Hosehead Hat Trick – Wet

Hosehead Vapes Hat trick Review!

Good day, Eh!

At CVE Edmonton, I met a very nice vendor from Vapemall.ca who had a booth dedicated to Wet Eliquid.  He asked me if I would do a review for them, and I said sure! So lets find out what I think of Wet Ejuice, two are 20mg nicsalt juices, and one is 3mg freebase.


All Day

A homey recipe of buttery graham cracker pie, filled with rich vanilla custard, topped with ripe raspberries.

This is the only non-salt juice I got from Wet, it was 3mg freebase nicotine. Now I’m not a big pastry vape fan. I don’t know what it is, I just tend to find most pastry vapes to be very heavy, and very hard to adv. That kind of goes for custards altogether for me, Very heavy and very sloggy.  All Day a competent juice. Its not the best thing since sliced bread however. I get the raspberry on the exhale, but on the inhale it seems like a confused mix of vanilla custard and graham cracker. Certainly not terrible, but not amazing either. It is overall a very Mediocre flavor, but I suspect if you love pastry type vapes you will find it more enjoyable than me.


A combination of rich berry flavors with a cool finish – strawberry, blueberry, grape, and mint.

The first of the nic salts from Wet! This is way closer to my flavor profile, and I wish Wet had this in a 3mg version so I could compare it directly. However in 20mg nicsalt, its quite good. I get a light blueberry/strawberry on the inhale, and that grape and mint on the exhale. The mint however should be noted that its not menthol, its not that koolada, overpower everything type of mint. Its much closer to the mint leaf over anything else. which just elevates the juice up. Very pleasurable for me, Very nice MTL vape. slightly cool, pleasing fruits all the way through. No clouding of flavors or muddying with trying to do too much at once. an Easy ADV for me. Really really enjoying this one from Wet! Once the 10mg nicsalt version comes out, I am very curious to try it out on a subohm single coil setup to see if the flavor is as good there.


A mixture of graham cracker, caramel, and RY4 tobacco – earthy, with a touch of sweetness.

Ok, Sapphire. Its very graham cracker. Like almost all graham cracker. I’m getting a very slight hint of caramel on the inhale, but no tobacco at all really throughout. Also if there is any sweetness, I can’t find it.  Overall however this one is a pretty hard pass for myself. I am disappointed at the lack of tobacco notes, and at the apparently super undertone note of caramel.  Easily my least favourite out of the three. But if your looking for a very dry, unsweetened type of vape, this will very likely be right up your alley.

Overall, The line is pretty mediocre. It’s worth a pickup if some of the profiles really sing to you. However in my experience I found them pretty unexciting overall. Amethyst is right up my profile tastes so it makes sense why I liked it the most, However the others didn’t really make me want to continue using them post review. But definitely a thank you to Vape Mall for giving me the chance to check out their new baby.