Hosehead Hat Trick – Chefs Choice Subohm Salts

Hosehead Vapes Hat trick Review!

Good day, Eh!

Today I’m going to be bringing you a review on some juice I’ve wanted to delve into deeply ever since CVE, Subohm Salt Nic juice.   So many vendors are converting their lines over to high salt nicotine versions for use in MTL devices or refillable pod systems, but what about all the vapers out there who have no interest in high resistance devices, Does salt nicotine affect them at all? Yes, yes it does.

Nicotine salt is more easily absorbed by the body, causing faster satisfaction from each vape. This is why it has been so effective in both open and closed pod systems, and MTL vaping in general. This also happens when you use substantially less mg/ml of nicotine in your juice, what you end up creating is a super smooth, fast acting subohm juice that allows the true flavor profile to shine through, without freebase nicotine changing said flavor.

So I contacted a couple great juice manufacturers in hopes of obtaining some subohm salt nicotine juice to test out. And the first one I got in was from Paul over at Chefs Choice.  Now I will admit, I purposely ordered flavor profiles I enjoy of Pauls. Both because I already know I like them and wanted to vape them, but also because I know the profiles from their freebase state very well as well. Paul even threw in some new stuff which has really knocked my socks off. More about that at the end though.

Chefs Choice Pucker

A tart raspberry blend supported by a handful of fresh blueberries and some other carefully selected fruit notes.

From the signature line from Chef’s Choice, Pucker has been a favourite of mine for some time. That ripe raspberry supported by just a hint of blueberries just gets my mouth watering as I vape it. Its a very simple flavor profile, but incredibly satisfying for fruit lovers. In the salt version, I can tell its much smoother. Not to say the freebase version is harsh, I thoroughly loved pucker in 3mg freebase. However in salt form, its noticeably smoother and an ADV for me at any time, on any day.

Chefs Choice Fuzion

Pomegranate, cranberry and grape are the main players at this party. A smooth fusion of flavours that’s sure to entertain your tastebuds.

From the classic line we have Fuzion. The first flavor I fell in love with from Paul at Chefs Choice. Its one of the easiest to vape grape flavors out there, but thats because of the blend with other fruits he’s using. Cranberry and Pomegranate cleverly tame the grape so its not harsh, giving just a slight bit of tartness on the inhale, but that full grape at the back of my throat. This is not the candied grapes we see so often that destroys coils and taste super sweet. This is more akin to a real grape juice with added notes in to make it more palatable.  And its absolutely delicious.  Any fan of fruit flavors will appreciate this juice for its wonderful balance on flavoring, which also makes it another easy ADV for me. I can pick this up at any point and vape on it without wanting to switch any time soon because its incredibly smooth.  In salt nic form It feels pretty much the same as the freebase version, however I get zero throat hit, which is my preference when vaping 3mg.

Chefs Choice Strawgurt

A rich greek yogurt tastefully infused with strawberries and blueberries.

And my last favourite from Chefs is strawgurt. The greek yogurt is very prominent but not overbearing, and tails off easily on the exhale, and the strawberries kind of take over. I don’t get much of the blueberry flavor, but my guess is it’s a counterbalance for the strawberry on the exhale. But that tartness from the greek yogurt is extremely refreshing with a nice finish of strawberry. Another ADV for me as well. However it goes without saying that if you don’t like yogurt vapes, this one should be a hard pass for you. I also get more of the yogurt taste on the inhale with salt nic over freebase nic. Again in salt nic form its super smooth, easy on my throat and just a pleasant experience to vape.


So overall how do I like subohm salt nic?  I love it. I want more of it. I want all my favourite brands to switch to it, and I want it yesterday. The vape is much smoother, I detest throat hit personally unless its in an MTL setup with high nic content. Subohm salts are going to be the future of our favourite brands. Even though salt nic is more expensive than freebase nicotine, I feel like holding inventory of both and creating sku’s for both will be unlikely, and we will see a shift this year for most manufacturers to make the switch to only subohm salt nic.  And I frankly welcome that change in the industry.

Chefs Choice

Hosehead Overtime

So Paul sent me a couple of beta’s with this order and man oh man are they ever good. I’ve been blown away by the latest from Chefs Choice, so lets take a look at the one that’s really got my attention lately.

Chefs Choice Cactrus

Green citrus with notes of cactus & grape

The cactus is there all throughout, However the lime which I couldn’t put my finger on until Paul told me, really smoothes out the inhale and the cactus grape exhale is just as smooth. An extremely pleasant light vape that is cooling without any menthol or koolada from what I can tell.  Vape on a cooler setting on a hot day is refreshing. This is definitely a reorder for me when it gets released as I’ve been having trouble putting it down at all. Right up there with fuzion and pucker specifically for me, and may even overtake them as my favourite from Chefs.