Honest review time: Jones Pharaoh from LVS Labs

Here’s a look at a new lineup that was sent over from the good folks at Vapevapevape.ca. It’s a three flavour line that’s called Jones Pharaoh that I believe is produced by La Vape Shop Labs or LVS labs for short. Admittedly there are a couple of common profiles in the line that I wasn’t too eager to get to but was pleasantly surprised when I actually did. Here are my honest thoughts on Jones Pharaoh sent over from Vapevapevape.


The juices came in 30ml dark amber¬† chubby gorilla style sample bottles. The theme on the labels is sort of Egyptian but with an overlying Indiana Jones sort of vibe. The line is a 70vg blend and the set I got was in 3mg. All the usual stuff we like to see in fine print of course. Here’s a shot of the bottles:

Jones Pharaoh


Testing was done mostly in a Hadaly clone with a three core alien(3×28/36ni80) build from the Canadian Coil makers SaddleHorse Blues, 4/5 wraps on a 2.5mm coming out to 0.28 ohms and running between 35-45w. Using Puff cotton, rda rinsed and rewicked in between. Here’s a shot of a fresh build:

Remember taste is subjective and results will vary! Click the titles for links to the products.

Jones Pharaoh Blue Scorpion Rasp

Site description: The rasp of the blue Scorpion was feared. The great discovery of the tart and sweet blue raspberry became a new form of paradise. People dream of the mystical sting.

My Thoughts: Yes it’s another blue raspberry flavour and yes I’m pretty much done with blue raspberry but Blue Scorpion Rasp actually had me second guess my stance on blue raspberry. It’s got a bit more to it then the average blue raspberry flavour which for a guy like me who’s tried way too many of them can definitely appreciate. One of the first things I noticed is just a hint of cool to it, not menthol and not really koolada just a little dash of freshness that accompanies the flavour. It’s also got a very slight throat hit but it’s mild enough I didn’t mind it. It’s a bit on the sweet side and has a bit of a candy finish but it’s not syrupy or overly sweet like so many other blue raspberry flavours before it. It also feels a bit fuller like there’s some other flavours in the mix, maybe something like watermelon but the blue raspberry sort of takes over making it a bit more homogeneous. While I’m still not a very big fan of blue raspberry this one at least stands out from the sticky sea of blue syrup with a nice refreshing finish. I know I’ve said it before but this is one of the better blue raspberry flavours out there and that’s coming from a guy who normally can’t abide them at all. Fans of blue raspberry flavours would do well to check this one out!!

Jones Pharaoh Desert Strawberry Fried Cake

Site description: There are hidden treasures in the desert. some treats are snuck in by camel caravans. Strawberry funnel cake is a rare delight. once heated by the desert sun coil, it bursts with flavor.

My Thoughts: Here’s another common profile that’s been done just a little differently. It’s a strawberry funnel cake or fritter sort of flavour. It’s got a very cake like taste but not a lot of spice like I’ve come to expect from other deep fried flavours out there. It’s usually that touch of spice that sort of lends it the fried dough kind of taste but even with just a mild hint it still manages to invoke the image of a funnel cake dusted with powdered sugar and topped with a thick strawberry jam. The strawberry is definitely more jam then fresh cut berries and is possibly accompanied by a bit of cream or whipped cream but the overall flavour doesn’t really come across as creamy. It’s a rather nice rendition of a strawberry funnel cake albeit a bit on the familiar side. This one should do well with the strawberry and dessert lovers out there!!

Jones Pharaoh Cleo’s Becheeki Potion

Site description: Only Cleopatra could create a concoction of lychEE, cranberry and kiwi that is so succulent and tempting. One drop and your world will turn inside and out.

My Thoughts: This one was the surprise standout from the pack. It’s an incredible blend of lychee, cranberry and kiwi that’s unlike anything I’ve tried before. The lychee is probably the most forward element but it’s been somewhat rounded down by the cranberry, ditching any perfumey notes the lychee on it’s own can often have. I get the kiwi mostly on the tail end but only just a hint of it, it doesn’t add that typical tartness most kiwi flavours get. It does however have a very pleasant green sort of botanical sweetness to it that I particularly enjoyed which gives it a very refreshing summery vibe. Almost like there’s a hint of cactus or something similarly green in it. Despite cranberry and kiwi often being tart they don’t add any particular tartness to the flavour. In fact it’s quite well rounded and almost mild with it’s unique fruity blend. It could be the fact that it’s lychee based but this one really hit the spot for me and something I’ll definitely enjoy with the warm weather rolling in. This one will be for fans of exotic fruit blends!!


LVS already makes some fantastic stuff and this new line while it does have a couple of profiles that are somewhat common, I found all three to be very well done. Cleo’s in particular stood out for it’s rather unique combination of fruits that worked together surprisingly well. All three were smooth and tasty and even the blue raspberry managed to raise an eyebrow with me. Well worth checking out and another great line from LVS. So big thanks to the folks at VapeVapeVape for sending these my way, that Cleo has stolen my heart!!!