Honest review time: The iWu from Eleaf

Here’s a look at a new pod device recently released by eLeaf. It’s a simple new pod system with a rather interesting design twist. While it doesn’t really bring anything particularly new to the pod market it definitely brings a different kind of style. This one should be short and sweet. Here are my honest thoughts on the iWũ from eLeaf.

Package contents:

iWũ Battery1
iWũ Cover1
iWũ Cartridges2
QC USB Cable1
User Manual1

Listed features and specs:

  • Size: 30mm*14mm*98mm
  • Output wattage: 15W max
  • Coil resistance: 1.3Ω
  • E-juice capacity: 2ml
  • Battery capacity: 700mAh
  • Weight: 58.48g

Packaging and contents:

The iWũ comes in a white cardboard box with an image of the device on the front while on the back it lists the contents and some basic company information. It looks nice and does a good job showing off the product. Inside the mod is protected by a thick white sponge insert and comes packed with the iWũ, two iWũ cartridges, a micro USB QC cable and a user manual. While it doesn’t come with a ton of stuff it comes with exactly what you need to get started so nothing to complain about there.

The Mod:

The iWũ is an interesting little device. It’s a pod mod that’s got a sort of candy bar shape to it but on the outside it’s got a sliding metal cover. The metal cover has slices cut through it in a pattern that really adds to the look of the device and when extended it’s meant to protect the mouthpiece. It won’t really stop dust and dirt from getting in to the tip as it’s really mostly just an aesthetic thing but it looks nice and really changes up the look of the device. Two little spring loaded ball bearings protrude from the sides to sort of click the sliding sleeve in place with the mouthpiece either protruding or hidden just below the surface. With the metal sleeve on it makes the device feel really robust, like I could probably keep this in my back pocket and not worry about breaking it. It’s also super fun to play with, sliding the metal cover open and closed as it has a really satisfying click to it. There’s no button on the iWũ, you just hold it to your lips and take a pull. The draw to fire works pretty well without any noticeable delay but often the first draw can be a bit weak.

It’s available in a variety of colours like silver/black, black/red, dazzling/yellow, gold/greenery and blue. I got the gold/greenery version and it’s definitely an eye catcher and a bit reminiscent of a certain group of teenage mutant ninja turtles. The device itself measures 30 x 14 x 98mm so it’s very compact and portable. In fact, it fits into the little watch pocket on my jeans comfortably although it does stick out just a little bit. It’s pretty lightweight too at only 58.4g but might be a bit heavier than some other pod mods because of the metal sleeve it wears but it still feels light in hand.

The iWũ has an internal 700mAh battery with a 15w max output, although I don’t believe it’s regulated as my experience with it, seems to decline as the battery depletes and as I mentioned above the first hit is often a bit weak. It comes packed with a micro USB QC cable but it doesn’t list quick charge of any sort on their site. Being 700mAh it tends to charge up quickly anyway but it would be nice if it did have quick charge built-in. It does however include all of the usual safety protections we normally see with regulated mods like a short circuit, over discharge, over current and a 10 seconds cutoff so it should be safe in almost any situation. A little LED light at the bottom of the device next to the micro USB port indicates when it’s firing as well as how much battery is left. Red indicates it’s got less than 9% left, blue is 10-29%, orange 30-59% and green 60-100% remaining. With the included 1.3ohm coils however this thing tends to last pretty much all day but results will obviously vary based on vaping habits.

The iWu Pods:

The pods that come with the iWũ hold 2ml of liquid and have a built-in 1.3ohm coil. I would have liked to see user replaceable coils but considering the size of the pods it might not have been feasible. After pulling off the metal sleeve they slide in to the top of the device like most other pod mods and are held in place thanks to two little magnets. The pods are refillable and have a little silicone tab on the side of them to refill with. Filling them is a breeze but the silicone plug can be a bit fidgety to deal with when putting it back in. They work well enough though and should fit most bottle tips but blunt tips might be a challenge. I’m about five refills in to one pod and about three on the other with no sign of them slowing down. I have a couple of times gotten a slightly burnt tasting hit but I believe it’s because I had it in my pocket upside down so the coil was not being saturated with juice. I’m still using the pod however and it doesn’t have any lingering burnt taste or anything and aside from it happening a couple of times it hasn’t been a continual issue. It will really come down to the liquids you are using though as to how much life you’ll get out of them.

The flavour I get from the pods is pretty good too and it delivers a pretty satisfying mouth to lung hit. It’s not super tight but it’s not really loose either and works well enough for my standards. The amount of vapour it puts out is respectable for a pod device but it’s definitely not for blowing clouds.


  • Looks/style
  • Build quality
  • Size/shape
  • Sliding clicky cover
  • Good flavour
  • Feels durable
  • Good battery life


  • Silicone plugs are difficult to close
  • Not regulated
  • Occasional burnt hit


I found the iWũ to be quite a handy little device, the fact that I can store it in the watch pocket of my jeans and not worry about it being crushed means it’s been going out with me everywhere. The sliding metal cover is oddly satisfying to click up and down and the feel of the device in hand is equally enjoyable. There’s something about the iWũ that just wants to be held and played with and since it’s arrived I’ve barely set it down. I’d say this would suit nearly anyone just starting out or any seasoned vaper looking for a robust and stylish little pod device for out and about.