Honest review time: The Hexcomb AIO from DaOneTech

Here’s a look at what I think is one of the cutest AIO boxes on the market to date. It’s from a company called DaOneTech. In business since 2012 they’re a distributor, re-seller and even manufacturer of vape products. Having never had the chance to try out their products before this is a completely new company to me. I’ve got several products of theirs to review and thought I would start with an AIO box called the Hexcomb. It’s arguably one of the most adorable little mods I’ve ever used. Here are my honest thoughts on the Hexcomb from DaOneTech.

Package contents:

1 xHexcomb Device
1 x0.6 ohm Mesh Coil
1 x1.2 ohm Organic Cotton Coil
1 xMicro USB
1 xUser Manual
1 xWarranty Card

Listed features and specs:

Dimension:88 x 38 x 22mm
Liquid capacity:2ml
Battery capacity:1300mAh
Fill method:Easy slide refilling
Voltage range:32.-4.2V
Colours:Carbon fiber, Wood, Sugar Skull, Red, Solid dark grey, Matte black
Tank material:PCTG

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a black cardboard box with an image of the kit on the front, a listing of the contents, some features and some company info on the back. I kind of feel like the image on the front could have done a better job of conveying just how petite the little device is but that’s hardly a complaint. In the kit you get the Hexcomb device, two coils, a micro USB cable for charging, a user manual and a warranty card. The kit is available in a number of colours and patterns including Carbon Fiber, Wood, Red, Solid Dark Grey, Matte black and Sugar Skull which is the one I got. It’s freakin adorable!! As for the contents, pretty standard stuff and enough to get you started.

The Hexcomb:

The Hexcomb is p’tiny! Measuring just 88mm tall, 38mm wide and just 22mm thick, it’s just a little thicker than the average boxpod but it still fits super comfortably in the hand. It’s finished with a sort of rubberized coating which makes it grippy and smooth to the touch. At the top it comes equipped with a flat tipped drip tip which is 510 compatible so you can swap it out for one of your own. I didn’t love the flat tip it came with so switched it out for a more comfortable VapeStash tip. Though it doesn’t sound like a big deal not many pod devices out there use standard 510 tips so this already is a nice bonus.

On either side of the device it’s got magnetically attached door panels which are replaceable. On one side it’s got a hole cut through for the fire button while on the other side there’s a rectangular slot cutout to access the easy side fill port. It uses a sliding switch to open and close it and without even taking off one of the side panels you can top up the tank in just a few seconds. It can be a bit tricky to see the liquid level but when filling it up you basically hold it on it’s side and just fill it until it’s full. The tank is made of PCTG so it’ll hold up to most liquids but unfortunately it looks like this was designed for the TPD market as it’s capacity is just 2ml. If you pop off the side panels you can actually slide the tank right out so you’ll be able to replace the tank if necessary or carry another one around as a spare.

One of the handiest features of the device is it appears to be compatible with Nautilus(am I allowed to say this!?) coils and comes with two different coils which look quite similar to the popular replacements. To replace the coil in the device you pop off one of the panels and slide out the tank. The coils screw into the bottom of the tank via a threaded base which doubles as an airflow control ring like many other pod and AIO devices out there. The airflow has dual adjustable slots which I find is never really ideal for a tight mouth to lung hit and like so many others out there it’s exactly the case for the Hexcomb. It’s sort of falls in between both worlds giving a fairly loose mouth to lung hit but also a fairly restricted direct lung hit.

On one of the sides of the device it has HEXCOMB printed in big white letters. I’m normally not a fan of big branding but it doesn’t look out of place on the Hexcomb. On the side opposite it’s got a micro USB port for charging the 1300mAh battery. It doesn’t appear to have any sort of quick charge and a typical top up takes about 75 minutes. On the bottom of the device there’s a bit more branding with Da One printed in white. No vents holes on the bottom but there are some located on the side in case something should go awry with the internal battery. And although they don’t mention it I’m pretty sure it has the usual safety features built in like short circuit protection, over charge and over discharge so it should remain safe in most circumstances.

To use the device you can turn it on and off with the usual five clicks of the fire button. As far as I can tell it’s completely unregulated so as the battery depletes so too can the experience vaping on it. It’s got a pretty big capacity though so it should last quite a while before you notice any drop in performance. To indicate the power level there’s a little LED on the button which lights up white to indicate the battery is between 75-100%, blue for 50-75%, green for 25-50% and red if it’s below 25%. When paired with the lower power 1.2ohm coil it tends to last me all day and then some but with the 0.6ohm mesh coil it tends to rip through the battery and the juice all the more quickly.

Coils and Performance:

The two coils included in the kit are polar opposites. It doesn’t come with either coil installed so I opted to start with the 1.2ohm ni80 straight wire coil. It’s the one you’ll want to use for mouth to lung and higher nic liquids like salts. It’s similar to Aspire BVC coils in both appearance and performance and works well with the 50/50 salts I’ve been using it with. Maybe it’s the fact that the device is unregulated but the 1.2ohm coil does feel a bit under powered and after switching to the mesh coil I don’t think I could go back. Flavour was just ok and vapour production fairly light. Because of this I ended up pairing it with some 40mg salts which gave it a bit more kick.

With the 0.6ohm mesh coil included in the kit I get a much fuller and more flavourful experience. I still used it with some 20mg salts and got a much better experience with it. Flavour is much better defined and the vapour production too obviously increased significantly. Keep in mind though the device is still unregulated so as the battery drops so too will the output. I’d actually put performance of these coils on par with the 0.7ohm Nautilus mesh coils and I’m content with the idea I can swap between them.


Although I wasn’t exactly blown away by the performance of this unregulated kit I have to say it’s won me over simply by being so adorably compact and convenient. It still works well enough especially when using the mesh coils or when paired with some high nic salts but for me this one is more about aesthetics than it is performance. I’d say this one would be well suited to anyone who likes to keep their gear compact and discrete and even though it isn’t exactly a top performer it works well enough that I’ve been taking it with me out and about. I also dig the fact I can use some of my favorite coils with it!

How it adds up
Compact sizeAdorable looksBig batttery 1300mAhCompatible coils(Nautilus)Adjustable airflowEasy side fillRemovable tankReplaceable coilsPass-through charging510 drip tipReplaceable magnetic panels
UnregulatedSmall liquid capacityDual airflow a bit loose for mtl1.2ohm coil a bit weak
Build Quality8.5
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