Honest review time: The Geekvape Frenzy

Here’s a look at the latest pod device from Geekvape. It follows a similar style to one of the most popular pod devices to hit the market last year but with a few integral updates and changes to it’s overall design to keep things a little different. There’s actually been a slew of similar devices using this new design format hitting the market lately, a bit of a frenzy if you may as companies hurry to meet the ever changing demands of the public. Geekvapes latest is a pocket friendly little device called the Geekvape Frenzy and here’s what I think of it.

Package contents:

1 xFrenzy Kit
1 xUser manual
1 xMicro USB cable
1 xNS Coil(1.2ohm)

Listed features and specs:

Output power:2.5V 420F/2.7V 440F/2.9V 460F
Coil resistance:0.7-3Ohm
Battery Capacity:950mAh
Charging specification:5V 1A
Low voltage warning:3.3V±0.1V
PCBA Temperature alarm:80C
Maximum output duration:10s
Working temperature: -10-45C
Stand-by current:Less than 10uA

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in Geekvapes immediately recognizable black and orange packaging. On the front it bears an image of the kit while on the back it’s got a bevy of information about the kit, it’s contents as well as the company. There’s also an authenticity check sticker on the back in case you had any concerns. In the kit you get the Frenzy mod with a pod and coil already installed, a micro USB cable for charging, a user manual and a spare NS 1.2ohm coil which is the same coil we saw ship with the GV Flint. Also not listed is a little black packet which contains the warranty card, a warning card and a little advert. I kind of wished it came with a second pod but at least you get everything you’d need to get started.

The mod:

The mod looks incredibly familiar and unless you’ve been living under a rock chances are you’ve seen at least a couple devices on the market that look just like it. I believe the first pod device to hit the shelves featuring this side by side sort of look was the Lostvape Orion Q of which the Frenzy shares many queues. When held side by side the two device are in fact quite similar but the Frenzy is a tiny bit shorter and also a tiny bit thicker. I don’t want to turn this in to a comparison review so I’ll try to keep it to just the Frenzy going forward. It measures 86.1 x 37 x 15.7mm and weighs roughly 100g. Really it’s not much bigger than say a Zippo lighter or a match box and shares a similar shape.

It’s available in a variety of colours but also styles with both sides of the device being decorated with either colourful swirly resin panels or a set of carbon fiber panels. It’s a popular look for a reason and it really adds some flair to the device. On the working face of the mod there’s a round metal fire button sort of midway up the device and towards the bottom there is a single LED indicator located just above the micro USB port. It charges at a rate of 1A but I don’t believe it will support any type of firmware updates. On the very bottom of the device there is a series of small holes for venting should anything go awry with the 950mAh internal battery. Compared to many other pod systems 950mAh is pretty considerable and should last most folks the entire day.

Powered by the GeekVapes AS chip I found using the device is very straight forward. Like most devices it uses the usual five clicks to turn it on and off, three clicks to cycle through the various power levels and two quick clicks will show the battery status with red indicating it’s between 0-30%, blue showing it’s between 31-69% and green indicating it’s above 70%. It supports three different output levels which vary a bit depending on the coil you are using it with. It automatically switches between modes depending on the resistance it detects so no need to change any settings or anything when swapping coils. With the 0.7ohm KA mesh coil it cycles through three power levels 2.5v, 2.7 and 2.9v but if you’re using the 1.2ohm SS standard coil it attempts to use a rudimentary TC system with options for 420F, 440F and 460F.

The Pods and coils:

Unlike the Orion Q the Frenzy is usable out of the box and actually comes with a pod. It only comes with one but it uses replaceable coils so you don’t have to throw the pod out once you’ve burnt through a coil, just replace the coil and you’re good to go with considerably less waste. As I mentioned above the pods are held in place with magnets and a little bit of friction and are firm enough that I haven’t had any issues with a pod popping out accidentally. Similar to others the drip tip is built-in to the pod but the airflow adjustment comes from underneath the pod via a knurled plastic ring that can be turned to fully open or fully close the airflow. It’s also what you unscrew when you need to replace the coil. It’s a thread-less cap so just a quarter turn is all that’s needed to remove it making it super quick and convenient. The drip tip is short and blunt and although it’s comfortable on the lips I’d still prefer being able to use my own tips with such a beautiful device.

Also located on the underside of the pod is the fill port. A small flap with two prongs seals off the two holes of the fill port, one for filling the other to allow air to escape. Not the most convenient fill method especially comparing it to some of it’s competitors but it’s a tried and true method and actually works well with little to no mess when refilling. You also don’t have to worry about losing a fill cap during refills. The pods at this time only hold 2ml of liquid which isn’t a lot but it looks like they are meant for TPD compliance so GV could eventually release some larger capacity pods for the NA market but no word on that yet. If you look through the side of the pod it looks like half of it is filled with unnecessary plastic just to take up space. Like most others the pods are made with a smoked plastic which looks great but might make it a bit more challenging seeing your remaining liquid but holding it up to the light is all that’s usually needed.

Performance wise I have to say I was quite pleased with this little kit. I really enjoyed using the 0.7ohm KA mesh coils which produced a nice amount of vapour and really solid flavour. I wouldn’t recommend using them with higher nic levels though as it does tend to produce significantly more output than your typical pod device. With the 1.2ohm NS coils the Frenzy switches over to it’s rudimentary TC functionality and I must say it works and it works quite well. While I didn’t see the device flash any lights or anything it definitely throttles the power down to a point where despite trying my hardest by draining the tank and puffing away for 10 minutes I could not get it to produce a dry hit. It basically takes it’s foot off the throttle until it detects things were back to normal and the coil is saturated once more. I actually tested it out twice with an empty tank and both times upon refilling I didn’t taste any burnt taste and the coil continued to perform as I’d expect. Flavour and vapour wise, obviously you’ll get a bit less out of it than the mesh coil but overall I was very satisfied with it’s performance as well.


The Frenzy is one heck of a great device and since it’s arrived it’s been going everywhere with me. Geekvape always seems to do things really well and the Frenzy is no exception. This little kit will be well suited to both new and seasoned vapers alike looking for a nearly perfect pocket friendly little pod device. It’s easy to use and maintain and performs like an absolute champ.

Honest review time: The Geekvape Frenzy
Fit and finishBuild qualityEase of usePower options/TC optionsPerformanceComes with a pod + 2 coilsMesh coils are fantasticTC function works wellCompact sizeGood battery lifePods are reusable
Fill portBuilt-in drip tipOnly 2ml capacity
9.5Overall Score
Build Quality9.5