Honest review time: The Wotofo Manik Mini Pod

It wasn’t long ago that I reviewed the Manik Pod from Wotofo it was a subohm pod system pretty much geared toward the direct lung crowd. I guess Wotofo didn’t want to leave anyone out so they recently released the Manik Mini pod system. It’s nothing like it’s predecessor and is aimed squarely at the mouth to lung crowd. Here’s a look at the Manik Mini Pod from Wotofo.

Package contents:

1 xManik Mini Device
1 xUser Manual
1 xMicro USB Charging Cable
1 xM12 nexMESH Coil Replacement Pod
1 xM11 Parallel Coil Replacement Pod

Listed features and specs:

Dimensions:92 x 28 x 16mm (with pod installed)
Pod Capacity: 3ml (Standard Edition) / 2ml (TPD Edition)
Coils & Resistance:M11 Parallel Coil 0.6Ω
M12 nexMESH Coil 0.6Ω
Main Material:Zinc Alloy + PCTG
Display:0.69’’ OLED Screen
Filling Method:Side Filling
Airflow Type: Side Airflow
Battery Type:Built-in 1000mAh Battery
Output Power:1-30W
Charging Port:Micro USB
Charging Current:DC 5V/1.2A
Charging Time:60 minutes
Net Weight: 64g

Packaging and contents:

The kit comes simply packed in a black box with a clear plastic cover. Some of the features are listed on the front, the specs are located on the sides with some warnings and company info on the back. In the kit you get the Manik Mini device, two diferent pods, a micro USB cable and a user manual. Not a whole lot which is unusual for Wotofo but you get what you need to get started.

The mod:

The mod is pretty slick looking with a zinc-alloy body and threaded leather front and back panels. On either side of the device are black plastic inserts but one of them hides a 0.69″ OLED screen. A bit small but easy enough to read, it shows the basics which include a puff count, resistance, wattage, battery percent and voltage. On the side with the screen there is also a single button located near the bottom. With the button on the side you can turn the device on and off(5x clicks) but it doesn’t actually let you fire it. The device can fire up to 30w and with three clicks you can adjust the wattage using that single button, it round robins from 30W back to 1W so you just cycle through until you hit your desired wattage. A long press of the button resets the puff count. That’s it, simple!

If you haven’t guessed already it’s an auto-draw device meaning you just take a pull and it fires. So far it’s been very consistent and looking in the slot where you insert the pod it has a raised sensor to help avoid issues should the pod leak or condensation build up. I will say I didn’t experience any leaking but I did get a bit of condensation buildup after a few days. It’s easily mitigated with a quick wipe between refills but it should be noted as enough build up could lead to issues with the sensor despite being slightly raised since the sensor sort of inserts into the bottom of the pods, though they do suggest it’s a water-proof connection.

Near the top, on either side, where the pod gets inserted are little slits to allow for airflow to the pod, no airflow control but it’s sort of expected on little devices like this and you could always cover one or both of the slits for a slightly tighter draw. On the very bottom there’s a single vent hole for safety and a micro USB port for charging the internal 1000mAh batter. You can charge at a rate of 5V/1.2A with an average charge time of about an hour. For a device this small it’s nice to see the 1000mAh battery but I would really have preferred USB C and 2A instead of micro USB. Powered by their NexCHIP it has all the usual safety features and boasts a 0.001s fire time.

The tank:

The kit comes with two 3ml disposable pods, one is a 0.6ohm M11 Parallel coil while the other is a 0.6ohm M12 nexMesh coil. They’re side fill so you do need to remove them to top up but the silicone plug gives plenty of space for refilling. Also, they use both magnets and a bit of friction to hold them in place so they’re very secure once inserted. Despite one of them being mesh and both being the same resistance, it’s the parallel coil that is slightly more power hungry with a recommended wattage range of 18-22W while the nexMesh coil only asks for 15-18W. I tested both out with some 15mg 50/50 salt nic liquids and although the nexMesh pod felt slightly warmer, looser and fuller, performance from both of them was pretty solid. Both of them provide a pretty tight mouth to lung hit but folks who like a tighter draw may prefer the parallel coil. I myself was content running the parallel at 20w and the nexMesh coil at 18w.

Flavour is good with the parallel coil but better with the nexMesh and the vapour production was about what you’d expect from both coils again with the nexMesh coming in just slightly ahead. Although I initially flip flopped between the two pods I focused more on the nexMesh pod first and got roughly a full week out of it with 1 or 2 refills a day, about a dozen refills total before it started to taste just a tiny bit burnt. Pretty average for a pod like this but as always results may vary depending on liquids used, wattage settings and personal vaping habits. I could probably still get a few more refills from it but that’s when I was ready to move on to the other pod. Unfortunately I once again reset the puff count about mid way through the first week as the button only requires a long press to clear it.


The Manik Mini pod is a pretty well rounded device and although I would really prefer non disposable pods and USB Type-C for charging I know plenty of folks who won’t mind either. Taste wise I’d probably lean towards the nexMesh coils myself but it’d be hard to go wrong with either. Build quality of the device seems solid and many will likely appreciate it’s slick leather and polished metal design but again, I did experience a bit of condensation buildup. The 1000mAh battery means it tends to last me all day with maybe one refill but as an aside it also supports pass-through charging so you can still vape on it while you’re topping up the battery. Super pocket friendly and discreet this lil guy would be a decent option for most mtl vapers!

How it adds up
CompactBuild qualityAestheticsEase of useDraw activated1000mAh batteryRegulated up to 30WGood flavour especially with nexMesh podPass-through charging
Disposable pods not coilsNo USB Type-CNo airflow controlCondensation build up
Build Quality7.5