED that that activates when fired and shows battery life. The unit has decent wattage selection – there is a clicky dial on the bottom that increases in 5 watt steps up to 80 watts. The Freemax website claims the chip fires in 0.01 seconds – it does seem to fire without lag.

Remember the battery is only 2300 mAh so usage will be somewhat limited given the power needed to vape the Fireluke 2. USB port is on the side opposite the charge button and the device can be vaped while charging. The built-in 20600 battery should easily do 500+ charge cycles.

It’s no secret I’ve loved the Fireluke since inception. The Fireluke 2 has a sliding top that reveals the amply-sized single fill port. The X2 coil is pre-installed and is a 0.2 coil rated up to 80 watts. I’ve been firing this at 65-70 watts with no issues. Coil changing is typical for the Fireluke and is easy to do. It can also take the X1 and X3 coils. The look is somewhat different from the OG Fireluke Mesh and the Pro, so the “2” designation is correct.

810 Drip tip is provided, but can be changed to your liking.

Vape Experience:

The Fireluke 2 provides a nice warm, dense, flavorful vape. Not much else to tell – the kit works well and is only limited by the 2300 mAh battery. I’m guessing the 5 watt gradients aren’t 100% accurate, but it’s easy enough to adjust by how the vape “feels”. While bigger than carrying around a pod – the Twister Kit will give you a “full-sized” vape experience. Coil life in the Fireluke 2 will depend on your wattage and your juice. I’m starting my 5th tank (20+mL) with the quality just starting to mute. Reasonable for premade coils. The battery will last as long as any 18650 mod with a similar mAh battery would.


I enjoy using this. It’s not high end so I don’t worry about wear and tear. I’ve seen the kit around for CND $70, but consider a tank would cost you $40, it’s not a bad deal. I purchased thinking if I didn’t like the battery unit, I could always throw the tank on my orange BMI… surprise – no need. An almost dripper/tube experience with the convenience of a tank.

twister 80w starter kit

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