Honest review time: The Luxotic MF kit from Wismec

Here’s a look at something interesting that was sent over for review from the lovely folks over at Sourcemore. Sourcemore is a company out of China with a wide selection of vape related products with some very competitive prices and free international shipping on most orders. Wismec who I’m sure most vapers have heard of recently released a follow up to its Luxotic BF Squonk mod and it might be one of the most versatile mods I’ve seen yet. It’s made to be completely modular with the majority of its parts being user replaceable. It’s an extremely innovative and customizable design which I’m sure will appeal to the most hardcore enthusiasts out there who like to tinker with their gear to get the absolute most out of it. Here are my honest thoughts on the Luxotic MF box from Wismec.

Package contents:

User Manual2
Guillotine V21
Silicone Case1
Clapton 0.28ohm Coil2
Warning Card1
Battery Sleeve1
Magnetic Plate1
Spare Parts

Listed features and specs:

Luxotic MF Box

  • Size: 47.5*27.6*87.0mm
  • Weight: 181.6g
  • Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector
  • Squonk e-liquid capacity: 7ml
  • Cell type: high-rate 21700/18650 cell
  • Max output wattage: 100W

Guillotine V2

  • Height: 34.8mm
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Weight: 33.0g

Decorative Ring

  • Height: 3.9mm
  • Diameter: 25.5mm

 Packaging and contents:

The Luxotic MF comes in a fairly big cardboard box with an image of the kit on the front ringed in fire and a listing of the contents on the back. Inside the Luxotic MF and Guillotine v2 RDA are safely protected by a thick sponge insert and come packed with a Wismec branded accessory box. The accessory box comes packed with all kinds of handy extras including a pack of cotton, some spare orings, a standard gold plated 510 pin, a battery adapter, a silicone battery sleeve, a variety of extra screws, an allen key and some premade fused clapton coils. You get quite a lot of extras with this kit and I like the fact that it has everything a user would need to get started including coils and cotton.

The Mod:

The Luxotic MF is the follow up to the original Luxotic BF squonk mod they released right around the beginning of 2018. The original Luxotic mod was a beautiful semi-mechanical squonk mod designed in conjunction with infamous vaper JayBo. It was a huge success thanks to its compact form factor, unique appearance and quality construction so Wismec had a lot to follow up on and with the Luxotic MF they might just have delivered.

The Luxotic MF is the most customizable device I’ve come across yet. You can change the 510 connection, the face plate and even the board that runs the device. Not only that but you can use it as a squonker or as just a regular regulated mod. You can use it with a single 18650, a single 20700 or 21700 or you can use it with dual 18650s. By swapping controller boards you can go from a fully regulated variable voltage mod to a direct output mod which is like a mechanical mod but with built-in protections. With all of these options the possibilities with this mod are nearly endless but as of yet replacement parts don’t look to be available to the general market. Should any third party manufacturers get in on it then we’re bound to see all kinds of customized bodies, faceplates, 510s and squonk accessories for it hit the market but I imagine that all depends on it catching on with the enthusiast crowd.

Currently it’s available in two basic flavours with or without a screen. The version with a screen is the variable voltage fully regulated version while the one without a screen is the direct output version. The main difference with the two kits is the controller board it comes installed with and how it will operate. You can purchase the boards separately and swap them out but it’s not clear when and where they will be available.

The mod itself is made entirely of metal but they don’t list what kind specifically. The battery door feels like some sort of zinc-alloy, so I’m guessing it’s a mix of stainless steel and alloy parts. It feels really solid but not too heavy and shares a similar candy bar shape to its predecessor just slightly bigger to now accommodate 2×700 batteries. It’s got a replaceable faceplate that’s etched to somewhat resemble Damascus steel or a sort of wood grain pattern. It gives it a nice texture and also adds a bit of style to the otherwise demure looking mod. On the face it’s got a rather bright OLED screen that’s well laid out and easy to read. Just above it are two adjustment buttons for navigating the menu. They have a slightly squishy click to them but they work well and don’t rattle. On the side of the device it’s got a square shaped fire button. It’s nice and clicky with no rattle or anything and is easy to fire with either the thumb or index. Up top it’s got a stainless steel 510 connection with a gold plated spring loaded 510 squonk pin. It’s got a decent amount of travel and the RDAs I’ve tried on it have all sat flush. It’ll support atomizers up to 25.5mm in diameter without overhang which is also the diameter of the included beauty ring. Even though the mod is 27.5mm wide because the 510 isn’t centered it’ll overhang on the side with the fire button.

On the back side of the device is the battery compartment but also where it houses the squonk bottle. The door is held on with some strong magnets and includes a little magnetic door within a door in the form of a plate that covers up the squonk port when not using it as a squonker. I found you can even leave it on when in squonk mode and it almost serves as a little metal button to press to squonk. In the battery compartment by default it houses a 2×700 battery but with the included adapters you can use a single 18650 or switch it to dual 18650s without the squonk bottle. One minor complaint inside the device is the spout you attach the squonk bottle to is quite short and it also sits behind two little protruding battery contacts which can make it a bit of a challenge when attaching a squonk bottle.

Usage and functions:

Using the device is pretty simple with five clicks to turn it on and off and three clicks to enter the mode selection. The included modes are Wattage, Bypass, TC Ni, TC SS, TC M1-3. Pressing fire and + lets you adjust what’s displayed bottom left(amp, puff, time) on the screen if in wattage mode or lock the resistance if you’re in TC mode. Pressing fire and – turns on or off stealth mode and pressing both + and – locks the buttons. It’s fairly intuitive for anyone who’s used a regulated mod and the functions all seem to work as expected based on my basic tests. I didn’t have the direct output board to test with but I’d imagine it would work similar to the bypass mode on the regulated board. Of course all of the usual protections are included like over-charge, over-discharge, 10s cutoff, reverse polarity, temperature and short-circuit protection so in almost any scenario it should keep things safe.

The RDA:

The kit comes packed with the Guillotine V2 another follow up product but this one I believe shipped with their RX Machina kit and not the original Luxotic. It’s a 24mm diameter two post dual coil RDA made of stainless steel with guillotine style post clamps which is likely where it gets its name from. It comes with two different ultem 810 drip tips one short and one long and has adjustable airflow via a three part top cap and sleeve. The upper top cap piece is made of metal and some sort of plastic which acts as the AFC for the cap. You can take it all apart for cleaning but I’m not sure I trust the plastic threads to hold up over time. I’m guessing it serves some sort of heat diminishing purpose and so far it’s held up just fine. The outer cap is etched to match the faceplate of the Luxotic MF and it looks nice when paired together.

The posts use recessed Allen grubs which need to be backed out enough to let the guillotine style clamps move upwards when putting in your build. Usually you can slide your leads right under the beveled edge of the guillotine but at times you might need to flip it upside down to get it to play nice especially with chunkier wire. The post holes are wide and big so you can fit some pretty beefy builds in it but the cap only supports dual coil so it’s pretty much a dual coil only RDA. The kit includes a regular 510 pin as well so you don’t have to use it as a squonker if you don’t want to. The kit also included some premade fused claptons which I popped in and they worked like a charm producing really good flavour and vapour but it wasn’t exactly clear what they were made of.


  • Looks
  • Build quality
  • Versatility/Customizability
  • Performance with VV board
  • Performance of Guillotine v2
  • Battery options
  • To squonk or not to squonk
  • Ease of use


  • Short squonk bottle connection
  • No single coil support
  • Plastic threaded afc


I was a big fan of the original Luxotic BF and can now say I’m a fan of the Luxotic MF as well. It’s an incredibly well made device with a pile of customization options that’s easy to use and performs like a champ. I realize most of the replacement parts aren’t available yet so I hope we see more options available for it soon. While it’s not the most affordably priced device on the market I think its versatility and quality construction make it an excellent choice for any enthusiast looking for a device they can endlessly tinker with. I also think it would be a good introduction to the world of squonking for a newer user who isn’t afraid of a little tinkering. So huge thanks to Sourcemore for sending it out, this kit is pretty badass!!