Hosehead Overtime – Vapour Artisans

ood day and good night, Eh!

Welcome to a thorough and in depth review for Vapour Artisans.

Ol’ Hosehead has been working overtime for this review. Vapour Artisans sent over quite the collection of liquids to try out, And man oh man what a collection of good stuff it is!

Now I’ve never had any communication with Vapour Artisans before, but I’ve heard a lot of great things, so they so kindly sent me a large assortment out of their line to try out for a review. Because of that, this review has taken me the longest to date.  Vapour Artisans has a very diverse lineup, which can be a little bit daunting to go through looking just at a website, or even at a tester bar in your local shop. But it also means there’s almost a guarantee that Vapour Artisans will have something you will fall in love with.

Vapour Artisans

Maven Black – Blue Razz Citrus

Blueberry and raspberry with a twist of citrus

A very nice berry that forgoes the overdone strawberry, by combining blueberry and raspberry, with a sweet lime finish. A lighter juice again, not very in your face, but very easy to vape. Very little aftertaste, basically just the lime lingers, and its not unpleasant. Both the raspberry and blueberry are equal notes on the inhale. I find myself drawn to Blue Razz Citrus because its just satisfying overall.  Not nearly as hard on my wicks as the Odyssey line, but pleasantly sweet all the same.





Maven Redline – Dexter

A delicious blend of breakfast cereals

Dexter has one of my favourite names out of the Vapour Artisans collection, As a big fan of the show I was hoping for a different profile more along the lines of something dark and sweet. Unfortunately its a breakfast cereal vape. I don’t have anything against breakfast cereals or their vapes. However, I’ve had so many over the years and very few come along and shake things up for me enough to really get excited or want to continue vaping them. On itself its competent, not overpowering, and well mixed where no notes overpower any others. However its also fairly nondescript after that. If your really big into cereal vapes, this may be your thing. if you already have a cereal vape you love, I doubt Dexter will make you switch. if you want to try a very neutral, non-offensive cereal vape, Dexter is a great start.




Maven Redline – Gingersnap

Gingerbread cookie blended with sweet vanilla and subtle notes of creamy coconut

A cookie vape, and another extremely well crafted blend. I don’t pick out the ginger at all however. But certainly the very light vanilla on the inhale and light sweet coconut on the exhale, with that cookie custard base all throughout. A very competent profile, but kind of forgettable at the same time. I would have certainly preferred the ginger to be more prominent.






Maven Redline – Sweet Bourbon

Bourbon while blending subtle notes of toasted almonds and coconut

I made the mistake of trying Sweet Bourbon after Apple Bourbon. And in my opinion Apple Bourbon is far superior in terms of complexity, and taste. Sweet Bourbon isn’t bad, but it is a little bit harsh on the inhale, with the almond/coconut exhale. Certainly one of the drier vapes out of the Vapour Artisans lineup. But I think this one will be for diehards of alcohol profiles.  So I dont want to dog on Sweet bourbon too much, but considering the same price between the two for a 100ML, the apple bourbon should win out every time in your cart.





Warm apple cinnamon blended with a sweet and smooth Kentucky bourbon

The first and only in the Signature Series for Vapour Artisans, Im digging Apple Bourbon. You of course have the apple with a light cinnamon on the inhale, and that bourbon on the exhale. Nothing is overpowering, I feel like the apples take the highest note all throughout, which is nice, like a baked apple kind of flavour. I’ve been rocking just Apple Bourbon for a few days solo and it hasn’t let me down.  A little bit harsh first thing in the morning however, but later on in the day very pleasant. A nice vape, and great on the coils.





Odyssey Cosmic Sours – Berries

A sour blend of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries

A very light flavor. I get a hint of sour, but its not an in your face type of sour. A pleasant sweet candy flavor overall. However a little bit more punch would have been nicer in my opinion. Unfortunately My wicks turned black after about 6ml.







Odyssey Cosmic Sours – Watermelon

Sour juicy watermelon with hints of strawberry and raspberry

Usually watermelon for me is a miss, Just something about the flavouring sets my tastebuds off. However in this candied and sour form its pretty nice. I would be lying if i said I enjoyed it more than Berries in the same line. However I can easily vape this watermelon all day. Maybe not all day every day, but I’ve certainly loaded up a squonk and ran with it for a shift or two. The strawberry and raspberry are the most prominent notes, with the sour watermelon supporting all throughout. but also like Berries, my wicks turned black after about 6ml. and certainly more sour punch than from the Berries in the same line.





The Holey Rollers – Lemon Dip

A perfectly tart and sweet lemon glaze finishes off this pillowy doughnut

Doughnut vapes have been popular over the last few years, however I don’t remember seeing a lemon dip flavoured doughnut vape. I was startled at how accurate Lemon Dip is.  The doughnut is the undertone with the sweet lemon glaze on top. Its a must paired with a coffee (large regular for extra best results) and I couldn’t put it down.





The Holey Rollers – Classic Dip

A fluffy-sweet doughnut coated with decadent chocolate butter glaze

Classic Dip is very strange for me, I’m not really getting a doughnut at all from it.  Its a strange kind of flavour, And extremely difficult to put my finger on. Normally Im not one who’s big into chocolate vapes, but Classic Dip is really intriguing me.  Its a light enough vape, not heavy like you would expect. but it has the most pleasant taste. Certainly in the ballpark of a pastry, however not nearly as heavy or sweet as my experience with others has gone.  This may just be the sleeper hit of the lot, And I am thoroughly impressed with how much it has me coming back for more. ADV for sure.





The Holey Rollers – Original

Fried Doughnut

The most basic out of all the Holey Rollers line, and its very true to its namesake. A light fried doughnut that pairs excellently with coffee.  It actually reminds me of Met4 Fair Grounds, just without all the excess sweetener of the Met4 line.  Not really an ADV for me, but a great morning vape with your hot beverage of choice. But between the other two Holy Rollers, I would take either of them instead.





Summer Vibes – Black Currant

A mouth watering lemonade with a sweet burst of blackcurrant, finished with strawberry, raspberry and delicate hint of mango

A very refreshing lemonade base, I get a little black currant on the inhale, and a nice finish on the exhale with a dominant raspberry note, and a hint of mango on the undertone.  The strawberry is pretty much completely lost for me, and I am perfectly ok with that. It is light enough to be an ADV for most people I think. A very well blended and crafted lemonade with a slightly different take. Quite a surprising juice.





Summer Vibes – Grapefruit

Refreshing raspberry grapefruit lemonade balanced with a dash of bold strawberry

Another refreshing lemonade, However I get significantly more Raspberry on the inhale, and strawberry on the exhale. I cant pick out the grapefruit at all however. It might be an undernote supporting throughout, but is being overpowered by the berries instead.  Its still very pleasant, still light, and still a great vape. However if your looking for that throat punching in your face grapefruit taste, this is not the juice for you. If you want a good lemonade with a few other notes in it to enhance it. This is definitely a juice for you.





Baker St. – Lemon Time

 Sweet and tart lemon sherbet shortcake

Lemon seems to be a theme for Vapour Artisans, Lots of different lemon and citrus vapes offered in their lineup. Lemon time is another very good lemon vape as well. I am getting a sweet and tart lemon inhale, And then a creamy lemon exhale. But the lemon isn’t overpowering at any point throughout. Its surprisingly refreshing for a bakery vape as most bakery vapes I’ve had have been very heavy.  Lemon Time isn’t going to blow anyone’s minds with its complexity, But its surprisingly satisfying as a flavourful vape. I think for a vaper looking at suppressing their snacking, Lemon Time would be a primary candidate to curb those urges. Its not too sweet, and its not too tart, Its simply pleasant.




Baker St – Coffee Cream

Coffee with velvety-sweet undertones of caramel, that are intertwined with our scrumptious cake base

An extremely light coffee flavor, which is a stark contrast to a lot of the coffee’s on the market. More in the line of a coffee flavored ice cream without excessive sweetness. On the inhale Im getting a cream/caramel mix in almost perfect balance. And on the exhale is where I get the coffee cake. Very well balanced with no notes overpowering any other at any point.  A great foray for people who want to try a coffee vape, but may be a little trepidatious with an overpowering flavor. Overall, it is a heavier vape than a lot of the others that Vapour Artisans offers, but that’s to be expected for the profile it is.  Very fulfilling vape overall, and I’ve been vaping on Coffee Cream while watching TV and relaxing at night.




Baker St – Straw Barb

Strawberry and tangy rhubarb blended with a creamy vanilla cake base

Wow, just Wow.  I’ve never experienced a rhubarb vape before. As a kid I always loved rhubarb pie (usually with copious amounts of sugar), But never considered it even a remote candidate for a vape juice.  Well, I sure am glad those geniuses over at Vapour Artisans thought of it, because its delicious!  The sweetness of the strawberry mixed with the completely unique tartness of the rhubarb on the inhale make for one of the strangest, but most pleasing inhales I’ve ever had. On the exhale its smoothed out by the vanilla cream, however its almost used as a strict de-escalator in terms of flavour. And an absolutely brilliant execution start to finish. By far one of the biggest surprises for me from the line, and should be tried by most every vaper out there. Unfortunately the use of strawberry can cause problems for our strawberry blind friends, so I would love to see a cherry or raspberry variation as well, I think the same experience could be achieved with a slightly different profile that even more people could enjoy. An absolute winner in my opinion for sure.




Tropico – Cool Melon

Cantaloupe, honeydew melon with sweet pineapple, fruity papaya and a splash of coolness

Cool Melon was the flavour I was least looking forward to.  Melon vapes, and especially honeydew are my arch enemy. Cantaloupe mixed with honeydew? I’m sure the melon fans out there will go wild over it. Its a smooth vape, and the sweet pineapple is a very nice balance to the melons prevalent in the profile, and the coolness at the end is very light, almost a kiss really.  However the melon flavouring is still very prominent. Props to Vapour Artisans however, the blend is extremely well made, and I completely respect Cool Melon, However it does its job too well, and I dont like it for that reason. Fortunately if you like melon vapes, this one is a must try, very light and easy vape, just a slight coolness at the end, and should be an ADV easily for anyone who loves this kind of profile.




Tropico – Mango Medley

Mango, nectarine, peach and apricot combination, blended with a tangy citrus burst

Mango is another flavouring Im not super keen on as well. However Mango Medley is a much more enjoyable vape for me over Cool Melon. Its got a juicy taste to it and the mango while there, isn’t flooding out my taste buds. Im getting that mango nectarine on the inhale, which is pleasantly sweet, and then on the exhale the apricot as the main note with the peach supporting it. Im tasting a bit of the orange citrus in the finish, but not really anywhere else prominently. A very nice vape for a hot summers day, and paired with a cool drink would be excellent for a barbeque or some other fun outdoor summer activities.



A very powerful lineup from the guys over at Vapour Artisans. And a couple of great surprises as well.  Out of the lineup my favourites are most definitely Straw Barb, Classic Dip, Lemon Time, and Blue Razz Citrus.

A big thanks to Vapour Artisans for reaching out to Vapedeals.ca for sending almost the entire collection over for the review, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store in the future.