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Hosehead Vapes Hat trick Review!

Good day, Eh!

Another Hosehead Hat trick review. This time from Vango Vapes. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Vango has to be one of (if not the) the largest Ejuice manufacturers  on the west coast.  And with there Giant operation, they have a Giant catalogue of juice to go with it. But Im going to pick only 3 juices, and we’re gonna see what Vangos got going on this year.

So some quick backstory on myself and Vango. I met Saddiq Daya last year at CVE Edmonton 2017, He was Gracious enough to give me a few bottles of juice to sample on my own at home. But after I cracked into them, I realised I didn’t like most any of them except for one. Ichigo. Ichigo is an absolute slam dunk homerun great juice.  So fast forward to CVE 2018 I meet Saadiq again, and his brother Khizer this time, and both of them are as nice as can be, Just really nice dudes to talk to, They again set me up with some juices to try out. So has Vango upped their game from last year? Am I going be disappointed with the new line? Same Hosehead Time, Same Hosehead Channel! (so next paragraph)

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Coffee Shop White Chocolate Mocha

Scrumptious over tones of white hot chocolate chunks and hints of nutty macadamia over sweetened vanilla.

Hoo boy, I chose WCM because its far out of my normal profile. I don’t normally do chocolate vapes, but then you gotta throw in white chocolate instead? Coffee as well is rare for me in vape form. I drink the stuff every day. But vaping it usually just seems to kill my coils faster than I would like and generally I want to taste something more refreshing throughout my day.  So lets go ahead at talk about WCM.

Its delicious.

I am most certainly getting a Mocha base, that very light vanilla coffee inhale with chocolate exhale, and a slight nutty aftertaste. Again, normally I’m not a big fan of any juice that leaves an aftertaste, However with a coffee based vape, I find it totally acceptable as coffee does that. In fact, In my opinion that’s a defining characteristic of coffee so its wholly welcome in this juice.  Its not overly heavy either, vaping at 3mg I could easily drip this in the morning as I get ready for work. Or on a coffee break at work.

The coffee and white chocolate perfectly compliment each other and that very light nutty aftertaste just adds on to the experience so much. Totally worth picking up.

Cactus Jango

A tropical medley of jackfruit & Mango with hints of Lychee, Strawberry and Cactus Fruit

Another one a little out of my comfort zone. Mango flavoring and me just don’t really seem to go together well, its not that I don’t like mango but the mango likes me. I always have to try them out, sometimes they’re good, if not quite in my profile, sometimes their super light which makes them easy to vape, and sometimes they’re Cactus Jango.  What do I mean by that? I mean its amazing. Cactus is a wonderful counter note to so many different flavorings, and the way its used here in Vango’s 2 year project is incredible.  Thats right, it took Vango 2 years to make Jango what it is, and that time was well worth it. Im incredibly glad that the mixologists over at Vango didn’t give up because this juice hits so many different layers, it’s unexpected, delicious, and eye opening all at the same time. You get that ripe sweet mango/jackfruit taste right on the inhale, with the easy cactus and lychee on the exhale. I dont particularly taste the strawberry, But im going to say its closer to the inhale as well as a compliment to the mango/jackfruit with some sweetness, which really works well. The last thing I would want to do is have a powerful strawberry taste in this juice.

Now as smooth as this is. I would not call it light. Its firmly in the Medium territory for me. Very flavorful, Layered, and an experience all throughout the vape. Not overpowering mind you, or Heavy like some juices, but very much a Medium strength vape. I could rock this as an ADV easily, I think most people could.

Very very well made juice, Major props to the mixologists over at Vango for creating such a stellar fruit eJuice.

Candy Lane Sour Belts

Sweet and tangy rainbow bacon in a bottle 

And onto the candy! The final juice in this review, Sour Belts in the candy lane line.  It’s very light and easy going. I’m getting the Tangy taste on the exhale, and the sweet generic fruity candy on the inhale.  It’s certainly lighter than I expected, almost like I was expecting my tongue to get wrecked by the tartness of the candy. Its a nice lightness, but I would have preferred a little bit stronger taste. The sour candies I remember as a kid were strong as all get out, and this is more of a memory of what it tasted like.  Its completely understandable as the sour flavoring tends to absolutely demolish coils, so If you used too much in a juice it would be unpleasant for all involved. However, I do wish it had a bit more punch to it.  Still very good tho, and an easy ADV for any candy lovers, probably more so without the juice burning your tongue with the tart.

And that’s it, that’s the end of the review for Vango’s latest. All in all, I’m extremely impressed. You can tell Vango has gone miles and miles ahead of where they were a year ago. I’m thoroughly excited to keep trying Vango’s juices. The quality is incredible, Smooth Smooth and Smooth mixes.  From a year ago where I liked one juice from them, to this year where all I’ve had so far have been totally competent, to unbelievably incredible.

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