Honest review time: The Geyser S from VapX

Here’s a look at a new pod system from a fairly new company. The company is called VapX and as far as I know they’ve only launched one other device prior. It was called the Geyser, a chunky 21700 powered pod mod that came out just a few months back. Now they’re back but are now following it up with the new Geyser S, a slimmed down more pocket friendly version of the original. It’s touted as a budget friendly system but really doesn’t skimp on the quality or performance. Here are my honest thoughts on the new Geyser S from VapX.

Package contents:

1 xGeyser S Mod
1 xGeyser S Pod
2 xXCoil Model 10 Mesh coils 0.25Ohm (35-45W)
1 xUSB Type C cable
1 xUser manual

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:Approx 109 x 45 x 27mm
Capacity: 3.2ml
Battery capacity:1500mAh
Drip tip: 510
Charging:USB Type-C 5V/1.5A

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a black cardboard box with a sleeve over it. On the sleeve it shows the device on the front, while on the back they list the features, some specs, the contents and some company info. In the kit you get the Geyser S with a pod already attached, two coils, a short USB Type-C cable and a user manual. No real extras or anything just the bare essentials to get you started.

The Geyser S mod:

The Geyser S has a very slim appearance especially in comparison to it’s predecessor the original Geyser. If you’ve ever seen the Aegis Boost, it has a somewhat similar layout and format but without the extra rubber and leather bits. At the top it’s got an open slot to slide in a pod, however unlike nearly every other device out there, the pods actually slide in horizontally and aren’t dropped in vertically. It slides into place and sort of locks in with a rather satisfying click. Once in place it’s unlikely to come out unless you slide it out so unlike many of the magnet based pod systems when you reach into your pocket to pull it out you won’t come out with just a pod.

Working down the face of the mod it’s got a rectangular plastic fire button, a big bright colourful display screen, a rocker style rectangular plastic adjustment button and a USB Type C port. One thing I will mention, is if I push on the side of the screen it makes a slight clicking sound, not really a problem but something to note about it’s construction. It’s got an internal 1500mAh battery which it can charge at a rate of 5V/1A and powered by a Buck-Boost chip it can deliver up to 50W of regulated power. The screen is pretty standard and shows all the usual information like the mode, wattage, battery bar, resistance, amps, volts and a puff count.

The Geyser S is incredibly easy to use and navigate since it really only has one mode, Power, or what many of us call variable wattage. You can turn the device on and off with the usual five clicks, three clicks highlights the puff count letting you clear it and pressing fire and either +/- adjusts the screen brightness. It really couldn’t get any easier to pick up and use and would make an ideal device for a beginner. Although not specified I’m pretty sure it also has the usual safety features built-in so it should stay safe like all the others.

The Geyser S Pod:

The slide-in pod that comes with the kit holds 3.2ml of liquid and is translucent all the way around so you can see your liquid level from nearly any angle. It comes with a sort of hollow sleeve like 510 drip tip and has a raised lip where you insert it meaning options might be limited. It also has a convenient top fill plug that can be accessed without removing the pod and it uses convenient plug and play coils. The airflow control looks like it took a queue from Geekvape with it’s step-less AFC and air mesh intake. Basically it’s got a dial on the face of it that lets you dial in your preferred airflow, a mesh screen helps diffuse the air giving it a rather smooth draw. I’m going to say like many other despite the airflow control, this thing is really more for direct lung with it’s mesh coils than it would be for mouth to lung but I think it’s kind of expected with a lot of these mesh kits.

In regards to flavour and performance, this little kit is no slouch and right away with zero break in time, just the time needed to prime it, the Geyser S was pumping out nice flavourful clouds. The two XCoil Model 10 coils it comes with are rated from 35-45W and pair up perfectly with it’s 50W limit. I’ve been running it around 40-45w where it produces a nice warm flavourful vape and moderate clouds, about what you’d expect from a device like this. For coil life, I was able to get a week and a half off the first coil so again pretty average for coils like these. Also it should be noted that these coils appear nearly identical to Geekvapes PnP coils and are cross compatible so finding coils for it shouldn’t be an issue and performance would be in the exact same range.


One of VapX’s big claims about the Geyser S is it’s an “Undisputed price performance leader” and while I didn’t really dig around to check whether this claim holds up I will say that for the price(roughly $35US) the Geyser S is a pretty solid option. It’s a regulated 50W device with slide in pods, USB Type-C charging, solid performing and cross compatible mesh coils and an easy to use interface. The airflow control is handy but not game changing so with this kit a lot of it comes down to the price point. I’d definitely recommend this one to direct lung vapers over mtl but regardless of their experience level the Geyser S is a surprisingly decent option for the low price it sports.

How it adds up
AffordableEase of useUSB Type C chargingTop fillAdjustable airflow dialSlide in podsPlug and play coilsPerformance of Xcoil Model 10 coilsCompatible with GV PnP coils
Airflow not ideal for MTLClicky plastic around screen510 drip tip options limited
Build Quality7.5