Honest review time: The Kriemhild Subohm Tank from Vapefly

Here’s a look at a new subohm tank recently release from Vapefly. Although they may not be the biggest company out there I’ve got at least a few favorites that have come from them including the Nicholas tank and the Galaxies series of atomizers. With most of their products being geared towards mouth to lung vaping this new tank which is named for the wife of the legendary Germanic heroic figure Sigurd/Siegfried appears to be their first major subohm and direct lung release all in one. Mine came from Heavengifts.com, a popular vape retailer out of China. Here’s a closer look at the Kriemhild from Vapefly.

Package contents:

1 xKriemhild Tank
1 xTriple mesh coil (0.15ohm)
1 xSingle mesh coil (0.2ohm, pre-installed)
1 xGlass tube
7 xO-rings
1 xFilling port silicon
1 xPole silicon
1 xUser manual

Listed features and specs:

Drip tip:810
Coil type:0.2ohm single mesh coil & 0.15ohm triple mesh coil
Material:SS+Derlin+Glass+Ni80/KA1 mesh coil
Colours:SS, Black, Gunmetal, Black Gold
Features:Mesh coil for purer flavor & great clouds,
Easy top refilling for easy operation,
Bottom airflow design

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in an almost medieval looking box with a sort of old parchment paper look to the packaging and just an outlined image of the tank on the front. It kind of looks like an old treasure map or something like that. On the back it lists the contents, some basic info and some company info. In the kit you get the Vapefly Kriemhild tank with a 0.2ohm single mesh coil pre-installed, a spare glass tube, a 0.15ohm triple mesh coil, a set of spare o-rings, a replacement fill port seal and a user manual. Pretty standard stuff and you get everything you need to get started.

The Kriemhild subohm tank:

The Kriemhild is a beast of a tank and if I’m not mistaken it’s the bastard cousin of the uncommonly popular Bunhilde Top Coiler and later the Bunhilde MTL RTA. Designed in part by the German 103 Team it’s their third collaboration project with VapeFly, at least that I know of. Mainly made of stainless steel it stands roughly 55mm tall with a diameter of 26mm and holds a comfortable 5ml of liquid.

Starting at the top it comes equipped with a wide bore delrin 810 drip tip that’s fairly short and tapered. It’s nice and comfortable on the lips and so far I haven’t felt any need to swap it out. Because the taper matches up with the tank it can be a bit tricky getting it off but giving it a wiggle back and forth seemed to help. Just below the drip tip is the slide to open top fill which requires you to pull up on it before sliding it over. It’s still super easy to use and the cap is marked with an arrow to indicate where to push, but with that little pull up it makes it all the more childproof. The cap also has a couple of fins cut into it as well as some dimples running around the rim. The fins might help with heat dissipation but the dimples I believe are just for aesthetics.

The tank section of the Kriemhild can be broken down into three sections for replacing the glass or cleaning the tank and so far I’ve had no issues with any of the threads on the tank. On one side of the tank it’s got Kriemhild stamped into the metal in a sort of Germanic looking font but other than that they keep the branding to a minimum. As mentioned the tank holds 5ml of liquid which you’re going to need as this thing tends to rip through juice. The tank like many other newer ones on the market uses plug and play coils and to access them you simply unscrew the tank from the base, pull the old one out and pop a new one in. All of the contacts appear to be gold plated and the base also holds a gold plated floating 510 pin to accommodate the pnp coils.

Airflow to the coils comes via the base of the tank where it sports two fairly large cyclops style slots with stops at either end. An AFC or airflow control ring allows you to dial it in to your liking but with the two coils included in the kit you’ll probably want to keep the airflow fairly open. Also because of the size of the holes even closing it down nearly all the way still leaves it fairly loose. This tank is definitely going to be for the direct lung and cloud chasing crowd with it’s big airflow and equally big mesh coils.

Coils and Performance:

The two coils that come with the kit are nearly as beastly as the tank itself and as I’ve eluded to above this tank paired with these coils will rip through your juice. It comes with a 0.2ohm single mesh coil installed which will be the less rowdy of the two. It’s got a recommended power range between 50-80W and for me the sweet spot was right around 60-65W. At the 65W mark it produces some thick clouds with some decent flavour. I did experience some considerable break in with both coils which made the vape taste a bit off and a bit harsh but once I ran about three quarters of a tank through them everything ran much smoother.

The 0.15ohm triple coil that comes in the kit also has a recommended power range of 50-80W with the sweet spot for me being around the 75W mark. It definitely needs a bit more power but it also produces even thicker clouds and a much warmer vape. I didn’t find a huge increase in flavour and to be completely honest large, hot triple coils like this really aren’t my thing so I’ll be sticking to single coils if I pick any more up. Flavour wise I definitely wouldn’t put this tank at the top of the list but it’s still a decent overall performer and if you’re into big clouds this one does a pretty good job of it.


The Kriemhild is powerhouse of a tank, especially with the triple coil installed, the juice just seems to evaporate. Personally the triple coil is a bit too much for my personal tastes but the single coil in the kit was my Goldie locks. One concern for me would be the availability of these coils as they don’t appear to be compatible with any other common coils I’ve seen. Still the build quality and construction of this tank are nothing to balk at and if you’re into big tanks that rock big coils and produce big clouds then the Kriemhild might be one to check out. I don’t think this one will be for the average vaper and instead will be more for the cloud chasers and folks who like a warm cloudy vape.

How it adds up
Build qualityAestheticsEase of use5ml capacityPlug and play coilsChildproof easy access top fillBig clouds(subjective)Decent flavour
Far from compactCoils require break in
Build Quality8