Honest review time: iJust 3 from eLeaf

Simplicity is sometimes underrated. With this new kit sent over from Eleaf we get a taste of just that, simplicity. The iJust 3 I believe is the sixth iteration of the iJust, a mechanical styled mod kit that comes with a subohm tank. Considering the simplicity of the kit this one should be relatively short and sweet. Here are my honest thoughts on the iJust 3 from Eleaf.

Package contents:

iJust 3 Battery1
HW-N 0.2ohm Head(40-90W)1
HW-M 0.15ohm Head(50-100W)1
USB Cable1
User Manuals2
Spare Parts

Listed features and specs:

  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Height: 136mm (6.5ml version) / 130.5mm (2ml version)
  • Weight: 158g (6.5ml version) / 152g (2ml version)
  • E-liquid capacity: 6.5ml / 2ml
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh
  • Output wattage: 80W max
  • Resistance range: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω
  • Fast fire time: 25ms
  • Colors: red, black, purple, silver, dazzling, blue

The ijust 3 Mod:

The mod looks like a mechanical mod as in a metal tube that contains a battery but since it’s regulated/protected it also includes a button along with the most common safety features. The 3000mAh internal battery mod has a 25mm diameter and is approximately 86mm tall without the tank attached. With the 6.5ml(2ml for TPD) tank attached it comes in at 136mm tall which is surprisingly compact for such a device. At the top it’s got a standard stainless steel 510 connection that looks nice and solid. The diameter of the mod is 25mm and it fits the included tank and pretty much any of my 25mm gear without overhang. It’s got some interesting styling engraved or pressed in to the metal which lends it a bit of texture. I got the stainless steel version but it’s also available in a variety of other styles and colours.

It’s got a single stylized button that uses five clicks to turn the device on and off or a single press to fire the device when it’s turned on. When pressing the button there’s an LED underneath it that will flash to indicate remaining battery life as well as show when it’s firing and when it’s charging. It’s pretty standard to see these days with the four colours it flashes indicating just how much of your battery remains. When Green it indicates your batter is betweem 60-100% full, orange indicates 30-59%, blue 10-29% and red means it’s less than 9% remaining. No indication it allows fast charge but it didn’t seem to charge much above 1A when I was testing it. I found the LED a bit difficult to see a lot of the time depending on how much ambient light there was.

It’s rated for 80W and seemed to put out exactly what it advertised in my basic tests but with no way to control it you’ll have to rely on ohms law to figure out the output. Think of it as a mechanical mod but with built in protection. I found with the included coils it performed well enough but with an 80W max output I obviously I wasn’t able to hit the maximum recommended wattage for either of the coils. However with both coils it performed around the level I was comfortable with so I can’t really complain. There’s a tiny hole on the bottom which I believe is for venting should anything go wrong with the battery however it’s also got dual circuit protection meaning all the usual safety features we tend to see on these devices are included like over-charging, over-current and over-discharging protections.

The tank and coils:

Now Eleaf has been releasing tanks one after the other and the Ello Duro tank that accompanies this kit I believe is the seventh release from the Ello tank line. Much like the others the Ello Duro shares a lot in common with the Ello TS the last tank I looked at from Eleaf. I’ll admit most of the Ello tanks are extremely similar with very little to differentiate them other then some styling and slight changes to their construction. Almost all of them are interchangeable with the various HW series coils and share other common features like a retractable top-fill cap. Also the tank now comes with a silicone plug that acts like the top of a tissue box which I’m not sure if it’s to prevent leaking but can make it a bit messy if using glass droppers or larger tips, needle tips however work wonderfully with the new diaphragm like seals. The kit comes with two spare seals, one of them being a more traditional silicone seal without the slit.

It’s got a considerable amount of styling cut in to the metal and manages to stay relatively short despite it’s 6.5ml capacity. It also comes with a slimmer none-bubble tank if you’re not a fan of the bubble glass look. It comes packed with a beautiful resin 810 drip tip but I believe it will be random as to what colour you receive. It’s comfortable on the lips and does a fine job of dissipating heat.

Airflow comes through the bottom and is adjustable via the air flow control ring which goes from full open to close with stops at either end but no clicks to hold it in place. Just a light amount of friction to hold it but I found it almost too easy for it to slide around on it’s own. Aside from these basic features the tank hasn’t changed much from it’s earlier counterparts and  probably sees the most change with the addition of these new HW-N and M coils. The HW-N is rated at 0.2ohm with a recommended wattage range of 40-90W while the HW-M coil is rated at 0.15ohm with a recommended rage of 50-100W. I found both performed decently at 80W which is the max output of the iJust 3 mod however I also tested them on a regulated mod so I could push them to their limits. Both performed well at max wattage although they start to get a bit hot. I was actually more comfortable running them both around 80W which seems ideal considering the mods output.

Looking closer at the two coils they both use a form of mesh with the HW-N coil using a more traditional type of mesh while the HW-M uses what equates to a strip of metal with a bunch of holes punched through it to form a solid strip of mesh. Basically like a kitchen colander as opposed to a mesh strainer. Performance from both coils was rather impressive with both able to produce some thick dense clouds with plenty of flavour and minimal leakage. I would be hard pressed to pick a winner among the two but considering battery life is always a consideration for me I’d probably lean towards the 0.2ohm HW-N coil as I was able to run it at a lower wattage but still get decent performance. I also felt like ramp up with the HW-N coil was a bit quicker. Longevity will depend on a number of factors such as juice used, vaping habits and QC on the coils but with both coils I was able to get well over a week of use from them and only changed to the second coil to see if there was any difference. I did find if left sitting for a while the HW-N coil would occasionally leak a tiny bit through the airflow but haven’t had any leaks from the M coil as of yet.


  • Super simple kit
  • 6.5ml Capacity
  • Two glasses to chose from
  • Nice 810 resin tip included
  • Top fill
  • Good performance with Ello Duro tank
  • Good flavour and vapour


  • Hard to see LED
  • Not really regulated or adjustable
  • No fast charge?
  • HW-N Coil can leak a bit
  • AFC ring a bit loose


Being that it is so simple I really don’t have all that much to say about the kit. The mod it comes with is essentially a protected direct output battery that delivers up to 80W of power while the tank and coils that come with the kit are geared towards big clouds and good flavour and pair up nicely with the device. So all that’s left are the big questions:
Will I keep using this thing? I actually like using simple mods like this so I’ll be keeping that in the rotation but the tank will eventually end up on the shelf once the coils run out, I’ve got enough already.
Who do I think this is for? I’d say it’s a good entry level kit for newer vapers wanting to get in to subohm performance but with a simple to use setup.