Honest review time: The Lost Vape Thelema

Lost Vape, the folks who are known for their higher end and often DNA powered devices released a new pod system recently called simply the Thelema (Insert Thelma and Louise jokes here..). It’s a super easy to operate and use mesh based pod system with both liquid and battery capacity at the top of the list. Here’s an honest look at the Thelema from Lost Vape.

Package contents:

1 xThelema Kit
1 xPod(4ML Pre-installed)
1 x0.2ohm ULTRA Boost M4 Mesh coil(Pre-installed)
1 x0.3ohm ULTRA Boost M1 Clapton Mesh Coil
1 xMicro USB Cable
1 xWarranty Card
1 xUser Manual

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:101 x 35.2 x 29.4mm
Battery:3000mAh Built-in Lithium Battery
Battery Voltage:3.0-4.2V
Output Voltage:0.8-4.0V
Power range:5-80W
Current range:0.3-22A
Coil Resistance Supported Range: 0.12-5Ohm
Screen Pixel:0.96"
Body Material: Zinc Alloy

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a nice clean looking white box with a protective sleeve over it. On the front it shows an image of the device and some highlighted features while on the back it lists the contents, some warnings and some company info. In the kit you get the Thelema device with a pod and coil already installed(a plastic tab keeps it from firing), a spare coil, a little bag of o-rings, two drip tip options, a USB Type-C cable, a user manual and warranty card. The two drip tip options are nice but aside from that a pretty straightforward kit.

The Thelema mod:

The Thelema device has a classic look to it, reminiscent of the front working half of say a Therion, one of their older and much lauded devices. Available in six different colour options with the back half wrapped in authentic leather and nearly every inch of it meticulously detailed you can really see the effort Lost Vape puts into their design. It’s primarily made of zinc-alloy and at 172g it has a decent heft to it but should still be relatively pocket friendly for most. It can fire up to 80W and it’s got an internal 23600 3000mAh battery that charges via USB Type-C. It can charge at a rate of 5V/2A, so top ups are relatively quick despite the big capacity.

At the top like most pod devices it has an open slot where the pod is inserted and it holds them in place via a series of strong magnets. A liquid level window sits on the working face and on either side it’s got large slots for airflow to the tank. You can actually see the base of the coil through the open side slots. Down the sides of the device it’s got some textured inserts labeled with Lost Vape on one side and Thelema on the other. On the very bottom there are some vents just in case but the Quest chip that powers the device has all the usual safety features built-in so there isn’t much to worry about.

Down the working face it’s got a squarish plastic fire button that sits above a 0.96″ colour screen and just below it are matching plastic adjustment buttons for making changes on screen. All of the buttons are nice and firm with a solid click and no rattle. The screen is well laid out with a battery bar and resistance at the top, current wattage dead center and along the bottom it’s got a puff count, puff timer and a series of colour icons which indicate the current theme colour. Operating the device is super simple and it really only has a basic wattage mode to manage. The usual five clicks turns it on and off, pressing fire and up changes the theme colour while pressing fire and down clears the puff count. A simple and easy to use interface that anyone should be able to manage.

The Thelema tank:

The pod or tank that comes wit the kit is made of plastic but I didn’t see what kind of plastic it is listed on their site so use caution with any tank cracking liquids. The tank holds a comfortable 4ml of liquid and has an easy to use top fill silicone plug locate right on top for easy access. I’m not sure why but they use the old label of ‘Oiling’ on the fill plug which I know many are not fans of(hint. it’s not oil!). There’s a liquid level slot cutout above the fire button but to be fair it’s pretty hard to see it without sliding the tank out. The two tips that come with the kit feel fairly close to that flat top but it’s still comfortable to use. I did notice with the skinnier sort of MTL style tip that I got some pretty significant juice buildup under it leading to some juice in the mouth, with the more standard 510 tip it seems to bottom out better and wasn’t really an issue.

Speaking of mouth to lung this thing also has airflow control in the form of a threaded ring that gets attached to the bottom of a coil. The coils are in fact plug and play so you don’t actually need to use the afc ring to insert them like some others. On the air flow control ring there are two tiny pinholes or two cyclops style slots. Interestingly, on the 0.3ohm coil it’s got two cyclops style slots while on the 0.2ohm coil it has both dual 2mm holes and cyclops slots. What’s odd is on the coils that have the dual 2mm holes you can’t actually use the little pinholes of the afc as they don’t actually line up with the holes and if they do the cyclops slot is open. So you really have to use the slot on the ring to choose either the dual 2mm holes or some amount of the open slot. Maybe with the right coil option(UB MTL 1.0ohm) or a different AFC collar this could be used for mouth to lung but as it ships I’d say this is much better suited to direct lung vapers.

In regards to flavour and vapour I have to say I was quite impressed with the Thelema and it’s coils. Regardless if I was using the 0.2ohm Ultra Boost M4 Mesh coil or the 0.3ohm Ultra Boost M1 clapton mesh coil flavour and clouds were fantastic. I will note nearly each and every time you fire it it starts with a very full saturated feeling which quickly dissipates that at first I wasn’t too sure about, it almost feels like it’s firing on a curve but I think it’s just the juice from the coil being vaporized. It results in a rather punchy hit. Flavour is very well defined with the juices I tried, even pulling out some subtle elements from steadfast favourites. Coil life has also been fantastic and if I wasn’t doing the review I would probably still be on the first coil over two weeks in. There’s also a number of other Ultra Boost coil options available as well as an RBA but sadly the RBA was not included in the kit.


So aside from the airflow control ring not providing a good range of airflow all of my other complaints have been incredibly minor. I’ve been steadily using the Thelema for weeks now and have really come to enjoy the punchy hit it provides. With a decent sized tank and massive battery I’m going two days before charging and most of the day before topping up the tank. As I mentioned this thing will definitely be more for the direct lung crowd but anyone wanting a decent pod device that uses plug and play mesh coils with some really solid capacity this thing would make an excellent option!

How it adds up
Battery capacity 3000mAhLiquid capacity 4mlSimple interfaceUSB Type-C5V/2A Fast chargingStylish designEase of useEasy access top fillBright 0.96" TFT displayRBA available
AFC not suitable for MTLA bit bulkyLiquid level hard to seeJuice build up with mtl tip
Build Quality8.5