Honest review time: Good Times from Cyrus Vapors

A few weeks back Frank from Cyrus Vapors reached out about a review of a couple of new lines they recently released. I already covered their Tabacci line, a collab with the good folks at Fat Panda which as a fan of tobacco flavours I must say was incredibly well done. This week I’m looking at the other set they sent along which is based on a line of alcoholic drinks. Can’t say this one is for the kids. The line is called Good Times and I definitely had a good time checking them out. Here are my honest thoughts on Good Times from Cyrus Vapors.


The juices come in dark coloured chubby gorilla style bottles with some rather interesting labels. Each labels background is composed of a phrase repeated over and over with one saying ‘Stay Wild’ and the other ‘Stay Foolish’. They have a sort of young at heart feel but are definitely catered towards adult tastes being based on alcoholic drinks. Both flavours come in a 75vg blend and the bottles I got were in 3mg. While they don’t actually list the flavour on the bottles the names are obvious enough I can’t complain. I personally think they look great! Here’s a shot of the cool looking bottles I received:

cyrus vapors


Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Here’s a shot of a fresh build:

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the titles for links to the products!!

Cyrus Vapors Kentucky Mule

Site description: Sweet and spicy ginger beer and lime plus barrel-aged Bourbon with a sprig of mint. There’s something for everyone in this American twist on the famous Moscow mule.

My thoughts: It’s not very often that I have one of those ‘Oh wow’ moments when tasting juice but the second I tried Kentucky Mule I turned to the wife and said ‘Holy $#!&’. It’s such a unique and interesting flavour and one that’s so precisely crafted that I can taste every aspect of the flavour pretty much exactly as it’s described. I get a lovely but somewhat light taste of ginger beer up front. It’s got a bit of that soda pop flavour but the most interesting thing about it is it’s real taste of ginger. I can actually taste the little bit of spice from the ginger beer on the flat of my tongue and it’s spectacular. I spent some time in England when I was growing up and absolutely fell in love with the stuff which isn’t quite as common over here across the pond. Nowadays you can pick it up in nearly any grocery store but it’s still never made it to the mainstream. I’ll often grab one when cruising the juice aisle and it always takes me back to my days spent in dear ol Blighty.

Along with the ginger beer I also pick up just a touch of lime which helps cut the often sweet taste of the soda pop but almost gives it a 7up or Sprite sort of taste. It’s pretty subtle but I definitely pick it up along side the ginger beer where it adds just the lightest bit of citrus. Then the Bourbon settles in, with it’s little woody nuances it fits in perfectly with this rather mature beverage flavour. It’s not a strong addition, just enough to let you know it’s in there and to give it a much more mature profile. Finishing it off is just the lightest touch of mint and I do mean light. It’s almost as if the actual drink was garnished with a sprig of fresh mint and I just pick up the slightest essence of it in the mix and mostly on the very tail end. Even though it’s an alcohol based flavour it’s not overbearing or sharp in anyway, it’s sort of light and smooth despite the spice and kick of Bourbon it includes. I’d personally have no trouble with it as an all day vape and could easily see fans of mixed drink flavours flocking to this one!!!

Cyrus Vapors Pina Kolada

Site description: The classic combination of fresh pineapple juice, rich coconut cream and a generous splash of rum. Pamper yourself with this favorite beachside beverage.

My thoughts: I’ve tried quite a few Pina Kolada flavours in my time but most of them have fallen a bit flat for one reason or another. Often it’s the alcoholic component that might come off a bit too strong or doesn’t come through at all or one of the flavours maybe makes it a bit dry or harsh but with Cyrus Pina Kolada I’m happy to say I don’t get any of that bad stuff. Instead I get a really nice and mostly realistic fresh pineapple taste. I do on occasion get just a hint of that pineapple gummy flavour but it’s not quite enough to impact the profile or make this into a candy flavour. Pineapple if you’ve ever tried it can sometimes be a strong flavour but in Pina Kolada it’s been smoothed out thanks to the rich and creamy coconut that accompanies it.  The coconut cream is thick but smooth, creamy but still kind of tropical and refreshing.

The whole thing is finished off with a nice splash of rum. I don’t think it’s quite as generous as the description mentions as I found it relatively mild in the mix. Yes it does come through and gives me a light taste of rum on the finish but it’s not a strong boozy taste, just a nice hint of a sweet dark rum. What I mostly get is the dark sugary notes from the rum but without the actual taste of alcohol. It totally takes me back to the Caribbean, laying on a beach sipping a freshly blended Pina Colada while Rupert Holmes or Jimmy Buffet plays softly in the background. This one would do well by any fans of tropical flavours and in particular for folks who like a nice authentic tasting Pina Colada. It’s almost a shame that summer is wrapping up as this one would be a perfect accompaniment to a cold drink while lounging on a patio on a hot summer day. If you like Pina Koladas and getting caught in the rain then you’ll definitely want to check this one out!!


I don’t normally gravitate to the alcohol based flavours although I do have at least a couple in my regular rotation. They’re a hard profile to nail down, balancing the various flavours along with whatever alcohol that’s been incorporated without coming off too strong or boozy. With Good Times however I’d have no trouble getting down with either of them as Cyrus Vapors has produced pretty much the perfect adult beverage based flavours. Both flavours are perfectly balanced and can easily be an all day vape at least for me and these are two profiles I’m not normally known to keep in the rotation. The Cyrus Kentucky Mule especially is an entirely new thing for me and I can’t believe I haven’t tried anything like it before, it is absolutely incredible!! So huge thanks to Frank and the team for setting me up with some of the most interesting and tasty juice I’ve had in a while. Once again,,, all hail the King!!!