Honest review time: The Lexicon with Ello Duro from Eleaf

Light up mods have been a thing for quite some time now and I even recently reviewed a mod that had an infinity mirror built right in to the interface. It’s a pretty subjective thing having a mod that draws attention just by using it but as long as there are folks out there who appreciate them companies like Eleaf will keep producing them. The latest from Eleaf does just that, it lights up with a unique design that covers nearly the entire mod. Not only does the mod light up but the paint job and detailing equally draw attention to their latest release, the Lexicon. I’m sort of on the fence with light up mods, while I do appreciate a bit of flare on my mods with lights it usually comes at the cost of some battery life. But I imagine life could get pretty boring if everything was black or stainless. Here are my honest thoughts on the Lexicon with Ello Duro from Eleaf.

Package contents:

Lexicon (without cell)1
ELLO Duro Atomizer (6.5ml / 2ml)1
HW-N 0.2ohm Head1
HW-M 0.15ohm Head1
QC USB Cable1
User Manuals2
Spare Parts1

Listed features and specs:

  • Size: 45mm*31mm*132.5mm (6.5ml version)
  • 45mm*31mm*124mm (2ml version)
  • Weight: 228.8g (6.5ml version, without cell)
  • 223.4g (2ml version, without cell)
  • E-liquid capacity: 6.5ml / 2ml
  • Battery type: dual 18650s
  • Output wattage: 235W max
  • Output voltage: 0.5V-8V
  • Resistance range: 0.05Ω-3.0Ω (VW mode)
  • 0.05Ω-1.5Ω (TC-Ni/Ti/SS/M1/M2/M3 mode)
  • Colors: red, black, silver, dazzling, blue, purple

The Mod:

The mod is shiny and glossy with a heavy coat of a metallic sort of paint. I got the purple version which comes with a matching purple Ello Duro tank. Probably the most standout feature of the mod is the LED strip lights that seem to cover nearly all of the edges of the device as well as form an inverted Y pattern on the front and back. It has several modes for the pattern of lights with one that does an interesting breathing light up thing as you fire the device, slowly lighting up from the bottom up. After firing it also runs through a pattern, flashing all the colours one at a time. On the top, two opposing corners are flattened down with little windows or mirrors embedded in to them which further slim down the device and add a bit more flair to it. It’s fairly small for a dual 18650 device with it’s tapered edges and flattened corners really helping to keep the size down. It’s definitely a unique design and one that catches the eye with it’s bright paint job and flashing lights.

At the top of the device is a pretty standard looking 510 connection with nice stainless steel threads and what looks like a gold plated spring loaded 510 center pin. The threads are nice and smooth and the center pin has enough travel that anything I’ve tried on it has sat flush. The mod is essentially 31mm thick with tapers on the top edges with the top of the mod designed to support any atomizers up to 26mm in diameter without overhang. The diamond shaped fire button lives on the side and has two inverted Ys cut out of it which also light up to match the mod. Down the face of the mod is the rather modest black and white display which is offset to one side and is vertically mounted. It’s fairly bright and easy enough to read in most lighting conditions but almost seems a bit small for the size of the mod. Further down the face are the two adjustment buttons as well as a micro USB port for charging and firmware updates. It’s equipped with 2A quick charging so charge time should be relatively quick but as of yet I haven’t seen any firmware updates available on their site.

Towards the bottom of the mod is the slide to open battery cover. The door and chamber are clearly marked with positive and negative but just in case the Lexicon has all the usual built in protections like reverse polarity protection, over-current, over-charge and over-discharge so using it should be quite safe.

Getting in to the menu it turns out the Lexicon is setup nearly identical to their iStick Pico series and supports all of the same functions as the previous Pico S and Pico 21700 but with the addition of some new options to control the LED light show. To turn the device on and off it uses 5 clicks of the fire button. To cycle through the various modes you click the fire button 3 times which brings up a mode menu you can cycle through with +/-. The mod includes VW(Variable Wattage), Bypass mode which just uses power directly from your battery, TC support for Ni, Ti, SS and three mem slots for TCR. If you’re in a TC mode 4 clicks of the fire button allows you to adjust the wattage instead of temperature. From any mode pressing and holding + and fire brings you in to the sub-menu. The options will vary slightly depending on the mode you are in.

  • If you’re in VW mode, the sub-menu options include SubParams(what I’m calling it), Stealth mode, Preheat, Logo, Duration, LED, Lightshow, Version and Battery.
  • If in a TC mode, the sub-menu will include Lock/unlock resistance and the same options as VW.
  • If in TCR mode the sub-menu will include Lock/unlock resistance, M1-3 settings and the same options as VW.

The SubParams menu keeps track of your puff count, puff time and Amps only on the live screen. Whatever is selected last will display on the main screen just below your resistance. Stealth mode lets you keep the screen off while firing. Preheat lets you set a power level and duration for a preheat before firing at the set wattage. I found the preheat options were a bit limited being only able to set a power level and a max of 2 seconds duration. M1-3 lets you setup your TCR values. Logo will let you turn on and off a logo that can be manually loaded using the firmware update software. Duration let’s you select how long the device pulses after firing. LED let’s you select the colour and pattern of the LEDs that show when you are firing or shut it off completely. If you have the LED feature active the after-fire lightshow will also be active even if set to off. Lightshow lets you turn the lightshow on for a duration without firing, keep it on or shut it off. Version shows the current hardware and firmware versions while battery gives a more precise reading of the battery then the bar on the live screen does. Currently there aren’t any updates available for the device.

Performance wise the Lexicon much like the Pico series does exactly what I expect it to and does it well. It does seem to fire a bit quicker then it’s predecessors and also now boasts a max output of 235W. It can also fire as low as 0.05Ohms and managed to pass all of my basic tests regarding temp control with ease. Admittedly the lightshow options can be a bit confusing figuring out which option does what but after using it for a while it’s pretty easy to sort out. VW mode feels responsive and accurate but I’ll leave the chart testing to the experts.

The Tank and coils:

With the kit you also get the Ello Duro tank which I actually recently reviewed with the iJust 3 kit so I won’t go through the whole thing again. However one new addition to the tank is the inclusion of a convex acrylic tank that’s as colourful as the mod itself. Aside from that it’s the exact same tank and comes with the same HW-N and HW-M coils. See my previous review for my thoughts on those as well. I should say I quite enjoyed the performance I got from the Ello Duro with the biggest complaint probably being the HW-N coils leaking a bit if left to sit.


  • Build quality
  • Performance
  • Looks and finish
  • Breathing light effect
  • Ello Duro tank and coils
  • Acrylic tank
  • Resin tip
  • Top fill and 6.5ml capacity


  • Lightshow settings can be confusing
  • Coil can leak if left sitting


I got to hand it to the Lexicon for being a real eye catcher. Pretty much anyone who’s laid eyes on it has made a comment. With it’s bright and flashy light show and it’s colourful glossy finish it definitely stands out in a crowd. Absolutely no complaints about the performance of the mod and the only cons I listed were minimal at best. I’d have no trouble recommending the Lexicon to anyone looking for a kit that performs well and has a true sense of flare to it’s design.