Honest one shot: Inception from TrainWreck Mixology

Here’s a look at the latest Inception from TrainWreck Mixology formerly TrainWreck Ejuice. If you’ve never heard of them before they’re a small company run by a man named Danny Luther. For the past few years he’s been working with Theory Labs out of St. Catharines, Ontario while still developing and growing a company of his own. Danny’s liquids are also produced by them so there’s no question on quality. This newest flavour is an addition to his salts line and it’s called Inception. Here are my thoughts on it.


The juice comes packed in a dark 30ml Chubby Gorilla bottle. The label matches previous releases for the line which have all come in either a dark or yellow label with a textured pattern in the background. I think they look great but with nondescript names it’s hard to remember which one is which. I wouldn’t mind seeing a basic flavour profile on the label but that’s just me. The juice come in 60/40 vg/pg blend which works well in pod devices and the bottle I got was in 25mg.


Testing was done in a Berserker MTL RDA with simple 30g kanthal builds, about 6/7 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to about 1.8ohms and running between 10-15w. RDAs were washed and rinsed in between flavours. It was also tested in the Eleaf AVP.

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the title for a link to the product!!


Site description: Crème Brûlée Ice cream with Graham sugar cone

My thoughts: Inception, unlike the mind bending movie of 2010 is described as a decadent mix of rich creamy ice cream with a graham sugar cone. It’s a Crème Brûlée ice cream meaning it’s custard based and it really comes through in the flavour. It’s like a thick and creamy vanilla custard, frozen and swirled into an ice cream, not too sweet and almost buttery with it’s rich layers of sweetened cream. When I say frozen I don’t mean menthol or koolada as it doesn’t have any of that in it. What it does have is a bright note of vanilla which is probably the most predominant note in the mix.

The other main element to Inception is the graham sugar cone but admittedly it doesn’t really come through for me in the mix. There is definitely a sweetness to it but I can’t really say that it’s from the sugar cone or the cream. Now normally with a Crème Brûlée I’d expect a brown sugar or caramel sort of crust but I gotta say much like the graham sugar cone I don’t really pick one up from Inception.

Instead, the focus of this one remains on the rich creamy custard base which tastes familiar yet at the same time a bit different than I’m used to. I personally love a good creamy flavour and with Inception that’s pretty much exactly what I get.

Final thoughts:

While I didn’t find Inception to be the most complex flavour-wise it definitely gets points for being a comforting creamy flavour which I adore. This one will be for the hardcore custard and vanilla fans out there who just want a simple sweet, creamy comforting flavour. Great job on this one as usual Danny!!

How it adds up
8Tasty stuff
Flavour Accuracy7
Overall experience8.5
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