Honest review time: Horizon Falcon Tank

Not all coils are created equally and Horizontech recently introduced a new mesh coil that uses some interesting materials for wicking. It’s not the first of it’s kind but it’s a progression that I’ve been following since their first Arco tank release. They’ve now got several new coils that use interesting new materials like wood pulp, flax fiber and flax paper as well as some regular old cotton. I received the Falcon tank which uses these interesting new coils from Elegomall, who I believe are the biggest wholesale distributor in China but also offer retail sales. I’ve got to say so far I’ve been rather enjoying Horizontechs new coil offerings and the tank that comes along with it. Here are my honest thoughts on the Falcon tank from Horizontech.

Package contents:

HorizonTech Falcon Tank 5ml / 7ml1
Set of O-Ring1
Resin Drip Tip1
Extra Coil1
Glass Tube 5ml1

Listed features and specs:

  • Constant peak flavor, high heat resistance, long lifespan
  • Convenient top filling system with adjustable bottom airflow system
  • Four kinds of innovative coils available with different pure flavor provides great vaping experience
  • Large 5ml capacity meets daily vaping needs
  • Equipped with colorful resin drip tip
  • Capacity: 5ml (Standard Edition), 7ml (Standard Edition), 2ml ( EU Edition)
  • Glass Tube Diameter: 24mm
  • Excircle Diameter: 25.2mm
  • Tank Length: 55mm
  • Connection Threading: 510

The falcon tank:

Falcon Tank

The falcon tank isn’t really all that different from many of the other offerings out there. It’s made of stainless steel, stands 55mm tall and is 25.2mm in diameter at it’s widest but the glass itself comes in at 24mm. It’s a fairly standard looking sub-ohm tank with top fill and bottom adjustable airflow. At the top it comes equipped with a tapered delrin 510 drip tip but also includes a nice looking resin tip to better match the colour and design of the tank. Not sure why it wasn’t pre-installed as it looks much nicer then the delrin tip. Just below that is the threaded top fill cap. Considering all of the slide to open options out there it does feel a bit dated but it’ll be considerably more secure when traveling in your pocket. The top fill opens up to reveal two large kidney shaped holes that make filling a breeze. In my time using and filling it it’s been relatively mess free. All of the threading is buttery smooth and the tank in general looks very well designed.

The tank holds 5ml of liquid thanks to the large glass tank and comes with a spare glass should you accidentally break one. The tank breaks down for easy cleaning and comes apart in three pieces not including the coil. It’s the type of tank that uses the coil to secure the top piece to the bottom. I tend to prefer tanks that aren’t threaded in to the coil but it’s a common enough configuration. The tank has very little styling to it with just a few angled cuts in to the top cap and around the afc ring.

Airflow to the coils comes from the base via three cyclops style slots that go from full open to full closed without any clicks to hold it. It’s fairly stiff so it’s not likely to move around unintentionally. The airflow at full open provides a slightly restricted direct lung hit but even closing it down nearly all the way doesn’t quite make it ideal for mouth to lung vaping so this one will be for the direct lung vapers only. The included drip tip also doesn’t really lend itself to MTL vaping. I personally enjoyed it closed almost half way for a slightly tighter draw and fuller flavour.

On the very bottom it’s completely bare with no company name, product name or serial, just a non-adjustable floating 510 pin. Although it does protrude I don’t ever like to recommend using sub-ohm tanks on hybrid devices.

The Coils:

This review is really more about the coils then it is about the tank. The coils as I mentioned above are made with some really interesting materials and having tried their initial offerings that came with the Arco tank I was more then excited to try out the new ones. It comes loaded with a new 0.15ohm M1 mesh coil that’s rated at 70w +/-10w and includes a spare coil which is a 0.2ohm F1 coil rated at 80w +/-10w. I kind of like how they did the wattage with +/- around their suggested instead of a range like all the others tend to do.

I started with the M1 since it came pre-loaded and seemed to offer the biggest change over the original A4/6 coils I tried with the original Arco, that and mesh coils are all the rage right now. The coils are made of 30% wood pulp and 70% cotton and by all means look a lot like any other mesh coils I’ve recently checked out. The coils are tapered in the middle and have an interesting shape to them with four large wicking holes doted around it’s perimeter. Aside from that it looks like a pretty standard coil but it’s the materials it’s made of that really give it an edge.

The other coil it comes packed with is a more standard looking F1 0.2ohm coil rated for 80w +/- 10w. From the outside it looks identical to the M1 but peering down the top we see it’s a more standard looking straight wire coil, most likely in parallel. It too is made of wood pulp and cotton with the same 30/70% wood pulp to cotton ratio. Both coils advertise peak flavour and high heat resistance and as far as I’m concerned deliver. They do tend to chew through juice and with both coils requiring 70w or more they also eat up a lot of battery power.

With both coils I got above average flavour and vapour production and was very satisfied by what they were able to produce. Properly primed break in time was almost non-existent and I was happily vaping away on it after just 1 or 2ml without any unwanted cottony taste from the coils. With the mesh coil I felt like I got considerably more vapour but flavour from both was fantastic and dare I say it very close to that of an RDA. Of course with any coils performance and longevity will depend a lot on things like liquid used, personal vaping habits as well as QC on the coils themselves but with the two included coils I didn’t encounter any issues and easily managed nearly two weeks out of each coil. I could have probably gone longer with either of them but needed to test out both to see how they vaped and this was using a relatively sweet juice. I did see one review where the user was using thinner liquids and experienced some leaking with the M1 coil but with the 70vg juices I’ve been using it hasn’t once leaked a drop on me. I do get some condensation buildup after a while but that’s common with fog machine sub-ohm tanks like this. I also found swapping coils was a somewhat messy affair but that sort of comes with the territory with these types of tank and coil system.


  • Top fill
  • Included coils
  • Build quality
  • Performance
  • Great flavour and vapour
  • Extra resin tip included
  • Minimal packaging


  • Not suitable for MTL
  • Power and juice hungry


With almost nothing to complain about with this one I’ve got to give Horizontech credit for producing a good looking and good performing tank and with the new material they’re using in their coils I’d say they’re an industry innovator worth keeping an eye on. I found the tank to be incredibly well made with good tolerances and nice clean machining and with the included coils I’d have a hard time imagining anyone or anything topping them anytime soon.