How about you? Are you considering or have actually started stockpiling because of the bans?

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The future of the American retail vaping industry and vaping in general is in serious jeopardy following a wave of bans in what some are referring to as the “vapocalypse”. With a looming federal ban on the sale of all flavored vapor products, as well as several states enacting flavor bans of their own, vapers are scrambling to savor their favorite flavors.

Members of the vaping community have taken to stockpiling their favorite flavors of vape juice as lawmakers throughout the United States have announced bans on the sale of flavored vapor products. Many have noted the resemblance to the hoarding of weapons by gun rights advocates following perceived challenges to the Second Amendment.

Lawmakers defend these bans by claiming that they’re aimed at protecting youth, as the flavors used in vapor products may appeal to children and somehow get them to take up vaping. Members of the vaping community say that these bans negatively impact adult former smokers as these flavors got them to take up vaping and quit smoking cigarettes in the first place, and a lack of safer options may force some back to smoking again.

Many in the vaping community are left uncertain as to what they’re going to do going forward after these bans are enacted and their reserves deplete. Vapers may soon be forced to use risky DIY alternatives and seek out dangerous black market options should these bans remain.