Hosehead Hat Trick Review – Warped Vapors

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And welcome to another review by yours truly, Hoseheadvapes.

Today I’m going to be looking at Warped Vapors four juices, All aptly named after celestial bodies. One of the biggest points in the Warped Vapors line is that they are all offered in subohm salt nicotine. which I am a big fan of.  Only available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg however. This may not be for you if you only want high mg juice. However, I’ve been seriously enjoying Warped’s juices for the past week.

Warped Vapors Void


Void is right up my alley in terms of flavour profiles. I love my blueberry and raspberry berries, I love pomegranate, and I love acai berries. I get the sweet inhale, but not the sucralose type of sweet, its most definitely one of the berries providing the sweetness, But a mix of raspberry and blueberry in great harmony on the inhale with the pomegranate overtone and acai undertone on the exhale.  Its a very nice sweet/tart balance vape, and I’ve been digging it since I got it






Mango again! However this is a very light mango, which is quite nice.  Again not an oversweetend vape, the honey is a nice kind of subtle sweetness all throughout, with hints of mango. On the exhale is where I am getting definite notes of peach and ginger. Im picking up a little bit of spiceyness from the ginger as well, which is a completely new kind of note for me to pick up. Another well crafted blend, with several elements that are pleasing to the palette.







Ooh, this was the most anticipated juice for me, Im a huge fan of limeade vapes, and of citrus in general.  Its got the expected sweetness of Limeade, but again not overpoweringly sweet on the inhale, with the lemon zest on the exhale. Great use of flavouring as you can really tell the lemon zest isnt just a typical lemon added in, but crafted to be closer to the rind of a lemon. Making it less of a harsher citrus and more of a subtle fresh citrus.  For the icy mint, its again a very subtle kiss of mint on the exhale. Even those who hate koolada or menthol would be hard pressed to not enjoy Nebula in my opinion. Its added as a pure undertone note with the lemon zest as the overtone for the exhale and is thoroughly refreshing.  Just a mouth wateringly good vape all the way through and did not disappoint me at all.






Now for the least anticipated one of the four. Sol with its watermelon. I’m getting the tartness of the passion fruit mixed with the juiciness of the watermelon up front on the inhale, with the strawberry and sweetness of the watermelon on the exhale. Watermelon is certainly prevalent all throughout the vape. Its not the worst watermelon vape I’ve ever had, But its certainly out of my profile range personally. However its not an overpowering melon type of vape, but a more focused watermelon flavour. It actually reminds me of a watermelon gum over anything else. It is still well balanced amongst the strawberry and passion fruit.



So all in all, an Incredible lineup from Warped Vapors, Who are Canadian, but have manufacturing in Canada as well as California. The choice to use Salts for subohm is a wholly welcome decision as it makes the flavours pop substantially more than conventional freebase nicotine. A small lineup in total, but well worth a pickup in my opinion, and if they continue to bring out excellent blended juices like this in the future, I think they will quickly become a crowd favourite in no time. My personal favourite is Nebula, and will most definitely be ordering more in the future.

warped vapors

::Update:: Pricing has changed at https://warpedvape.ca/

Warped Vapors is now offering 60ml for $10 and 180ml for $15 with free shipping over $35!