Introducing The Vape Review

Well, hello there!

Let me be the first to welcome you to The Vape Review by sharing a bit about who we are, what we do, and why the heck we felt the need to build yet another vape-related website.

vape review

Well, it was something like March of 2018, when Reddit banned users from promoting (and thus discovering) e-liquid sales. Being a frugal (read: cheap) hobbyist, I near-had a mental breakdown as I could no longer find hot deals on my favorite vape community.

And so, over a weekend between me, myself, and my laptop (her name is Irene) I built – which really was just a single page website that detailed as many vape deals in Canada as I could find. I figured that if Reddit, Facebook, and Google won’t allow us to talk about vape, I might as well build my own site where I can talk to my heart’s content – even if it was to myself.

What was pretty cool, was that a lot of folks welcomed the site (I guess I’m not the only bargain hunter out there) – and vendors, stores, and hobbyists started giving feedback and supporting the cause.

Beyond that, what has truly floored me was that some of Reddit’s most distinguished voices have joined up, including:

MajorVapes – known as the community voice who produces the majority of Canadian vape reviews (trust me, this guy produces so much quality content globally it’s hard to keep track) – a true Canadian vape hero (at least that’s what I call him). He inspired me to get more involved in the Canadian vaping community and I actually started reviewing vape products by modeling after his work – thankfully, he hasn’t sued me yet.

Fumanchuaeon – one of the Canadian E-cigarette Subreddit’s trusted members and administrator of the (remarkably resourceful) Canadian E-cigarette Discord channel. He is one of the main reasons why I chat with random strangers across Canada NIGHTLY about vaping, Scotch, and video games (doesn’t sound too healthy, now to think of it, lol)

SirTimmyTimbit – one of the Electronic Cigarette Subreddit’s most popular (and most elegant) reviewers. He is the key inspiration behind one of my motto’s – “style before substance” – everything he does is just so damned hot. That, and just seems to have an endless stream of knowledge to dish out.

And many others who have been very supportive of us.

… and all of us ultimately believe in the same things:

Vaping is one of the best smoking cessation aids

… and we want to promote that as much as possible. Regrettably, there is also an insane amount of misinformation about electronic cigarettes – and we stand to help dispel myths while shining a spotlight on science and news.

Navigating vaping legislation and regulations is also quite complex – and we’ll try our best to help clarify some of these laws as well as to help navigate where appropriate.

There are a plethora of vape devices, e-liquids, and accessories coming into the market daily

We want to provide honest and unbiased reviews such that hobbyists can learn about the products available to them. There is no such thing as the best device or the best e-liquid – but there are the right products for the right individual – and we would love to help you discover them.

Further, we recognize that vendors, manufacturers, and brands are quite limited on their publication channels. You can’t talk about vaping almost anywhere – so we want to provide the channel for them to share their voice.

We are passionate enthusiasts

At the end of the day, vaping has become a passion for many of us – and we’d like to share that passion with you.

There are many, great vape-related communities online – many of which we are apart of, admire, and just love. We wanted to take this opportunity to build a Canadian-based platform – to deal directly with Canadian vaping idiosyncrasies while working with the larger community as a whole. We are not strictly limited to Canada; but certainly from Canada, with love.

We look forward to discovering new products, uncovering truths, and sharing our passion for vaping with you. Please reach out and let us know what we can do to make The Vape Review a better place.