Honest review time: The Kizoku Limit RTA

I’m primarily a mouth to lung vaper and if I have the choice I usually prefer to build my own so I’m always on the lookout for a good MTL RTA. Recently I got my hands on an RTA from a company called Kizoku who are probably best known for creating vape accessories like magnetic 510 atty stands and drip tips at least from what I’ve seen. I picked mine up from Heavengifts.com one of my preferred vape retailers out of China. It’s called the Kizoku Limit RTA and it’s got one really surprising feature that sets it apart from a lot of other tanks out there but you’ll have to read on to find out what that is. Here’s a close up look at the Limit RTA from Kizoku.

Package contents:

1 xLimit Atomizer
1 xSpare Glass Tube
1 xTool Bag (screwdriver, screw, cotton, wire, spare silicone)
1 xManual
1 xWarranty card

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:22 x 55.7mm
Material:Stainless steel, glass
Features:-Compatible with popular brand of premade coils
-Childproof lock and leak-proof valve design
-Supports rebuildable DIY coil
-Accurate airflow control for MTL/DL vaping
-Easy single coil building

Packaging and contents:

The tank comes packed in a simple blue cardboard box with a window on the front so you can see the rta while on the back it lists the specs, an intro to the product and some basic company info. They also list the usual CE markings as well as some basic warning symbols. One thing I noticed on the packaging was they list the incorrect capacity for the tank. Not a huge deal but that could confuse and possibly discourage some customers from picking it up which if you ask me would be a real shame. In the kit you get the Kizoku Limit RTA, a spare glass tube, an accessory bag, a manual and a warranty card. In the accessory bag you get a t-shaped screwdriver, some spare screws, some cotton, spare o-rings and a simple straight wire coil with no specs listed. Pretty standard stuff for an RTA and really everything you’d need to get started.

The Kizoku Limit RTA:

At a glance there doesn’t appear to be anything all that special about the Limit RTA and out of the box it looks like a pretty standard tank. It’s made of stainless steel with a sort of matte finish but is also available in brushed SS or gunmetal. It stands a bit tall at about 55mm including the drip tip with a diameter of 22mm and it holds just 3ml of liquid. It’s an RTA or rebuildable tank atomizer but what sets it apart from all the others is the tank can easily be converted to use a particular brand of disposable coils, for some reason I’m not allowed to say the name but it’s one of the industries top selling disposable coils that are well known for their flavour and performance. Think “Mollusc” and you should be able to figure it out. It makes the tank all that more versatile and gives you options when you don’t feel like building.

Starting at the top it comes equipped with a narrow bore tapered Delrin 510 drip tip that’s well suited to mouth to lung vaping. Just below it is the childproof top fill cap which works using a combination of threaded cap, sliding cover and a silicone membrane. To use it you first unscrew the upper portion of the top cap, once unscrewed the top slides open like many other tanks to reveal a silicone membrane protected fill hole. Sure it’s an extra step but if you’ve ever had a sliding top open in your pocket you’ll appreciate it. The fill hole isn’t all that big so blunt tipped bottle will be an issue but it’s been fine with the unicorn and needle tipped bottles I’ve tried. The tank portion of the RTA can be broken down to replace the glass or for cleaning and the threads that keep it all together are nice and smooth.

Airflow to the deck comes via the base of the tank where it has a cyclops style airflow control ring which can be turned to expose any number of a set of five holes or an open slot. This allows you to set a nice tight mouth to lung hit or open it all the way up for a slightly restricted direct lung hit. I tend to be really picky about the tightness of mouth to lung tanks and with the Kizoku Limit when I close it off to a single hole it feels like a single hole. For me the airflow is ideal for MTL and has a nice tight draw to it which is exactly what I look for. The afc ring is also lightly knurled which helps with grip when adjusting it. On the very bottom there’s a bit of branding and a gold plated floating 510 pin to accommodate both the rebuildable deck and the disposable coils.

Unscrewing the base from the tank we see the two post single coil deck. It looks and operates like a number of other decks out there like the Digiflavor Siren 2 with side facing screws which are flat heads and slots cut through the posts for your wire. I find because of the size of the flat heads they’re a bit hard to deal with and not every screwdriver will fit but at least they include the appropriate tool in the kit. In the center of the deck there is a single hole which looks to be about 2 maybe 2.1mm but there isn’t any kind of restrictor like other kits and it relies on the AFC for adjusting airflow. On either side of the deck there are two oval shaped wicking slots where you’ll tuck your wicks in once trimmed. All in all a pretty standard single coil deck but a using design that I’d say is pretty well proven.

Build, wick and Performance:

Building on this thing is pretty straightforward and after wrapping a coil you can lay it down through the two open posts and wrap your leads around them as there’s a little cutout slot on the back side for the wire to lay in. Then just tighten down your grubs. The ends of the flat head grubs are a bit rounded so depending on what kind of wire you’re using sometimes it can pop the wire out as you try and tighten it but if you wrap your leads around the posts using the little slots it helps a lot. I prefer hex grubs myself but that’s mostly personal taste. You’ll probably need to make some small adjustments using a driver or coil tool but it really couldn’t get much simpler. Wicking also is pretty standard, run enough cotton through to fill your coil, cut your wicks to a bit of a point and pick them up and drop them in the wick channels.

I popped in a little fused clapton 2×32/40g ni80 which came out to around 1 ohm and I couldn’t be happier with the performance I’m getting from this thing. Flavour is on point, using a single hole the draw is nice and tight and the clouds are exactly what I’d expect. Opening it all the way up I get a very nice lightly restricted direct lung draw so it should do well for both types of users. To use the tank with disposable coils you simply unscrew the deck from the base and screw in the “Mollusc” coil of your choice. With the variability of the draw the tank works quite well with the ones I’ve tried and I really like the idea of being able to switch between the two options for convenience.


I’ve been using the tank for a couple of weeks now and I really have almost nothing to complain about with it. It feels solid, works well as a rebuildable or with premade coils, has great airflow and flavour rendition and though it’s a bit on the tall side, looks great with a lot of my matte black gear. This one would be well suited to both new vapers who enjoy a good mouth to lung experience but may want to dabble in building but also for seasoned vapers who like to build but wouldn’t mind the convenience of using disposable coils when building isn’t an option. For a company I really haven’t heard much about this one was a very pleasant surprise!!

How it adds up
Build qualityAestheticsChildproof capNice MTL drip tipCan use certain premade coilsEasy to buildGood airflow options
A bit tallOnly 3ml for the sizeSmall fill holeSmall rounded flat heads grubs(subjective)
Build Quality8.5