Honest review time: ICE ICE from Theravape

Theravape out of Winnipeg Manitoba have been producing quality liquids for the past six years. Started by a group of dedicated health care professionals with a focus on integrity, advocacy and providing the safest vaping experience possible they’re also proud working members of the ECTA. Recently they launched a new line of flavours which if you haven’t guessed it by the name all come with a touch of ice. I realize iced flavours are a bit divisive but they definitely have a solid fan base, myself included. The new line is called ICE ICE(insert dated 80s rap reference here) and this is what I think of it.


The juice comes in clear 60ml Chubby Gorilla style bottles with bright colourful labels with the name and flavour boldly printed across the top and an image of the fruit that the flavour is named for below it. They also have an icy/frosty effect behind the logo which adds to the ‘iced’ effect of the labels. I think they look bright and clean and are easily identifiable and they also include all the good regulatory stuff we like to see as well. The juices come in a 70vg blend and the set I got was in 3mg but I believe they are also available in a 50/50 blend with salt nicotine.


Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Click here for a shot of the build.

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the titles for links to the products!!


Site description: Crisp ambrosia, red and green apples, fresh pressed and poured over liquid nitrogen.

My thoughts: Don’t let the simple names of these flavours fool you. Apple is a bright sweet blend of a variety of apples with a bit of a lean towards crisp red and Ambrosia apples. It’s really full flavoured and juicy and reminds me of taking a big gulp of apple juice. But with several varieties crammed in there I get all sorts of interesting appley notes. A bit of tart green, that crisp clean taste of bright red apples and even a bit of a deep cider sort of taste. Basically all the wonderful flavours of apple thrown in to an incredible mix.

Now this entire line revolves around ice and in the description for this one they mention liquid nitrogen but I can assure you the dash of ice that they’ve thrown in is quite mild. It’s not really a shocking cool at all and instead is just a light refreshing kick on the end. I find it actually helps cut the almost syrupy taste of the apples making it much lighter and refreshing than it likely would have been without. Something a bit different but I like it and I think fans of apple flavours will too.


Site description: Perfectly ripe Philippine mangoes, pureed and poured over shaved ice.

My thoughts: I’m a huge fan of mango and almost always have one mango flavour or another in the rotation. This one however is unlike any mango I’ve tried before. The description mentions it’s a Philippine mango which I’ve never actually tried IRL but if it tastes anything like this juice I need them in my life. The mango flavour seems brighter, sweeter and more fruity than other mangoes that I’ve tried. It also has that ever so slight bite like a natural mango tends to have. It’s very realistic and if I didn’t know better the lingering taste it leaves makes me think I just finished eating a fresh sliced mango.

Much like Apple the ice factor in this one is fairly mild. To me it’s absolutely perfect, adding a nice light coolness on the finish that really helps cut through the often thick almost meaty taste of mango. It really lightens the whole thing up and just makes it all that more refreshing. After vaping on it for a while I hardly even notice it so folks who still aren’t sure about a touch of ice may find this line up the perfect place to start if they’re at all curious. I personally can’t recommend this mango enough and I know I’ve touted others in the past but I think this one at the very least would land in my top three. Needless to say, for mango fans this is the one to check out!


Site description: Pink strawberry lemonade chilled with arctic glacier ice and shaken like crazy.

My thoughts: Lemon was probably my least favorite of the three but mostly just based on personal taste as it’s still a really fantastic flavour. I do enjoy a nice lemonade from time to time but it’s not something that I normally long for in vape form. With Lemon I get a very true to life recreation of everyone’s summertime favorite drink, pink lemonade. It’s sweet and tart and very full of flavour. It has a nice balance between sweet and sour and even manages to convey that classic taste of actual pink lemonade. A lot of lemon flavours I find can come across somewhat dry but I don’t get that at all with Lemon.

Much like the other two the ice in this one is somewhat mild but of the three it might be the strongest. I suppose it could also be the mix with the cleaner sharper taste of citrus that kind of kicks it up a bit but for some reason I definitely feel the ice more in this one. Obviously with the mix of citrus and ice this one is also very refreshing and if you’re a fan of lemonade flavours and enjoy a shot of ice in your vapes I’d say this one is very well done.

Final thoughts:

Theravape are never ones to let me down and as always this new line is very well put together. I especially enjoyed the mango flavour which really stood out with it’s slightly different mango taste than I’m used to. All three are full of flavour, well balanced and with the shot of ice oh so refreshing. Theravape really are a wonderful company and not only do I enjoy the juice they make but I also really appreciate all that they do for vapers and the community. If you’re into bright refreshing fruity flavours with a shot of ice in them I’d say these are well worth checking out!!

How they add up
8.6Tasty stuff
Flavour Accuracy9
Overall experience9
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