Honest review time: The MAAT from VooPoo

Here’s a look at a subohm mesh tank that was released by VooPoo a company probably best known for their regulated flagship device the Drag. This tank has been out on the market for a little while now but to be fair I really haven’t heard much about it. I got mine from Heavengifts.com a China based online vendor that specializes in e-cigarette related products. It’s called the MAAT and here’s what I think of it:

Package contents:

1 xAAT Tank(4ml)
1 xMT-M2 0.2ohm Coil(Pre-installed)
1 xMT-M1 0.13ohm Coil
1 xGlass Tube 2ml
6 xSealing O-Ring
1 xUser Manual

Listed features and specs:

Size:56 x 28mm(Standard) & 56 x 24.5mm(TPD)
Capacity:Standard 4ml & TPD 2ml
Coil:MT-M1 0.13ohm Single Mesh Coil(60-85W); MT-M2 0.2ohm Dual Mesh Coil (50-80W)
Material:Stainless Steel & Glass
Way to Refill:Standard: Top fill with automatic gap; TPD: Top fill with child safety lock
Thread: 510
Middle AF design with bottom airflow make-up
PNP coil-installation system for easy replacement
Anti-leakage design of filling port
Coils burn-out prevention
Triple air holes for smooth air intake
All-new MT-M1/M2 Mesh coils

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes packed in a nice clean white cardboard box. On the front it’s got a pic of the tank while on the back it lists the contents a warning as well as an authenticity check sticker. In the kit the tank is nicely protected in a thick white sponge insert and along with the MAAT tank you also get a replacement straight glass tube, a bag of spare o-rings, a spare coil and a user manual. It’s a very basic kit without any real extras but at least you get some extra o-rings and a spare glass should anything go amiss.

The tank:

The MAAT tank has a very industrial sort of look to it. Being mostly made of stainless steel it’s a fairly heavy tank compared to many others and comes in two different versions. One is the standard 4ml version and the other is a 2ml TPD version if you happen to be over in the UK. The tank stands at about 56mm tall with a base that measures 24.5mm but it bulges out to a full 28mm due to the bubble tank it comes with.

At the top of the tank it comes equipped with a proprietary drip tip. We’ve seen tips like this before where it’s actually more like a sleeve than a standard tip. I prefer standard tips that can be swapped out but this sleeve isn’t uncomfortable or anything. Just below the tip is a rather handy push button slide open top fill. A tiny button is hidden on the outside rim of the tank and when you push it the slide open top fill cap pops open. It’s spring loaded which makes it pretty much a single press to open it but the button is recessed such that it shouldn’t happen by accident. If we remove the glass tank we see a rather large chimney housing wherein the coil lives. It looks unnecessarily thick and takes up quite a bit of room in the tank limiting the juice capacity of the tank and it may also contribute to heat build up. It’s slotted with a couple of juice channels which so far have provided adequate juice flow to the coils when in use. I should however mention there is no juice flow control and unfortunately with both coils I found they tended to leak if left sitting for prolonged periods. If you plan on leaving your MAAT tank sitting I’d recommend flipping it upside down to avoid losing juice to the base.

The name MAAT actually stands for middle adjustable airflow tank and just below the bubble tank is the side adjustable triple air intake which gives it it’s name. Three holes provide the airflow to the coil with an outer ring that can be turned to adjust it. I found even with the adjustment it still provides a pretty airy vape as at any given time you’ve got three holes providing air to the coil. There are stops at either end so the ring won’t slide around and it’s firm enough it should stay in place once adjusted. Although the airflow comes in from the side it’s actually directed down to the base and back up through the coil so it’s actually still a bottom airflow coil it just intakes through the sides. One thing they mention on their site is a coil burn-out prevention feature which basically means even when the tank looks empty there’s still a bit of juice hidden inside which should help avoid burning your coil even when the tank looks empty.

At the bottom of the tank is the catch cup and coil access. Just unscrew the bottom cap and you’ll see the plug and play coil system. Much like the Crown III tank and it’s predecessors the MAAT has easy to use plug in coils which make coils swaps an absolute breeze with hardly any mess at all. The lower cap will also act as a catch cup collecting any condensation or leaked juice in the base. On the very bottom is a non adjustable gold plated 510 pin along with some basic branding for the tank.

The coils:

Now the coils that come with the kit are quite different from one another. The one that comes pre-installed is a single 0.13ohm MT-M1 coil rated from 60-85w. I found the sweet spot for me was around 70w where I got a good balance between performance and heat retention. The other coil is a 0.2ohm MT-M2 coil rated from 55-80w and I found it only needed about 60w to put out some decent clouds. They’re both mesh coils but one is a single mesh coil head while the other is a dual mesh coil head and there’s a considerable difference in size between them. The mesh in the single coil head is much finer compared to the dual which I imagine was done in an attempt to keep the temps down on the dual coil head which does tend to build up when chain vaping.

Flavour and vapour production from both coils was quite good and pretty much on par with other mesh coils in their range however my biggest complaint which I hope gets resolved with these coils is they leak if left sitting. It can be mitigated as I mentioned above by storing your tank upside down but it’s not the most convenient thing to do every time you set it down. Of course I only had the two coils to test with so results may vary but it’s something that should be kept in mind if considering this tank. I did check out a few other reviews and there’s no mention of leaking so it very well could just be the coils or tank that I received.


From a usage and performance perspective this tank pretty much has it all and if it weren’t for the somewhat leaky coils I’d probably rate it much higher. I realize this tank has already been superseded by the UForce T2 but there is a bit of a trade off with features and you lose things like the plug and play coils and push button top fill which for some are key features of the MAAT. It’s still an interesting looking tank with some very handy features which I’m sure some will appreciate.

Honest review time: The MAAT from VooPoo
LooksBuild qualityPlug and play coilsPush button top fillEase of useFlavour and vapour production
Leaky coilsHeat build up
7.8Overall Score
Build Quality8