Honest review time: The Geekvape Aegis Pod

I think it’s pretty safe to say most vapers are familiar with Geekvape and their Aegis line of devices. They’re the ones who make the virtually indestructible mods, the ones that people run over with their cars or go swimming with in YouTube videos. Well recently they released a new addition to their Aegis line of devices but this time targeted at users of pod devices and especially those who enjoy salt based liquids. It’s called the Geekvape Aegis Pod, not to be confused with their recent Aegis Boost Pod system it’s an all new pocket friendly little device built with the same durability features as it’s predecessors. Here are my honest thoughts on the Aegis Pod from Geekvape.

Package contents:

1 xAegis Pod
2 xG. Coil mesh-tech Pod-Formula(0.6Ω)
1 xUSB cable (Type-C)
1 xUser manual

Listed features and specs:

Power range:Constant power output MAX18W
Resistance range:0.4Ω-3Ω
LED light: Green, blue, red
Battery capacity:800mAh
Charger specification:Type-C 5V/1.5A
Low voltage protection:3.2V±0.1V
High temperature protection: 80℃
Longest vaping time:10s
Maximum output voltage:4.2V
Low power standby:Quiescent current ≤25uA
Battery indicator: Green light:70~100%, red light: 0~69%
Quick vaping function: Vaping delay <15ms
E-liquid capacity:3.5 ml
Shell material: Plastic + silicone + leather + zinc alloy
Features:Modular build deck
Mesh Coil
Top-to side airflow

Leakproof top airflow system
Supports 810 & 510 drip tip

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a box bearing Geekvapes standard black and orange colours. On the front is an image of the device and on the back it lists the contents, features and specs as well as some basic company info. In the kit you get the Aegis Pod with a pod already attached, two mesh coils, a USB Type-C cable, a user manual, a warranty card, a warning card and a little handy coil removal tool that looks like a miniature wrench. It’s a modestly packed kit but you get everything you’d need to get started and the little coil removal tool is a nice extra.

The Aegis Pod device:

The Aegis Pod looks slick. It’s fairly thin and easily slides into the pocket and even fits the little watch pocket of my jeans comfortably. It’s mostly made of zinc alloy so it has a bit of heft to it but it’s finished with the same sort of styling we’ve come to expect on Aegis devices with a nice leather inlay that’s threaded with bright orange threads. It’s also available in a few other combinations but the look definitely reminds you of the classic Aegis style. Not only that but according to them it’s just as durable as it’s cousins being the first IP-67 rated pod device to hit the market. That means it’s waterproof and shock proof but I noticed they don’t mention dust proof. I’m guessing they lose that with the addition of the pod which I’d imagine isn’t actually waterproof either. Still it’ll likely be the most durable pod device you’re going to come by for some time.

The device has a built-in 800mAh battery which may not seem all that much but it’s still a tad higher than many other pod devices in it’s class. A USB type-C port on the bottom allows you to quick charge the device at a rate of 5V/1.5A which is always handy. On one side there’s a squarish button that’s used to turn the device on and off with five clicks but also fire the device. No draw to fire to fail with this one. The button also has an LED hidden under it and lights up to indicate when it’s firing, charging or any status’ it might need to display. Of course it’s got all the usual safety features built-in so it should remain safe in most cases. The only other real feature of the pod but one I most welcome is the output is regulated so no matter the level of the battery the hit will always be consistent. It’s one feature I always look for in a pod device and one that gives major points to any device.

The Aegis Pod pod:

The pod that comes with the kit is made of plastic but they don’t list the type. It holds a decent 3.5ml of liquid and fills from the bottom via silicone plug like most pod devices. The pod itself friction fits to the device and so far has remained tight but is also easily removed with a tilt and pull up. On one side there’s a little grill cut in the outer shell which allows for airflow to the coil but will also help prevent dust and lint from getting into the pod. It allows for a fairly loose mouth to lung draw or a rather tight direct lung, again going for that best of both worlds but for some it might fall a bit short depending on their personal preference. For me I usually prefer a tighter draw but with the coils it’s paired with, the slightly looser draw actually works really well.

The pod uses disposable coils and the kit includes two G. Coil mesh-tech Pod formula coils rated 0.6ohms which are perfectly paired with the device. It would be nice if they’d include a second pod so you can switch between flavours but at least you get the two coils with the kit. The coils are intended to work with salts and are meant to enhance flavour which from my experience so far I can’t really argue. Flavour is well defined and I get a really good amount of vapour from them with just a small pull. I wouldn’t recommend using really high nic liquids with this and instead would stick around 15 or 20mg at most since it does have quite a kick. They’re also plug and play coils so just pull the old one out and slide a new one in. You will need to drain the pod most of the way before swapping coils but with the handy little coil removal tool, it’s a breeze and you can mostly avoid getting your fingers dirty.


Performance wise this little thing rips. When you press the button you can hear it fire and although it’s not terribly loud it does sound pretty fierce. It uses mesh coils so both flavour and vapour production are on point but it does tend to rip through the juice and battery fairly quickly. Luckily it’s got 1.5A quick charge so it’s not such a big deal. Paired with the regulated output this thing produces one of the best vapes from a pod device I’ve had in a while and since it’s arrived it’s displaced most of the other pod systems I’ve been maintaining. I have had the tiniest bit of leaking under the pod but so far it’s been no more than a couple of drops to wipe up when refilling so it’s hardly an issue yet. Would I recommend this one, I think I’ve already answered that…

How it adds up
Solid constructionIP67 ratingEase of useClassic Aegis stylingCompact pocket friendly1.5A quick charge3.5ml capacityPlug and play coilsREGULATED output!!!
Battery can go quickTiny bit of leaking!?
Build Quality9